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  1. @JPWH A plumb bob!!! I am impressed. I wish more people used one.
  2. Good snow tire?

    I just got these today. I think they will make a good snow tire for my Electro. Real deep thread and made in the US.

    Very sad to hear this. Hope for a fast and full recovery Glen. Our prayers are with you.
  4. Quicken Users?

    Besides the automatically backed up copies do you not back it up on a regular basis? I back it up everyday on two different devices, one automatically done also. Problems with this program would definitely be catastrophic. Any issues I only have to restore back up of same day or at worse the day before. That way nothing major needs to be reconstructed. I never really looked for any user groups, but in the distant past I spent a lot of time speaking to tech support over issues or quirks I did not understand. They were very helpful all the time. Most if not all of the problems I ever had always happened when it was upgraded to a new version.
  5. Years back I also had a problem with moles. I have a rather large lawn area which is always meticulously taken care of. However about 10 years ago I was renovating the whole exterior of the house so that whole summer the lawn got basically abandoned .Next spring I could not believe what I was looking at. The place was basically entirely wrecked with mole tunnels and holes all over. It was so bad that I seriously thought that there was no way it would ever look right again. After doing all kinds of research on what to do, out of desperation I called Lawn Doctor. Guy comes over looks at it and immediately asks me if I took care of the lawn the year before. I tell him the story and he just calmly proceeds to tell me it is not a big problem at all. WHAT???? Would you like us to take care of it he asks. At this point I just want my place back the way it used to be so I give him the contract to take care of that and also do all the fertilizing of the lawn which I did not have a lot of time to do. I ask him how he is going to address the moles. Calmly he says they going to fertilize lawn and apply insect control to take their food source away and that in a couple of weeks they will move down to the neighbor's yard. Sure enough in two weeks problem was solved never to happen again. Merely take their food source away and they will move. In this case they were looking for grubs which infested lawn due to me neglecting it. As he explained everything you do on your lawn has a certain time frame to be done so it is effective and the window of opportunity is not very long so if you neglect it will be a problem.
  6. Also use a headband light but my favorite is the "stinger" flashlight. Nearly indestructible, lights up an object 1000 feet down the road, and I also use it as a flashing taillight with a magnet and a red lens adapter on fender of tractor when plowing. This thing is so strong in that mode that if you stare at it it will nearly give you a seizure.
  7. Quicken Users?

    I have been using it for over 20 years now. Anything I can help you with?
  8. Happy Easter Everyone

    Happy Easter to all and your families.
  9. Value this mower please?

    So, when she says , honey I would like to get an exercise bike, don't be upset and get it for her!
  10. C120 - C-125 K301 Muffler?

    In order for that endeavor In order for an endeavor like this to be worth, it he has to manufacture a substantial number of them. On his first batch I know that he was a little frustrated by the lack of response to them and how long it took to sell them. Believe me, with all the time involved, financial output, and waiting, it is really not worth it for him to do it. I am sure he did it for the love of this hobby and to try and help others obtain something which is relatively rare and prohibitively expensive when found.So having said all of that why don't we all get together and put in an order that will make it worth for him to do it without having to hang on to them for a year. I know that no one wants to spend money needlessly but many of us own tractors that use them, many with mufflers already on the way out. I star by committing to buy another one.
  11. C120 - C-125 K301 Muffler?

    I believe he may have more. Great muffler, i got two from him.
  12. Advice on rustproofing

    So, following up on this. I finally a couple of weeks ago decided to take van to Ziebart to get this done. It wasn't cheap but I have to say that I am absolutely impressed by what was done. Since they noticed immediately that I was a rather "finicky" customer, and according to them they had never seen a van of that year in that condition, they allowed me visits to see the progress as they did the work. They kept van for 5 days. Here is what was done; 1- Steam/power wash entire underside of van.Let that dry 2- Removed any rust found underneath, body, frame, everywhere 3- Primed the whole underside of van, body, frame (interior frame parts also),let that dry. 4- Undercoated the whole thing inside of frame also. 5-Rustprofed all body panels, seams, inside body panels, engine area,screw /bolt penetrations, etc,etc. 6-Redid seam fill joint all around on roof panel,It had a slight crack. 7-Touched up all exterior nicks (not many) If this thing was impressive before, now it is really just like a new vehicle. I still have not given up the old one and I am reluctant to put this thing to service since it is so nice. On top of that last week previous owner calls me to ask if I am happy with the van.I cant believe my luck.
  13. Carb kits for Tecumseh

    If it is the original carburetor it is a Walbro. If so it is then one of these 3 models LMB LMG or a LME. Within those 3 there are many sub models designated by a # which means many different things. I am not familiar with your tractor model so I don't know which one you should have. All Walbro kits fit all 3 models anyway.They are plentiful on eBay. Your carburetor will work fine if it is done properly. They are just not as easy to clean as a Carter is. They are a lot more finicky and require attention in a couple different areas.
  14. So, did everybody see...

    I guess that guy really had to have it?
  15. I am actually now thinking of replacing the radio in the new van with one that plays cassettes and CDs, so I can listen to all of these cassettes. Its funny on how something you wind up keeping so someone doesn't put it in the trash changes your thinking and alters everything else around it.