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  1. 36" Deck mower blades (2 sets) Clockwise rotation (viewed from above)

    Still trying to get rid of these!!
  2. I am now working in the city of Arlington and the cost to park is really taking a bite out of my budget. The parking lots allow bicycles and motor scooters (licensed or not) to park for free. So I am looking to get rid of my precious Cushman. This is a 2000 model and was originally used by the city of New York parking police ("meter miads"). It has a 3 cylinder water-cooled fuel-injected Suzuki engine and a 3-speed automatic transmission. It is considered a motorcycle and you do need a motorcycle license to drive it. A lot of fun in both the winter and summer since it has doors (they can be removed for the summer if you wish. I would like to trade this for a working brand name motor scooter (NOT a little 50 cc moped). Scooter needs to be in running condition, but need not be pretty. https://c7.staticflickr.com/9/8163/7671179566_01fc01d531_z.jpg
  3. 48" Plow/Dozer NEW cutting edge

    Good of you to offer these. Too bad my blade is a ~36 incher!
  4. 36" Deck mower blades (2 sets) Clockwise rotation (viewed from above)

    Changed Price to $26+ Shipping per set If anyone knows what these fit please let me know! Vertical shaft? Electric series? ??

    please set to inactive
  6. Bound Reproduction Manuals

    Now that is really weird. Until I logged in somehow there were all kinds of links embedded in the text of my ad. I logged in to write this comment but that is really weird. One went to an ebay ad for WH stuff, another went somewhere else entirely?????
  7. What is destroying my belts?

    I agree....
  8. Just Noticed Something Strange.

    This observation is a common one, but this is perfectly normal. As long as fuel is going in, and fuel is coming out there is no need for there to be fuel in the filter per se. Just one of those weird things!
  9. sk 486 shifter question

    Sure it isn't a roll pin? If so, they are available at most hardware stores.
  10. What is destroying my belts?

    A few things to consider. The spring and/or idler may not be original. I just looked at a bunch of stuff pertaining to belt failures on the web and it seems your problem could be related to not enough tension. If so you may now have a solution.
  11. What is destroying my belts?

    I cannot seem to find it but somewhere (and I think it was Wheel Horse related) I have a ap note about pulleys and belts and lays out different failure modes. It is probably on Red Square...does this ring any bells folks ?
  12. Respect for machinery and tools

    When it comes to the herd, Wheel Horse said it best... Safety_cartoons.pdf
  13. Installing new clothesline pole need 3 tractors

    Was she convinced???
  14. Gt1100 workhorse engine swap

    He's right, rewiring from scratch is not hard. One thing I will strongly recommend though. If you use crimp-on terminals you should either solder them on, or buy the wider ratcheting crimper that gives a strong "factory-like" crimp. These can be expensive, but you can find them reasonably online or at Harbor Freight. Also, use the correct sized terminal for the wire (most likely blue).
  15. Raider 12 drive belt

    To add to and hopefully clarify Garry's post: In the USA the "A" and "B" part numbers are inside diameter whereas the 4Lxxx and 5Lxxx designations are outside diameter. For 1/2" width belts the difference between the two diameters is 2 inches. For example the belt for my deck PTO is an A67 or 4L690. I have recently learned that "LK" versus L in the the middle designates a dry wrapped kevlar (aramid) belt. (e.g. 4LK690) Once I discovered this bit of knowledge, I found that I can get these wrapped belts from Ace Hardware (though a given hardware store may or may not stock your size).