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  1. 1979 C-81 Restoration

    Hello again all, I have had no time at all to do anything with the tractor, in fact I am seriously thinking of parting with it or if nobody was interested breaking it. I think that it is too good and complete to break and part out but I will see how it goes. If anyones interested PM me. The tractor is up to where the pics show but all the rest of it is there, blasted and primed. New decals for everything(tractor and engine) new seat(aftermarket not horse), new drive belt, brake and clutch have been relined. I have a garage full of motorbikes and cannot get on with painting the remaining parts of the tractor, so it is really getting in my way at the moment !!!! Cheers, MartinH
  2. 1979 C-81 Restoration

    Well sorry it`s been so long, but I have finally got back to the tractor. Over the winter I sent all the tinwork away to be shotblasted and it has come up very good, quite a bit of work to do to the parts but nothing time will not sort out. The tractor is now up on it`s wheels, so this gives me more impetus to get going with it. The brake band and the PTO clutch have been re-lined. The trouble is I have several projects on the go at any one time including model stationary engines, motorbikes, full size stationary engines etc. Anyway heres a few pictures of where I am at, hope you enjoy and shout at me if there are too many pictures in the posts, I tend to get carried away !!! Cheers for now, MartinH
  3. 1979 C-81 Restoration

    The bends were done at a friends workshop, there is only one bend on each side and the rest were welded joints. Well I have been busy with painting a few more parts to fit back on the Horse. The brake band has been relined so thats another job out the way, still have a couple of bars to make for the front bracket. Engine block is painted and I am currently on with the covers then this can be refit. I have just recieved the new set of tyres, I tried various local depots and online sites. It surprises me that in these lean times just how many of the online retailers of tyres cannot even be bothered to answer an email to get a sale, won`t mention any names but they are supposed to be big retailers of our type of tyres. I eventually bought the tyres from a company called Bigtyres.co.uk, they were excellent to deal with and by far the best prices I could find with next day delivery. Usual diclaimer, have no interest in this company just pleased with the service offered, if you need tyres give them a ring. Anyway heres a few pictures of the work so far, a few bits to touch up but looks ok. Cheers, MartinH
  4. 1979 C-81 Restoration

    Thanks Mark, glad you got home ok and thanks for the tips for my restoration. cheers. martinh
  5. 1979 C-81 Restoration

    Thanks all. I will get some pics of the attachments tomorrow, the ones that he wants to part with that is. Do you want me just to put them in this post and deal with it from there. He, and for that matter I, do not have any idea of prices for these attachments, could anyone please pm me with some ball park figures for them, don`t worry he will not hold you to them, he said it would help in deciding what to part with. Cheers, MartinH
  6. Cumbrian steam gathering 2011

    I too spent a glorious weekend at Flookborough, saw your tractors on the trailer on Friday evening, all looked superb. I didn`t have time to get much of a look around as I took my model stationary engines, so was stuck in the marquee for the two days Never mind maybe will be ready to take my WH down next year Cheers, MartinH PS, can I ask where you get your exhaust stack silencers please meadowfield?
  7. 1979 C-81 Restoration

    Finally managed to get a bit more done on the Horse. I have manufactured a new deck stand centre section to replace the badly corroded one. New seals were fit in the transmition and everything bottomed, primed and given a nice coat of shiny red paint. A few items have been replaced on the chassis ready for the deck stand to be painted and mounted. So a little progress has been made. On another note I went with my friend yesterday to pick up another WH for him, it has a number of attachments to go with it, these being a rototiller, two cutting decks, a snow plough and a single furrow plough, all WH items. Some of them may be for sale if they are of interest. Cheers for now, MartinH
  8. 1979 C-81 Restoration

    Well I have finally got it to pieces. All looked ok and straightforward till I got the hood stand off. As you can see from the following pics it is a bit of a mess, I dont think it will be salvageable so it is a case of either find another in better condition or fabricate a new one from scratch. I do not think I will find another in good condition so it looks like I will be doing a bit of fabrication work in the very near future. Heres a few pics of what I have Well I will try and keep you updated as and when anything happens. Cheers, MartinH
  9. BS or RAL paint codes

    Does anyone know what the best match is in either BS colour or RAL colour for WH red. Only ask as I have just ordered some International Harvester red and it is absolutely nothing like the red on my horse, it seems to have a very pink tint to it. The original is like fire engine red. Cheers, MartinH
  10. Engine paint colour

    Thanks Mark, I will be doing the C-81 first, started the stripdown tonight Takes a little more time than anticipated due to all the bolts being siezed solid, had to cut most of them off or drill them out !!! Cheers, MartinH
  11. Engine paint colour

    Thanks both, looks like red it will be. My commando also has the clutch missing, can you retrofit a manual clutch assembly in place of the electronic one? Cheers again, MartinH
  12. Engine paint colour

    I am just about to start restoration on my 1979 C-81. All the tinwork is red and the wheels are off-white and the engine is black. I would like to know if the engine being black is the correct colour for it. You see alot of them painted red to match the rest of the tractor and my Commando 800 has a red engine, so is black the supplied colour when new? Cheers, MartinH
  13. Information on Horses built in Belgium

    I had the same problem trying to date my C-81 it is 91-08k8-91, did not recognise this but if you changed the last nine for a zero it worked ok. This was not the case with the 800 Commando, it recognised the 1-0110 model number ok. MartinH
  14. Euro members of Red Square introduce yourselves

    Well I suppose I better add another for the North then I live in Carlisle, Cumbria and have just purchased two WH tractors. I have been looking for the last few years but other projects seemed to get in the way each time. I intend to restore them both, one is a C-81 of 1979 vintage the other is a 800 Commando of 1971 vintage. There are a few parts missing on the `71` model so will chase the bits up while I restore the other. Cheers, MartinH