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  1. Building a Pulling engine

    http://gardentractorpullingtips.com/engine.htm. lots of good info here
  2. Wheels and Tires

    i bought aluminum rims for my puller from mid west super cub. just google it and you will find it. they have 10inch and 12 inch both with optional offsets..
  3. Pullers & Trophies.

    These were won last year by my daughter and i.. well mostly her. Lol
  4. c 161 trans pulley

    could someone tell me the part number for the trans pulley on a c 161with an 8 speed? i do know its 6 1/2inched in diameter but cant find a part number.. thanks
  5. pulley sizes

    hey guys im curious to know what size pulleys your running? currently i have a stock 12hp kohler on a old 704.. we pull mostly on ashphalt.. right now i have 5 inch pulleys on both the front and back. the tractor pulled pretty good last year but i know it can do better.. i notice that this tractor doesnt have the ground speed of alot of other tractors including my c 161.. Last year was my first year pulling so im still learing alot. I have heard alot of people say that with transfer sled, momentum can make all the difference.. we also pull dead sled perscentage and this tractor puls very well with the current set up..so with that should i consider a pulley size change?? if so what would you guys recomend? i would like to be a bit more competitive in the trasfer sled with out losing my edge in dead sled
  6. Belt slipping

    Forgive my ignorance but what do you mean by slack side of the belt?? Also can you point me in the direction of where to find the rotary red belts?
  7. i hate electrical

    If I am understanding this correctly this motor came out of an electro 12.. if that's right than this motor does not have your standard points setup.. it has the "breakerless" ignition with a trigger inside the shroud that rides on the flywheel along with the box style coil mounted to the outside of the shroud. And your right the original key switch is expensive but not nessesary.. you can use your standard briggs and stratton key switch that grounds out the coil when turned to the off position.. and yes the switch does wire to the battery..carfull not to send power to the magnito becouse you will fry the whole thing out and then it just got a lot more expensive.. I use this motor in one of my tractors and I think I spent 14 bucks on the key switch..
  8. Belt slipping

    Im having some trouble with my belt slipping while pulling. First of all I have been using just your standard gates green belt from my local hardware store. When pulling transfer sled the belt slips right of the start line. I do have a tensioner pulley on the bottom about half way between the motor and trans and have it as tight as I could without me grinding my gears while shifting.. so my question is what belts seem to grip the best for pulling?? Also is there a better location for a tentioner pulley?? I am running a 704 with a 12 hp kohler and an 8 speed trans
  9. I put a 12 horse in my daughters 704.. I used a deep weel oil pan off a john deere so it sat lower, then I cut the frame and widened it a bit and formed it around the shroud.. then just cut the shroud to fit around the hood..and whaalaa didn't have to ruin a perfectly good roundhood.. http://i1217.photobucket.com/albums/dd383/...on/IMAG0027.jpg Sorry don't know how to add pics the no click method :thumbs2:
  10. MI. WH show

    This wil be the first show I've ever been to and I'm getting excited.. I can't wait to see all of your collections. Funny thing is I think my 9 yr old daughter is even more excited than me!! Were kinda new to the group as we just bought our first horse not even a year ago ( a 704 that we modified for her to do tractor pulls). But we were instantly hooked on these tractors. Since then we have picked up 3 more. ( an 401, 875 and c 161) hopefully I will get the chance to talk to some of you veterens and learn some things!! See ya saturday
  11. Turbo blue??

    Thanks for all the info guys.. you just saved me from a virtual disaster!!!
  12. Turbo blue??

    So basicly it would be pointless for me to switch to turbo blue?
  13. Turbo blue??

    Hey guys, I've got a question here.. first a little explaining.. I have been pulling a 704 but I put a 12 hp from a electro 12 in it.. the kind with the breakerless ignition.. gotta say smoothest running m otor ever.. now we run different kinds of pulling. Some dead sled percentage, some transfer sled on dirt as well as on asphalt. Now this little tractor has kicked some major but this year and has one several top places. My 9 yr old daughter also pulls in in the kids classes. We all are running stock and by that I mean no major enhancments to motor or trans.. well this weekend I got whooped by another wheel horse.. (at least it wasn't a cub) . He was blowing everyone away. We were all in shock!! He claimed he was completely stock except that he was using turbo blue fuel.. this was the first time he had pulled with our club. I don't want to sound like a sore loser or poor sport but can turbo blue make that much difference and can you run it in a stock kohler??
  14. Suburban 401??????

    Yes I will certainly be there.. it will be my first wheel horse show. Now that two and two have been put together you must be the kelly that glen spoke very highly of... hope to meet you at the show :hide:
  15. Suburban 401??????

    So just to clarify.. this is a suburban 401 and those are the right foot pegs?