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  1. Muffler Magnum 12?

    Hello all, I am looking for part number and place to order a muffler for my 1988 model 21-12K805, 312-8, with a 12858 serial number. I left it down to my daughters house for them to mow this last summer, and age caught up with the muffler, just started falling apart. It is the lay horizontal style, with the bracket welded on that goes down to the block. Can anybody help me? Thanks, DavidD
  2. Adding weight to the rear wheels

    I found water tubs that had steps real close to wheel size, Filled thim with a hundred pounds of concrete, made 2 tubes to hold the hold the bolt holes open. Works good so far.
  3. how to notify content

  4. how to read serial nr?

    10 digit serial numbers starting with 20 are 1990 production but you only show 9 numbers. These are in the front of the Kohler service manual you can download from here http://www.kohlereng...m?series=Magnum What is the model number and serial number on the rear fender pan Garry The only thing left of that is the right end with 12858, I think I have it narrowed down to a 1990 model 31-12K801, 312-8. Other people on here earlier this year, helped me narrow it down that far. Tomorrow I will try to see what the last number of the Kohler is. I am trying to plan to tear down and repaint next year, I would like to get all the stickers reproduced to put back on. Just working on getting all the pictures and documentation together. Thanks, DavidD
  5. how to read serial nr?

    I tried the kohler site, could not get the information I needed. Can anybody tell me year and so on with the following info? M12S 471527 200310416
  6. Sears GT 19.9

    I agree with the sentiment is hilarious, my WH works, but I have more than one place to maintain. Buy I am serious, Ol550, are not that far away, let me know if you want to move it on.
  7. Sears GT 19.9

    So would I.
  8. Sears GT 19.9

    I have a Craftsman 6000, I mow with it during summer, and set it up with a blade, 100 lb per wheel weights, and chains. It is pretty stout, has the twin cylinder. Only have trouble with keeping the drive belt alive on it. If you have that much stuff with it, maybe you should work it? Or, how much are we talkin?
  9. Good mowing machines?

    Ferris brand was the one I was trying to think of. a friend has one, he has had 2 back and 2 neck surgeries. He just loves his, that thing will fly. It will eat just about anything up to 1 to 1 1/2 diameter. He says he can go about 2 hours or so on it without his back or neck hurting.

    I just did see that on the news. My sympathies and prayers go out to his family, Those kind of guys do not come along very often.

    :laughing-rolling: :laughing-rolling:
  12. Seal leaking

    Thanks guys, I got lost a few days. Tooo much stuff catching up with me. @ kpinnc, thanks for that post, it made me go out there and look at it again. it is not coming from the seal. The oil is leaking out of the case halves seam about even with the center bottom bolt. Right where the little bridge bar crosses overthat connects the axle mounts for the blade. Looks like I have to pull the transaxle out and apart. @ Mike and pfrederi, Sure do appreciate the part numbers.
  13. Good Evening, everybody, I have a 1990 312-8, came back into my garage with a big puddle a gear lube. It appears to have come from the drive pulley shaft on the right side. Can that seal be replaced from the outside, like the seal on the brake shaft? Or does the case have to come apart? Thanks, DavidD
  14. 8-speed trans oil question

    Being Red sounds like Mytic JT oil. I run that in two of mine GL5 90 wt. Some of the best oil made. They also made a blue color that was marine grade. that stuff was really good, too.
  15. David from central Oklahoma

    Welcome aboard, David. One of the best places i have ever been.