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  1. Gas fuel bowl shut off

    You may find that tiny O ring at a local hardware or auto parts store. Fuel sediment bowls are great because they will separate water from fuel leaving water at bottom of bowl to be drained, however they are finicky devices and in my experience one is better off not using them as a fuel shut off valve since eventually they will start leaking there. You should install a separate shutoff for that purpose along with an inline fuel filter. If you have the original correct carburetor, the Walbro LMG 157, you will want to keep all contaminants possible in the fuel from it. That goes for any carburetor, however the Walbros are very sensitive to any dirt or varnish buildup, and as you probably know by now not an easy thing to get to if one needs to remove it in order to clean it. Fuel stabilizer in tank if it sits for periods of time and shut off fuel and run carburetor dry . A couple of caps of Sea-foam in fuel with each filling also helps keep carb clean. I have now used mine for over 10 years religiously following those methods and it runs and starts perfectly each time without ever having to be cleaned. As for the sediment bowl, which occasionally also needs to be drained and cleaned, I found that the easiest thing to do is to have two of them, and when cleaning is due just replace it with the clean one. Then you can clean the one removed without any down time, and each time that happens I replace gaskets and rings on them so I never have any surprise leaks with them.
  2. Loss

    Very sorry for your loss.Stay strong. Our prayers will be with you and her.
  3. RJ 59 Patina Restore / Clear

    That is indeed a very nice outcome. I commend you for going through all the trouble to save what is actually that tractors "personality" which took so many years to create. With all due respect to "restorers" (everything has its place) , and all the work they put into their machines,I am not a fan of a fully restored tractor. Next to each other they all basically look the same. One also is reluctant to do anything with them in fear of scratching them or worse. Now ,you have there is a machine that shows its age, has tons of character that only father time can give it, and you can let your kids or grand kids enjoy it without getting a heart attack. Given the option to purchase one fully restored as opposed to that one, for the same amount of money my choice is clear. WELL DONE SIR.
  4. Spark plug

    Its the plug. Just replace it.
  5. Starter spring

    You probably can find a suitable replacement at a good hardware store, or if you want I am sure that i have one around here. PM me if you need it you can have it for free.
  6. Rest in Peace JimD

    Sad to hear of it while at show. May Jim rest in peace.

    Can you post a couple of good photos of yours?
  8. throttle cable connection for 1961 H55D

    The stories associated with many of these tractors are what makes them so important in my opinion. Even when they are not from a family member it is good to know their history and to keep that together with tractor. It puts a whole different importance and outlook on them. Great of your friend and you to bring it back to life. The memories he has of his grandfather will be revived every day when he looks onto that tractor. Precious stuff that cannot be purchased anywhere. If he was closer I would give him a roller to replace the one he lost. If he is ever close to me the offer will stand.
  9. throttle cable connection for 1961 H55D

    Awesome. Don't forget to post photos of it when you can. Not too many of these old girls left intact.
  10. throttle cable connection for 1961 H55D

    That is another rare one. Is it on a 1960 550?
  11. throttle cable connection for 1961 H55D

    Walbro LMG#157. As far as I am aware the only variant ff the LMG, LME, or LMB that has both idle speed and idle mixture adjusting screws both on the right of carburetor while facing it when mounted.
  12. throttle cable connection for 1961 H55D

    Here are a few pictures. Not the best quality , hood is on and it was raining but they may help you. If still not clear to you let me know and I will try to raise up hood. Not easy on mine since it has a ton of stuff under there. First, do not make cables short. They are better left longer to make long easy turns rather than short tight ones. They will never work smoothly if short. Throttle cable should go straight ahead past hood support and then back into separate clamp on top of shroud where you clamp its sleeve PIC#1. Actual cable then gets attached to the top of complex mechanism attached to engine shroud PIC#1. From that mechanism there should be a long connecting wire on the very bottom of it to bottom of governor bracket PIC#1 & PIC#2. On the top of same governor bracket there should be another wire this one going to carburetor throttle lever PIC#2 & PIC#3. Choke cable sleeve gets attached first to clamp on top of engine shroud and cable then to choke lever PIC#4. Also make long sweeping turn. Hopefully you also have the original correct carburetor which is extremely rare. It has the idle speed and idle mixture adjusting screw on the left side PIC#4 rather than on the exhaust side which would make it nearly impossible to adjust if everything including heat shield is mounted. PIC#1 PIC#2 PIC#3 PIC#4
  13. throttle cable connection for 1961 H55D

  14. throttle cable connection for 1961 H55D

    The 551 is in my opinion the hardest tractor to work on since it is so crowded under hood. Routing of cables particularly throttle is critical for it to operate smoothly. I will take some photos of mine tomorrow which has all original cables and carburetor. Somewhere out there there is a vendor that sells throttle and choke cables for Willys's that are identical to the original 551 cables.