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  1. What i found on a walk about today...

    I'm digging that Simplicity mower. I'd love to find something like that around here.
  2. Garages

    So, it seems I'm not the only one who likes to peer into other peoples garages... Just in case there is anyone who is unaware, here is a link to The Garage Journal. Lots of pics and ideas...
  3. Garages

    I, too, love to visit other peoples shops. Almost always find some way to rearrange something or another way to place/store a thing. Here is my shop.. from the back looking out and looking into the back. Most of the work happens out front and the rear is largely storage. Trying to decide which orientation is best for the tractor as once the disassembly begins it is tricky to move. The tire rack is a bit of an experiment, as is the table on the left in front, both structures are made with 1/2" galvanized pipe. I think come spring I am going to make an 8' bench with it. Be a good excuse to buy new tools... Also, just about everything that can be is on wheels and I can fairly quickly rearrange stuff as I need. I though when we moved that I wanted a large detached garage, but having this in the basement where I can go tinker in my slippers is pure gold...
  4. Definitely keeping the seat.. I have no idea what it is off of, I think it is just a generic tractor seat. It is, however, very comfy.. Yup, I think just a clean and scuff with some matt clear is all she's getting for now. Side note, I dropped my mule drive for the mower earlier this summer and broke the adjusting knob on the front. I had an old wheel that fit the shaft and did the job for the summer, but looks odd. My youngest son is finishing his first semester in machining at college and was looking for some extra projects. This is what he made for me in class:
  5. And.. I'm back. I never really left, been poking around off and on in between. Some major life changes over the last couple years. Applied for and got a new trade, I spent a year and a half in Ontario learning to be an Aircraft Structures Tech. Got posted and moved to Nova Scotia, not too far away but far enough. Two sons in college now, makes me feel old. Anyway, the old horse has been working like a charm. I am really in love with the little beast. Figured it is about time it got some love, so into the shop it goes for the winter... I won't lie, I actually like the worn, sun-faded, worked look. I still haven't decided if I will repaint or just give it a really good "take it apart and clean it". In any case, the engine will be tore down as it's smoking/leaking a bit. So new seals and take a close look at the internals. Some new dancing shoes will be in order, I'm not sure the front ones will even survive being removed from the rims they are cracked/checked that badly. Anyway, I'm not in a rush. Don't need it until mowing season which is some months away now in the frozen north...
  6. Trachorse in action

    Love it! I am instinctively attracted to anything with tracks, but a - tracks combo?! That is a bowl of fantastic heaped with awesome-sauce!! :laughing-lettersrofl:
  7. Bollocks! I kid, of course.. I'm a kidder. That was great!! Ian you truly are an Imagineer! :bow-blue:
  8. A note of thanks

    That's a great story. Love the nostalgia stuff. I'm glad you were able to recover a tractor that holds so many great memories.
  9. I Do Love My Wife...

    WHOA! Perfect reasoning for garage AND workshop. And I'm sorry Mrs. chasm.. that is simply bad driving. That couldn't have happened without some noise, and that is the drivers queue to stop and assess. That said, I would use this as an excuse to, at the least, stock up the liquor cabinet.. in my favour. Might even consider the need for further tractor "repairs", something like "after that accident, now I NEED a bigger one" OH! and she should definately park outside in the elements for a while!
  10. Picked up my 2nd Horse (don't laugh).....

    :wicked: I would love to pick up a small rider like that. The 42" on mine cuts the whole yard in about 25 minutes... not quite enough time to get into a second "pop". Smaller cut would equal more seat time.
  11. My Horse Transporter

    That is stylin'! I love the custom tractor silhouettes. Kinda remainds me of the playgirl's on mudflaps... only sexier!
  12. I did see your build Fireman, on the one hand I was bummed my idea wasn't as original as I thought... but then after reading, I realized you had adressed some questions I was having. Thanks for breaking ground for me. I also noticed you had asked Vinylguy to make some C-200 decals. Hopefully he will be willing to do a set for me as well. Are you kidding me Matt? If I don't take bunches of pics, the tractor porn lovers might ex-commmunicate me.
  13. Would you buy a 6 year old truck?

    Six years!! I don't think I've ever owned a truck that new. My usual is a $1000 beater, rough it up for a couple years and dump it for another. I'm not a Ford fan, but that sound like a decent deal to me. The '06 Super Duty's are a sharp looking truck. :twocents-02cents:
  14. So I finally got my M20 from my father. It's sitting on my bench haunting me right now. Here's a couple pics of my latest paperweight: 1) 2) 3) 4) Those familiar will note the lack of fan shroud with ID tag. Is there any good means to positively identify which series this is? Also, the 4th pic is a close-up of the starter, note the broken mount point. Looks like the broken off boss is part of the engine crankcase. Anyone have any good ideas for a fix? Apparently someone had tried to jury-rig it with a wooden wedge. I know it does run, dad was sawing lumber with it last fall. I'd like to rebuild it before I put it in my tractor. Likely splash some paint on the tractor at the same time. My initial measurements seem to indicate no hood mods, could be tight though. Has anyone tried to set one of these up with two carburators before? That might be cool. Anyway, for now I will give it a scrub and put it on the shelf. There are a few projects ahead of this one this summer. Most notably my wifes scooter rebuild (very high priority!!)
  15. under deck paint

    OK, I got's a question. When you guys coat the underside with the POR15, is that deck only or after it's been reassembled? What I mean is: do you coat right over bolt heads and the blade spindles? I'm wondering about rusting exposed bolts vs. the breaking the sealed coating with future repairs.