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  1. Independent 3point hitch for GT14

    I’m in search for the control handle and knob for a independent control for 3 point hitch on a GT14 kit number 8-4121. I have the cylinder and valve would like to have a factory original handle and knob.
  2. Spent a little time with the dremel and a sanding drum. Cleaned up pretty nice. Ordered more sanding drums and will tackle the exhaust next
  3. I have decided not to install them. The guys at the machine shop where able to get the rotating assembly balance within a gram. I still had them install new balance weight studs and bearings in the gears. Just in case. I will assembly the engine with out and if i’m not happy with it I can install the gears. But I have a feeling I will not need to. If any of that rambling made sense.
  4. Some assembly required and batteries not included
  5. New bearing time. Now just need the engine back from the machine shop to install this beauty
  6. This is the best picture I have right know with the lighter. My assembly was corroded pretty bad so I bought a replacement lighter assembly from Pep Boys and swapped the original knob with the new one and it works as advertised.
  7. Parting Tecumseh HH120

    What do you need for the flywheel screen?
  8. Well here is the next disaster to tackle on this long ongoing project. Still trying to decide to use the balance gears or not. Read arguments on both sides of the coin. This one is going to the engine shop to be bored .010 over and a valve job had to pound the exhaust valve out. I think i’m going to remove the breakerless ignition system and install an electronic ignition system from Brian Miller (A-1 performance enterprise) and maybe a slightly modified cam. Does anyone have anything bad to say about Stens parts? OEM Kohler parts are not cheap and not to plentiful.
  9. Dells68 here is what I finally settled on. I really wanted the back and front tires to match but I refused to spend more for my tractor tires than my truck.
  10. Nothing like a new pair of slippers,
  11. Has anyone ever tried to put a two stage snow blower on a GT14?
  12. Gt14 wiring

    Yea I used #8 and that was a lot of fun to work with.
  13. Gt14 wiring

    I see it now I will have to re-wire that switch to match the diagram
  14. Gt14 wiring

    Ok so here is the wiring diagram I used. I don’t fully trust this diagram. Because the way it shows is that you have to turn the key to the start position and then turn the PTO switch on for the power to get to the start solenoid. I assume i’m reading that correctly. And then the fact that the lights will not work once the PTO is engaged. I ran a wire straight from the key to the solenoid. And the PTO switch only to the PTO