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  1. Werner electric pto

    Hello, do you have the Werner electric pto decal? And if not can you make one from the following pictures? Sorry for the poor quality this is all I have before my help destroyed the decal. thanks for your time jeremy
  2. WHX19 you can check it out on face book under metal tech he does a pretty awesome job
  3. Thank you and i’m all for the sub set i’m Trying to be there on Thursday
  4. Almost done should be ready for the big show
  5. GT14 throttle cable

    Cool thank you this helps out a lot
  6. Looking for a picture of the routing and hardware for the throttle cable
  7. Need a little help, does anyone have picture of the proper routing for the throttle cable. Mine came with a choke cable and a modified throttle cable.
  8. 4 wheeled wagon

    Still have not found any identification numbers. But after studying the parts books it looks like a Wheel horse. I’m out of town so my wife and daughter picked it for me. They did a good job of getting it into the suburban. It just fits.
  9. I just won this wagon on a online auction for $25.00. I have not seen it in person yet but it looks like a wheel horse wagon. Where would I look for an I.d. tag or serial number?
  10. I have seen the guy do the front grill of a new Jeep and he sprays a clear coat over it a says to treat it just like a two stage paint job
  11. What do you all think about a touch of flare. I just love all the modifications and personal touches everyone puts into their tractors to make them their own. My personal taste when I restore a tractor is to put back to factory original. I like to see them when they were shiny new. So I ventured off my factory original way of thinking and tried hydro dipping I only had two pieces done. But I think they turned out great. Just want to make it mine like you guys who do heavy modifications do. Like I said before I love all the modifications and thinking out of the box and I can really appreciate all the talent and time put into these tractors. Please do what makes you happy and whatever you do. DON’T LET THEM GO TO THE SCRAP YARD!!!
  12. That is a nice machine, that is a weak point on the fuel tank. Take care of the tank they are hard to find these days. Are you planning on doing a full restoration?
  13. Independent 3point hitch for GT14

    Nice, do you think you would have time to make another one? I know how busy you are trying to get skittles done
  14. Independent 3point hitch for GT14

    I’m in search for the control handle and knob for a independent control for 3 point hitch on a GT14 kit number 8-4121. I have the cylinder and valve would like to have a factory original handle and knob.
  15. Spent a little time with the dremel and a sanding drum. Cleaned up pretty nice. Ordered more sanding drums and will tackle the exhaust next