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  1. They are big files and take a bit to open. On mine they open automatically with the TWINUI program but tale about 30seconds to open.
  2. Just came back from 3 weeks in the old country. Thinking others might enjoy and appreciate this. Video and sound will not do justice to this. One has to be next to, and inside of it , to appreciate its raw power, simplicity and efficiency. The sounds and powerful low frequency vibrations it produces specially when inside of it are just awesome and humbling. There are four working ones in this hill alone. Waiting for my lucky day when one becomes available so I can own it. IMG_3852.MOV IMG_3854.MOV
  3. Kohler vs. Tecumseh

    I have a several Tecumseh engines in service and they run great. They are substantially different from Kohlers specially in the ease of maintenance. I think that is the cause why most people don’t like them, because most of them are not running correctly due to the lack of proper servicing. Carburaters also require slightly different maintenance. Old Kohlers are tanks and they will run well even under the most adverse conditions where a Tecumseh is a bit more sensitive to the same conditions.
  4. Need some advice

    Yes, degreasers will change the color on your wheel horse. I don’t know about newer wheel horses but on the older ones it is a definitely yes. also learned that the hard way. Seems that the older paint composition is not resistant to many newer chemicals. I even found that some waxes have a similar effect.
  5. Shower Cap Ideas???

    Use it as a shower head?.
  6. RJ25 Info

    Can you provide a better photo of that one possibly from other side? Is it a Tillotson? If so and you want to save it I have information on it.
  7. My problem was with people from a nearby condo development walking their dogs and not picking up after them on the front lawn. Not a very pleasant thing to get it plastered on the tractor wheels or worse to get it thrown by the blades. Never really caught anyone doing it so i never had any confrontation with anyone. Fought with town for about one year and finally they put the proper sign next to sidewalk . Now the stuff really hit the fan .First day of the sign and there is one pile of crap right under the sign. Then for the next couple of days someone actually picks it up places in a plastic bag and throws it right in the center of driveway. Now as per my wife's words I turn into " a deranged lunatic" and call the cops when there is another bag there. Guy comes and is trying to calm me down and just to call right away when i find who did it. So I proceed to tell him in no uncertain terms that it is from the development and in no way i am going to call and that it is just going to be a very bad day for me if i see it happening. Well i guess that i really made an impression because a few minutes after he left I heard him in the development though the cars loudspeaker announcing that it is illegal to not pick up after your dog and that it is not only illegal but dangerous to throw it intentionally in someone's property. Later that day towards evening i heard him again saying exactly the same thing . Not only did that action fix the problem immediately but also from that day on dog walking traffic was basically reduced by more than half. I guess that it pays off to occasionally lose you mind .
  8. One of those days

    Sorry to hear this. It's really deplorable but unfortunately it happens more often than what we realize. In my opinion worse than the material loss, is the feeling of being absolutely violated and then the constant awareness and uncomfortable feeling one has always expecting it to happen again .Summarizing it a total loss of faith in human nature. They should announce it on the loudspeaker calling out the individuals for what they are so when they look at other people they would have the feeling that everyone is looking at them knowing they did it.
  9. Big Show idea?

    To minimize that possibility one has to establish different categories of tractors and certain requirements on them so they are safe to do so. As far as stepping up to the plate to run it that is part of the exploration of this idea also. Personally I am not in the habit of throwing fuel into a fire just to watch it burn and run away. I am sure that it will take more than one individual but barring health or other life issues you can count me in.
  10. Big Show idea?

    We can do a tug-of-war on pavement!! Not yet. Merely seeing what interest and enthusiasm there is out there for it for now.
  11. Big Show idea?

    Rule #1----Use dedicated specially fabricated heavy duty link chain with 3/8" steel cable intertwined through lings and permanently attached to end hooks along with chain. Rule #2----Along with dedicated chain have all possibly necessary adapters to accommodate any tractor hitch. Rule #3----Special area to be designated for event keeping all spectators at appropriate distances.
  12. Big Show idea?

    To keep it simple then and give the opportunity to everyone who wants to be involved I would say to start with just the tug-of-war. Of course it should be highly supervised and regulated.
  13. Big Show idea?

    I certainly don't think it would be any more risky than some of the night cruises I have witnessed, and I am sure it would do a lot for more and additional interest in event specially for the younger generation.
  14. Big Show idea?

    I realize all of the above. Just checking to see if there would be any interest out there.
  15. As much as I enjoy the Big Show every year, I always felt that it is missing a bit of excitement and certain activities. Even though we all know the endless possibilities with these tractors,there should be in my opinion events to demonstrate not only the various tasks they can do, specially the more unusual ones, at same time displaying the many innovations members make. Now, for the actual fun of it, last year I was watching Stevebo's son and Charlie do a tug of war with their tractors. Why cant we do something like that? That was a lot of fun to watch and it is even more fun to do. I am sure there would be many entries for it. Perhaps we can get something started here???