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  1. 2017 Dover Olde Tyme Days

    I plan to be there tomorrow. Sorry we won't see you there, Enjoy your family get together Saturday. I went to Rough & Tumble in Kinzers today. Big crowd before the rain storm hit. I hope people in Dover weren't affected too much by the storm and winds. Jim
  2. Auction Day

    Think of all the work you saved yourself if you had to farm that land. Let the Amish do the work. Leaves you more time to find Wheel Horses. I have three Amish neighbors, and most of them are good people. That's a lot of $ for 38 acres, but the Amish seem to pool their money, and when they really want some good farmland, their pockets have no bottom. Jim
  3. I'm only a half hour away, but have never been there. I'm going to the Dover show on Saturday, and will try to go to Kinzers Thurs or Friday (if the wife doesn't put up too much of a fuss). What's the best day to go ? Many garden tractors there, or mostly big tractors ? Jim
  4. somethings are starting to hit

    We all remember and love our Moms, but we love and emulate our Dads. We honor them by copying their strengths and by forgiving their weakness. Jim
  5. Looking for Bill Jenkins

    He's in the Limerick / Pottstown, PA area. Give him a call ahead.
  6. Or, if you want it out of the way before this winter, take it to Dover's Old Tyme Days next week, and auction it. You won't get as much for it (not running), but it will free up some space in your garage. I'd bid on it. Jim
  7. The bar for mounting the plow lift will give you downward pressure if you want it. But downward pressure can scar you blacktop driveway. I switched to the chain link lift to avoid that problem. But I also have another WH plow with the bar to move dirt with the downward pressure. One for snow; one for dirt. Jim
  8. 1974 C-120 8-Speed

    After you identify the part numbers for the parts you need, best places are ebay, or a local Toro dealer, especially one that used to be a Wheel Horse dealer. Some parts are still available from Toro. The lift arm will probably have to come thru ebay. Also, search on the 'Classifieds' section here on this forum, or list the parts as Want to Buy. Good luck with the C-120. I have one, and it's my 'go to' tractor for towing and yard work. and welcome to Red Square. Jim
  9. 2017 Dover Olde Tyme Days

    I injured my knee a couple of weeks ago. I'll be there if they'll let me ride one of my WHs around. Between the auction and the show, there is a lot of walking. I'll wear my knee brace, and maybe they'll have sympathy for an old guy. Jim
  10. After you 'neutralize' the surface, mask off everything below the top of the decals. Sand it with fine grit sandpaper, and then spray it with red primer. Then one or two coats of Regal Red. I've done that a couple times with hoods that had paint peeling on just the top. If you apply masking tape carefully, it comes out like new. Just protect the expensive decals. Jm
  11. 520 Wheel Horse Buy or pass?

    How many hours on the engine ? Replacement Eaton transmissions are available on ebay, etc. Jim
  12. I sold my B-100 Automatic (running condition) near you (Windsor) this past spring at an auction for $350. I was sorry I sold it, because it was a nice tractor. I just had too many, and needed to thin the herd. I hate parting out a Wheel Horse. It's a lot of time and work. Advertising, packing and shipping and collecting payment is time consuming. Many guys part them out, and might do well on an individual part, but probably end up eating most of the parts. Why not slap the engine back on, and if you can't get it running easily, sell it to a collector 'as is'. Just my opinion. If the paint and sheet metal are in good condition as you say, I'm sure there are dozens of collectors near you who would be willing finish the project. You're in the middle of Wheel Horse collector country. Good luck, Jim
  13. Happy Birthday Glen!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY Glenn, and thanks for all you do to support our Wheel Horse addiction. But you still haven't caught up to my age. To quote Ed Kennell, "Old Men Rule". Jim
  14. Dog proof racoon trap

    In Pennsylvania, we believe in Gun Control. Gun Control means hitting what you aim at. If I didn't have good gun control, I'd be over run with groundhogs, squirrels, and rabbits. I think the advise to "Be Discreet" is great. But I definitely wouldn't release them on someone else's property. God gave us dominion over the animals, and when they try to move into my home or pole barn, they have to be eliminated.
  15. 18 auto wheelhorse

    Or a 1988 or 89 model 418 if it's a twin cylinder.