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  1. Ken! Delete some of your messages, trying to get a hold of you!

  2. Just got home with the 520H!!

    Duke! Sorry Haven't been on here in a awhile! Too busy with work 60+ hours a week, and trying to live life. This is an old thread buddy, I got that tractor like 7 years ago, and it is long gone. I've actually only got one tractor, and its not red, its orange. Can't get any more now anyways, the house I live in has very small lot. To the point where its just big enough for a push mower haha. -Charles
  3. The new Snow Commander..

    Nice Ken! Congrats on the economy, I still have my 1971 2414.. Still needs an engine. Got my eyes on something up here in NJ with dual hydraulics...
  4. Wheel Horse Treasure Trove! PIC HEAVY

    I do believe I saw a C141 there.
  5. Wheel Horse Treasure Trove! PIC HEAVY

    I believe he is pricing them fairly. He seems like a nice guy who just want to move the stuff before he retires. There is much more than whats in the photos. Much of it is covered in weeds and vines.
  6. Hey fellas... I've been out of the wheel horse game for quite sometime now, however I moved back to NJ.... for now it is just temporary! So I was on a certain, and stumbled across a page that looked like it had some wheel horses in the back ground... Made contact with the guy, and I took a 30 minute ride... Upon speaking to the owner, he used to work for a wheel horse dealer, and has been collecting wheel horses and parts for about 30 years! Well anyways here are some pictures... He only has one round hood, just about everything else is B, C, 300, 400, 500 series tractors and 1 D-160 two cylinder that needs quite a bit of work but is complete with a rear pto, 3pt hitch, and a rototiller. It has a snow plow but I am buying it for a project so hands off! He also has no wheel weights. BEST OF ALL! Everything is for sale! Also has some other brands of tractors as can be seen, but mainly wheel horses.
  7. Okay well its not a tractor but...

    This one starts easily, first pull! Check out the pics I posted, its not a wheel horse but its red... Well its out of the box! I don't think I will use it. I might keep it, or sell it to a collector lol.
  8. Okay well its not a tractor but...

    Well I went back and unfortunately it was not a wheel horse mower but it was still a pretty cool honda rider. Not for sale though. I also picked up another NOS toro push mower, similar to the one I posted, but a four stroke.The only NOS Toro Wheel Horse stuff is a wagon and a spike aerator. What do those wagons go for anyways?
  9. So, since I have moved from the farm I lived on and down sized quite a bit, actually a lot! I found a rather large power sports warehouse. The power sports company which for now shall remain unnamed... was once a toro wheel horse dealer... I am going tomorrow, well technically today. So low and behold I was searching craigslist, came across an add for NOS mowers, and found this old NOS gem... as well as some NOS wheel horse attachments which were unfortunately sold. However while speaking to the salesman he mentioned the possibility of an old tractor new in the crate... A Toro 2 Stroke walk behind rear bagging push mower circa 1986/87.
  10. The new Farm truck...

    Ken look up Avion slide in campers from the late 60s. All aluminum... Would look great in that truck.
  11. The new Farm truck...

    Sweet truck Ken I'm jealous. If you want a period correct trailer... and based on what I've seen you do to an aluminum boat... you need to get an old airstream! Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G900A using Tapatalk
  12. Sweet project! Hopefully someday I will have something like that. Looks great.
  13. Not another boat!

    Im glad you got to take the boat out and everything finally went okay... Had a boating mishap or three today myself haha. Operator error though.... Sucked up a rope in my intake grate, got wrapped around the impeller, rope was pushing on seal so we started taking on water. So I beached the boat and we tried to pull and cut the rope but could not get it out. So I tried to limp the boat back but the tide was so low we got stuck on a sandbar. Fast forward 5 hours and being stranded high and dry we finally got off the sand bar and limped home with the other engine. So tomorrow after work I guess I have to pull the grate and cut the rest of the rope, hopefully the seal is okay. I took pictures but its a tad embarrassing.