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  1. Good idea. Been thinking on what I can do to preserve it the way it is as much as possible.
  2. Thank you everyone for the reassurance. Its not an easy thing to let go of that kind of money particularly for something that is not new with no warranties. I am always second guessing myself whether I am making the right decision. It is still hard to me to believe the condition this one is, hence also my hesitation on it. However like it was said here before it does speak to my heart specially since this years model still looks exactly like the one I have now. I already scheduled with seller to look at it again tomorrow and possibly finalize it. Will post photos once it is here.
  3. Not quite the answer to your question but priorities come first: #1--- Plan on how to get it home without wife seeing it #2---Plan where to hide it so it does not attract her attention #3-- Keep moving all the others so she can not count them #4---Keep grandchildren from ratting me out #5-- Avoid all tractor talk with children and friends #6-- Prepare for the inevitable
  4. It has a 4.6 V8 non turbo. An improvement over mine which has a smaller v6
  5. I don't understand???? Its a private seller and vehicle is from 2007!
  6. tire studs

    Believe me, since woodworking is my profession there are always plenty of screws around on the ground regardless of how careful one is.Had them stuck in tires countless times. However these are only 7/16" long and I never had one that short actually puncture a tire leading me to be comfortable with the idea. Its like anything else. Fifteen years ago when pavement was new, a drop of oil on it would drive me insane and had to be cleaned immediately. I wouldn't even use a metal snow shovel on it. Now it just doesn't phase me. Chains mark it also if they slip. After a couple of months scratches disappear any way from dirt and oxidation.
  7. tire studs

    The so called studs I am using are merely hex head screws screwed into lugs. Basically under$10.00 for both tires. Have not lost one yet and extremely easy and quick to replace.
  8. My 1999 Ford E250 van with 300,000. miles is developing some serious rust issues, that for now are still cosmetic but eventually will be dangerous. I bought it new and it has NEVER failed on me . Prior to this one I had two others of same model which were as good as this one. So needless to say I am attached to this type of van which is no longer made otherwise I would just go and get a new one. So I occasionally look on Craigslist for used ones, specially when I lose another piece of the body. Very disappointing most of the times because these things are work horses and are usually trashed specially the interior. Newer ones are usually too expensive in my opinion to justify spending that kind of money on something used when for a little more you buy a new one although not the same anymore. Then a couple of days ago something caught my eye. A 2007 shows up with only 28,000 miles, one owner, loaded with extras and in incredible condition. Not cheap for a 2007. Asking price $13,900.00. I go to see it and I just cannot believe what is in front of me. This thing is a time capsule. No rust what so ever, even underneath only bolt heads show a little surface rust.,no dents scratches, almost no signs of use not even on drivers side floor. Driving it, I might just as well have just driven it out of dealership. Ran a check on it and it is 100% clean. Asking price real steep but I cannot compare it to anything else of that year because it just does not exist. Seller is stuck now at $12500.00 and that is it will not go any less. So comparing what else I can get for that money I can get in area a 2012 with about 90,000.miles for the same money. Very good condition but nothing like the other one. So my dilemma is: Am i better buying the time capsule overpriced for the year it is, or a much newer van for the same money?
  9. tire studs

    So yesterday I had another test with the studded tires this one sort of unexpected. Prior to the snow we had rain and it became a sheet of ice on the driveway about 1/8 " thick then it snowed about 6 inches on top of that.Not enough for the blower so I start with the Electro with the plow.On the steep part of driveway I push snow out to street otherwise i have no space to accumulate it in other areas. I usually go straight up pushing it and then back up down driveway again. I noticed already after one pass that the Electro was beginning to slip a bit going up bu it always made it without any real problems. Backing down however was a different story. It would just slide down driveway chains not really grabbing. A couple of times i essentially had to gun it forward while slipping going backwards so I wouldn't crash against the house.It had my heart pumping real hard a couple of times. Then I decide to see what the tractor with the blower an studded Ags would do. Going up on the ice it had totally better traction than the chained Electro. No slipping whatsoever. Then backing down, the same thing. It would not slide at all on the ice. I could even put brake on in the middle of the steepest area and totally stop. Studs were always penetrated though ice down to concrete pavers. I could then just even go forward again with no problems whatsoever. Tried also coming down head on and stopping in the middle and again immediate stopping. Based on yesterday's experience I believe that I am going to change from now on to studded Ags instead of turf tires with chains. From my experience better traction, smoother ride, quicker setting up and much less expensive.
  10. What are your other interests?

    Wheelhorses are actually a sort of therapy for me. It is good to have something totally different to go to when things get a bit on the crazy side. And, they do get on the crazy side often when your profession and your main hobby are the same . On top of that work is at home so there never is a line between one and the other. Many times when things are hectic whether by the volume or difficulty, I just stop everything and go work on a horse or just ride it. Luckily for the wheelhorse hobby things do get crazy often.Oops, I just realized by what I just said that I came up with another excuse to buy more horses.
  11. What are your other interests?

    My other interests are probably too many to list, however besides family, the one that takes a hold of my life is my profession which is also my hobby and the main passion in my life. Somehow everything is interwoven with it and many of the other interests such as tool collecting emanate from if. Here is some of it:
  12. Greetings from Spain

    Good luck and let us know. If you do need a starter they are very common here and not that expensive. Shipping will probably be more than the actual starter. We can steer you in the right direction if you need one. I will be joining you in the sixties in a few months too.
  13. It depends on a few factors including where the transmission pulley is also. The best way is to place a straight edge across the face of all pulleys. Straight edge should be touching both edges of all pulleys in question. Now they are aligned. Check to see if they clear everything specially belt guard. If so you should be OK. If not you are going to have to move all pulleys in or out to achieve clearance. Pulley at engine probably got loose and moved inwards towards engine. That is known to happen. Make sure that set screws are tight once alignment is finished. Its a good idea to check that occasionally specially after extreme temperature changes. Here is an example on something else but same principle:
  14. Greetings from Spain

    Hello Carlos and Welcome. Like it was mentioned before your starter is probably OK.Try the following first: If your starter turns when power is applied to it,but will not engage engine the Bendix is most likely stuck or frozen.Its an item that needs occasional maintenance. When power is applied to starter ,the gear at end of starter moves forward on the threaded shaft therefor engaging flywheel. Most likely that is not happening on yours and starter just spins therefor the sound you hear. You need to lubricate shaft. You probably can get it unstuck by just applying a little pressure to that part of it with a screw driver's tip. Refer to photos below, and to video to see how it operates. IMG_0945.MOV
  15. tire studs

    Took a good look at it today and no studs were lost. Keep in mind also that my studs are merely hex head sheet metal screws. Played around with tractor today and I am just astonished at how this thing performs with studs. I even hauled a few loads of firewood up my steep driveway and not one single slip. Not too bad for an expense of $9.00 and about 20 minutes of light work screwing them in. Also used it to clear path in lawn to get the firewood. A few pictures of the surfaces used on . Just too bad I did not have anyone to do a video, specially going up driveway with a full load of wood. Glenn Its just funny, what you state is just absolutely common sense, but I never really thought about it. I do have weights on front wheels also.I can definitely steer if blower is off ground even in deep snow. If I could just have blower slightly off the ground it would be great, but the way it works its all the way up or on the ground. I have to look into a little more. Its the first time that I really have used this blower for any substantial amount of time since last year I had traction issues. Well, that problem has definitely gone away. I have to do some tweaking on blower but I am definitely going to be looking for a two stage one.