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  1. NOS Hub Caps Set of 4- 8" & 12" "SOLD"

    Changed Status to Closed
  2. 520 Dash Decal & Thumb Screws "SOLD"

    Changed Status to Closed
  3. NOS Hub Caps Set of 4- 8" & 12" "SOLD"

    Changed Status to Pending
  4. 520 Dash Decal & Thumb Screws "SOLD"

    Changed Status to Pending
  5. I have new "RED" 520 Dash Decal and the thumb screws that are used to hold on the belt cover on the late model 520 and other models. Decal and the 4 thumb screws all for $16 including the shipping in the lower US.
  6. I have a NOS set of original Wheel Horse hub caps. There are 2 8 inch and 2 12 inch caps still in original packaging. Price of $175 includes shipping in the lower US.
  7. I have a good used muffler for the 520H Wheel Horse Tractors. Tabs for the heat shield are little thin but still appears to be hardy enough to use as it is. Overall this muffler is solid condition. Price of $100 obo includes shipping to the lower US.
  8. Plow / Dozer Handle Needed

    I am need for the lever you see in the picture that silvere in color. This is the lever that changes the angle direction not the lift. Please send email to rorrerii@aol.com. Thank you Denver
  9. 520 Onan Engine Weight?

    Does anyone know what a "complete" 20 hp Onan off of a 520H would weight? This engine has the exhaust, starter etc. I appreciate you in put.
  10. 24x12-12 tires

    I have purchased a pair 24x12-12 for my 520H. I have yet to mount them at this time. I also purchased a pair 18x8-10 for the front. I have a set of 10" rims off of a Deere and bought the boat axle hubs to mount on my spindles. Once I have this done I will post a few pics. I'm just not to sure when I will have the chance to do this. I figure the rear deck trailing axle will need to be modified wider so my 48" deck will work correctly. This is the biggest problem I see right now.
  11. Slipping Throttle Lever on 312-8

    I removed mine and laid it on the vice and tighten up the ribit by using a hammer. I struck it a few tiems trying it each time to get the right amount of tension.
  12. Life doesn't aways deal a fair hand for everyone. My brother resently had this simular situation at his work place. Never easy, my heart and prayers go out to the family and those envolved.
  13. Hydro Output Pressure?

    Thats what I was looking for, Thank you!
  14. Can any one tell me what the expect output preasure is on a 1997 520H? It would be greatly appreciated!
  15. Just my 2 cents. I understand why mechanicaly the 10 pinion in the Raider is supposed to be weaker. But I have owned my Raider 12 for 23 years now and I have worked this poor tractor from pulling stumps, tons snow plowing, mowing and tilling. Never broke anything but the key way on the hub and axle. So unless your going to move a house or something crazy, I wouldn't tlet the "weaker" 10 pinion rear worry you at all.