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  1. 1989 520H Electrical issues

    Eureka! Thanks to all the advice here for the novice visual learner. After checking all the switches, unplugging and re-plugging every electrical connection, and generally just trying to clean things up in there; I discovered the issue, or part of the issue. The PO put an inline fuse holder for glass fuses. The holder was not holding the connection tight enough to engage the fuse. I changed it out for a flat fuse style. Voila. And I didn't change the regulator, but put a new blade where it looked like it had been shorting, Will keep an eye on that. Napa says those regulators are 85 bucks! Does anyone have a more affordable solution should I need one?
  2. 1989 520H Electrical issues

    Thanks for the great info. So far switches seem to be mechanically operable. 9 pin looks ok. I found this (see pictures) which looks like a chip or relay? Has a burned white wire going into it. What is it?
  3. 1989 520H Electrical issues

    This would be a great start, if I was more mechanically inclined. Is there any way to dumb it down. The schematics are a bit, ......abstract. .......
  4. Well all was running great until I took the compressor to blow some of the dust and grass away from the engine. Engine won't start. I can jump a wire from the + terminal to the solenoid, turn the key, and it will start. Remove the jumper and it dies. I haven't found any loose connections. The 3 fuses are good. The PTO is not engaged. Battery is new and charged. Something is failing between the key switch and the solenoid, where should I start?
  5. I just came across one of these used. Not much info on it other than they were made a couple of years and has a Briggs v twin. Will this accept any implements that I use for my 520h? It's only 200 bucks and we don't see these around my part of the world. Tell me what you know..
  6. Wh 416 onan trouble?

    I tried Gomer's Seafoam fix and it worked great. I am still a bit of a noob when it comes to understanding my Onan so easy advice like that is appreciated.
  7. 520H basic maintenance advice.

    Thanks folks, I'll take all the advice I can get.
  8. Hi Gang, I am on my 2nd season with my 520H. She pushes snow in the winter and cuts grass in the summer. Slowly but surely I am learning how to work on it. Are there specific issues to address before they become problems: For example: I have read that the belt cover gets hot and the fins get covered with debris. Have people reconciled these issues? What other issues are there? thanks
  9. 266H opinions?

    Maybe not such a good deal, I have enough projects. Seller says it hasn't run for years, "it ran when I parked it" 1900 hours "early 90's, cant find serial number." Comes with 50" deck and snow plow. I don't think either the deck nor the plow is compatible with 520H, is it? He wants 265.00 for the package.
  10. 266H opinions?

    Just fishing for experience with the 266H 16HP Kohler. Love em? Hate em? Idiosyncrasies? There's one on craigslist that may be a decent deal....
  11. A simple generator frame

    :thumbs2: Thanks Hank!
  12. I am looking to replace the harness on my 1990 520H. I am aware of the availability of a 1991 and a 1989 harness. Are these compatible with a 1990?
  13. I need help with deer

    If you can plant poppies with your other plants, that may deter them, they hate the smell. Also, they tend not to like herbs. So plant rosemary, basil, etc.... The liquid fence stuff works but IT STINKS to us too. Thorny plants like barberry, they seem to stay away from. Urine will work for a day or too. Try blood meal as well. You can add it to the soil. It will need to be replenished after the rain but is a great source of nitrogen. It does, however, attract carnivores. So if you have dogs. They will dig in it. Obviously the fool proof is a minimum of a 6' fence. I would go 8