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  1. Well here is the next disaster to tackle on this long ongoing project. Still trying to decide to use the balance gears or not. Read arguments on both sides of the coin. This one is going to the engine shop to be bored .010 over and a valve job had to pound the exhaust valve out. I think i’m going to remove the breakerless ignition system and install an electronic ignition system from Brian Miller (A-1 performance enterprise) and maybe a slightly modified cam. Does anyone have anything bad to say about Stens parts? OEM Kohler parts are not cheap and not to plentiful.
  2. Dells68 here is what I finally settled on. I really wanted the back and front tires to match but I refused to spend more for my tractor tires than my truck.
  3. Nothing like a new pair of slippers,
  4. Has anyone ever tried to put a two stage snow blower on a GT14?
  5. Gt14 wiring

    Yea I used #8 and that was a lot of fun to work with.
  6. Gt14 wiring

    I see it now I will have to re-wire that switch to match the diagram
  7. Gt14 wiring

    Ok so here is the wiring diagram I used. I don’t fully trust this diagram. Because the way it shows is that you have to turn the key to the start position and then turn the PTO switch on for the power to get to the start solenoid. I assume i’m reading that correctly. And then the fact that the lights will not work once the PTO is engaged. I ran a wire straight from the key to the solenoid. And the PTO switch only to the PTO
  8. Gt14 wiring

    I have a GT14 that i’m Trying to re-wire. The tractor was a complete basket case when I bought it. The wiring was mostly gone, I was told the tractor was running and mowing the grass when the piston cracked. At that point the tractor sat for a while not sure how long. In my research to start the wiring I found this wiring diagram and service bulletin to use a 8362 switch. The tractor does not have points l’m assuming this is an electronic ignition. Will this switch work with this type of ignition system. The switch I bought 8362 seems to be the same switch that was on the tractor. I would like to keep this ignition system and not switch to a points type of system at this point. I’m getting ready to apply power and I just what to make sure I will not let the magic smoke out of any of the expensive ignition parts.
  9. 2 gt14 48" mower decks

    Are there any holes in the decks?
  10. 2 gt14 48" mower decks

    Can you post a couple of pictures
  11. Did a little seat repair
  12. 953 that is awesome still wondering why these little tractors are so addictive. Once you get one it is like crack you can’t stop. I have been waiting and watching for the right C-195 to come along I swear I have a problem.
  13. Yeah I have a slight problem so far in the barn are 2 Gt14’s, C-120 restored, C-160 worker, and an AC BigTen that was my Grandfathers.
  14. Thanks Sarge, believe it or not the hoses are not hitting the linkage. Spent quite a few hours making sure nothing touches. It was a chore because you can’t get the original hose ends that wheel horse used had to go to the next size up which made things a little more difficult. But nothing money won’t fix. i fell in love with GT14 the first time I saw one at the big show. I had to buy two so I could make one. I had to make all of the bushings and spacers for the old girl. This was definitely more of a challenge to restore than the C120 I did a few years ago.