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  1. 4 wheeled wagon

    Just got all the parts back from stripping. The bed is to pitted to powder coat so paint it is starting with my favorite primer JP209 epoxy primer should fill in the pitting and give a nice finish. So now the fun begins a little hammering a little welding and some tweaking she should be pretty straight and ready for a coat of primer
  2. 4 wheeled wagon

    Thanks Richie
  3. 4 wheeled wagon

    Uncle Buck, I got them from Simple tire they are the Deestones. They have a couple of options depending what you want to spend.
  4. 4 wheeled wagon

    Starting the tear down and getting ready for the sand blaster. I have a couple of spots to weld up and repair. Still on the fence if I will paint her or powder coat her.
  5. 2018 WHCC Show

    Thanks for the history lesson Wild Bill, I love to know where the tractor came from and how it was worked just as much if not more than restoring them back to their showroom glory.
  6. 2018 WHCC Show

    Thanks Mike, I’m using a Nikon D70
  7. The 875 in Action

    Peacemakerjack here are a few pictures of Caleb on Skittles enjoy and have a safe trip home
  8. Werner electric pto

    Hello, do you have the Werner electric pto decal? And if not can you make one from the following pictures? Sorry for the poor quality this is all I have before my help destroyed the decal. thanks for your time jeremy
  9. WHX19 you can check it out on face book under metal tech he does a pretty awesome job
  10. Thank you and i’m all for the sub set i’m Trying to be there on Thursday
  11. Almost done should be ready for the big show
  12. GT14 throttle cable

    Cool thank you this helps out a lot
  13. Looking for a picture of the routing and hardware for the throttle cable