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  1. P220 Onan wont stay running without jumper cables

    Great! NOW I have a parasitic drain on the battery. I went to start it and test the snow thrower flap kit I installed and it wouldn't even click! Im starting to love hating (or is that hate loving) this thing. I just want a working, running, moving, charging and steering tractor. Is that too much to ask??????
  2. snow blower bearings

    If you have a NAPA auto parts they are a great source for matching hard to find seals and bearings.
  3. what brand is this snow plow?

    Im pretty sure it is off of a Gravely "G" Series. I have one almost if not identical on my 20-G. Its a nice heavy plow. I can attest it will move some snow, lol! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OkQIsw8T1cc
  4. "If I buy a new "tractor/mower" honey, I will have to buy all new tools too. You know the new machines are all metric and the Wheelhorse is SAE standard. I sure would hate (snicker, snicker) to spend all that money on tools you know, just to fix one "tractor" but if that's what you want me to do......" Seriously though. Total the cost of a new "tractor" to mow the grass with. Then compare the cost of a new tractor vs. the cost of repairing/maintenance on the one you have. If she is anything like MY girlfriend, she will see keeping the older maintained one will keep you in the black longer than a newer one breaking and putting you in the red. My GF may grouse about me having too many tractors a few times a year but when I have to pull a bush, mow a patch, plow the driveway, till a flower bed etc... she doesn't have too much to say.
  5. Snow Blade edge

    I have heard that the white (I believe its called phenolic) plastic works great. I have been told it is nice and slick and doesn't mark but does wear fairly quick.
  6. Snow Blade edge

    I am going to try the rubber edging on the blade this year. I have a LARGE roll of conveyor belt from a tub grinder my one government worker friend gave me. It is super heavy duty and reinforced with nylon webbing. I think it will last for a few seasons....and if not, I will have plenty left to make a new one. Im also going to make up the kit to install on my single stage snow thrower as well as my walk behind blower. We WILL see!
  7. Snow blower lift assist spring

    Strictly for user lift assist. It will do nothing but cause excess worry and busted knuckles if you install it on a hydro. Is there any way you could readjust the skid plates (or modify them) to keep them from digging in? I think that would be your best bet. What model blower to you have exactly? Someone may have a suggestion depending on the model in question.
  8. My friends used to say I was nuts. For that matter, they still do. I thought the name suited me.
  9. P220 Onan wont stay running without jumper cables

    I don't know what I did, but everything works now with the exception of the test light panel. Headlights, fuel gauge, RPM, charging meter etc... work fine. I even got the blower on and working. Now I am prepared...until something breaks again, lol! Thanks for all the help and suggestions friends. I appreciate it greatly! I did make a big mistake in my first post on this though. My 520H is an 1988 and not a 1996. I got my 416 and 520 mixed up. It could have been a big difference in the wiring if I was trying to trace and grab the right color wire and splice to the wrong connection. I guess the devil IS in the details.
  10. P220 Onan wont stay running without jumper cables

    Well, I got it charging. After a fuse that blew but looked normal and a new rectifier MOST is good now. Now to get the fuel gauge, RPM and all back into shape. Fuel gauge isn't that important to me and neither is the RPM gauge. As long as it is charging I am pretty happy. I am going to change out a few connections on the rectifier. Some look pretty cruddy. Im not going to take any more chances.
  11. P220 Onan wont stay running without jumper cables

    Well. I got new battery in. Starts and runs fine but now no dash lights/gauges and dont know if its charging or not. I tested the RR and got 12.6v at the battery. 0.00 on the other tests at the rr B terminal to ground and chassis to B. Do I test the stator on AC while runnig? I dont want to fry anything not alredy toasted. If AC is present and regulator is replaced where do I go next?
  12. P220 Onan wont stay running without jumper cables

    Thanks a million. I was going to get a new battery today just to eliminate one link in the chain and I know it is about due for a new one. I can use it on either my 416 or the 520. It had me concerned since it was only showing 10v on the charging meter on the dash. I immediately thought "rectifier" but when it wouldn't stay running without the cables or jump pack, I thought stator. Once I get it running under its own battery, I will do the electrical tests on the rectifier to make sure its getting the proper respective AC/DC voltages. Maybe I will get lucky for once, lol!
  13. Hey all. I am worthless when it comes to electrical diagnosis but this should be "old hat" to some of you. I tried to start the 96 520H and used the jump pack. Negative jump cable got really hot. It starged just fine but when the cables are taken off it dies. I did switch out regulators with the one from my 416 and same deal. No charge and dies without fresh battery still. Sounds like a new stator, correct? Everything else is fine except no run without donor battery and no charge either way. Thanks to all in advace.
  14. Now for something fun

    What info are you looking for exactly? All the info listings I have found refer to it as just a 252 and not a 252-H.
  15. did i just burn out something?.....

    I know it was just a little over 15 minutes, but could the points have fused together in that amount of time? I had that happen once but the key switch was left on overnight. It fused the points, drained the battery and had me confounded for a few days. Oh, and it did blow the main fuse also.