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  1. 2 gt14 48" mower decks

    Are there any holes in the decks?
  2. 2 gt14 48" mower decks

    Can you post a couple of pictures
  3. Did a little seat repair
  4. 953 that is awesome still wondering why these little tractors are so addictive. Once you get one it is like crack you can’t stop. I have been waiting and watching for the right C-195 to come along I swear I have a problem.
  5. Yeah I have a slight problem so far in the barn are 2 Gt14’s, C-120 restored, C-160 worker, and an AC BigTen that was my Grandfathers.
  6. Thanks Sarge, believe it or not the hoses are not hitting the linkage. Spent quite a few hours making sure nothing touches. It was a chore because you can’t get the original hose ends that wheel horse used had to go to the next size up which made things a little more difficult. But nothing money won’t fix. i fell in love with GT14 the first time I saw one at the big show. I had to buy two so I could make one. I had to make all of the bushings and spacers for the old girl. This was definitely more of a challenge to restore than the C120 I did a few years ago.
  7. Thank you and yes sir I work out at the York airport
  8. WHX12 i’m Going with turf tires. Just have to save for them they are a little salty I hope to have them by the end of the year. I would really love to put ags on but unfortunately nobody makes them in 27x9.5-15 anymore. And the ones that came on the tractor are not usable
  9. Done with the hydraulics for now thanks to Lowell Scholljegerdes for the hoses they fit great. And he was great to deal with. The speed control was set back to factory specs 8lbs of pull either direction. New bearings and bushings for the speed control lever now when pedal is depressed the lever actual moves. Now on to the wiring. New wires new connectors refurbished switches and a new ignition switch let the fun times roll.
  10. Gt14 attachments

    Aldon what is mid restoration?
  11. Gt14 attachments

    Thank you Rob R. your pictures are what I was looking for. That setup looks good how does it perform in snow. Did you mount the attach-o-mastic to the front plate or did you fabricate a bracket and attach it to the bolt holes on frame?
  12. Gt14 attachments

    Do you think a GT14 can handle a 44in 2 stage snowblower. I have no doubts the frame and the hydraulics would be to handle it but i’m not sure if the power is there. I have a chance at a blower that seems to be a good deal.
  13. Gt14 attachments

    I guess it is my understanding that a snow blower would attach to the 14 by the two bolt holes on both sides of the forward frame. After reading and researching the parts manuals there is an adapter for this. But I can not locate said adapter. So it will probably be easier to fabricate an adapter to install the attach-o-matic to the front. Then I will be able to run more options then what is listed by wheel horse. I already have a deck I believe it to be 48in not 100% because there are no numbers on it anywhere. I also have the 54in plow, the rear wheel weights, and the three point hitch. But I’m always on the look out for other attachments.
  14. I’m in the midst of restoring a GT14 to her formal glory. And I keep reading that the 14 had her own set of attachments. So far the only attachment I have seen so far is the tiller. Can someone post some pictures of the other attachments such as a snow blower. Here are a few pictures of my restoration: