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  1. I'm glad you appreciated the scenery as much as the show. We Pennsylvanians try to put on our best for y'all when you visit. The more shows I attend, the more I agree with you about the people being as important as the tractors. This year, I met a collector who lives only five miles from me, and I didn't know him before. Jim
  2. I think I admired your WHs at the Show. What happened there? Someone rear-end you, and jump up over the tail of the trailer? Hope everyone is okay, other than the horses. Jim
  3. There is definitely a need for more practical math instruction in high schools. Many kids graduate with no idea how to balance a check book, figure compound interest and financing, or understand the basics of the economy. And the problems carry into adulthood. My son runs a program for the state of Indiana, out of Purdue, just to teach teachers how to teach basic economics and finances to high school students. Kids need to know practical everyday math before they get into theoretical calculus. Jim
  4. I agree; sounds like a valve problem. You shouldn't have to dig too deep (tie rod) to fix it. I'd offer him $100, and maybe be willing to go to $150 because it looks like a well maintained machine otherwise. Did the owner keep the oil level up ? I don't think the seller will find many people willing to go to $200 for a non-running mower. Good luck, Jim PS - Let us know the outcome. We always like to know how good or bad our advise was.
  5. My experience has been that electric motor versus gas engine doesn't matter. The problem is usually with the pump. I have seen many good Honda engines for sale taken off of pressure washers, and the engine was still good. The pumps get corroded inside if there is any liquid left in them for any time, especially if it's over the winter. The fittings and valves are brass, and they corrode easily. There is a spring loaded ball valve that controls the soap mixing, and it clogs and corrodes easily. I have a Troy Built 3500 psi washer with a Briggs on it, and had to replace the pump after two years. Now I disassemble the mixing valve after every use, drain as much water as I can, and put anti-freeze in over the winter. It's been OK for the past three years. Good luck. Jim PS - I don't recommend the Troy Built. Not a great design. Honda should be good, but maintain the pump.
  6. I contacted my local NAPA dealer. They never heard of BG In-force, and couldn't find it in their computer. They're usually good at find obscure parts for me. So I ordered it on ebay. For $24 for a 15 oz. can, It better work. I'll let you know the results on a steering wheel roll pin. Jim
  7. I'll try it on a steering wheel roll pin. If it works on that , it will work on anything. Jim
  8. I just finished research aluminum trailers. I like the Aluma brand because they have a heavy duty model that will carry more weight (4 tractors). I was going to get 72" wide deck, until I realized that some WHs are 37 to 38" wide (WITHOUT WHEEL WEIGHTS). If I want to carry 2 WHs side by side, it's going to be tight. So I started to look at 78" wide beds x 123" long with the side rails just like shown in your pictures. So it depends on how much you want to haul. I haven't decided to buy yet because of the $3000 price tag, and a tight budget right now. After talking to other owners of Aluminum trailers, I think it's the way to go. An older gentleman told me he can move his trailer more easily by hand. The Al. trailers tend to be about 300 lbs. lighter than a comparable size steel trailer. That leaves capacity for another Wheel Horse. Good trailers, and more expensive than steel, but will last longer. Jim
  9. I have one that I was going to bring to the Big Show to sell, but I have no idea what to ask for it. It has the hubs, brake, and input pulleys on it, and the paint is decent. Jim
  10. The B-100A had an early Sunstrand automatic that was a 'piston-to-piston' pump. I read somewhere that it was more durable than some other Sunstrands. I recently sold my B100A to make some room in my barn, and I sort of regret having to sell it. You might have to replace a gasket or O-ring seal on the pump, but if you keep the automatic oil clean, it should be almost indestructible. The B-80s and the B-100s were good little tractors. And the K301 is bullet proof. Good luck with it. Jim
  11. I have a left side trans cover for an Rj-58, but I need a left side cover for a Suburban 400 to replace it. If you have one in good condition, maybe we can work an even trade. Jim
  12. I'm restoring a Suburban 400, and it has an unusual foot control on the right side. I've never seen this before. I suspect it was to control the angle of a front snow blade, but I'm hoping someone is familiar with it. Jim
  13. Sprint has the same coverage problem at the show. I usually sell some parts and at least one tractor at the show, but don't want to be tied down to my spot. So I leave my cell phone number at my display, so anyone can reach me if they have interest. But the reception is so hit-and-miss, that I usually miss the calls (as I have learned in the past from people who tried to reach me). I guess it's just something we have to live with at a great facility otherwise. Jim
  14. Up here in the Northeast, $300 to $400 would be about it, but they're probably harder to find in Texas, and might go for more. The Ag tires help it, but the overall rust and steering wheel hurt it. I'd fix the steering wheel so that potential buyers could drive it. Nice Chevy pick up. What year? Jim
  15. May be a little off topic, but I had the same problem with my 74 year old feet. I started wearing these new shoes or sneakers with FULL GEL inner soles, and it really helped. Mine are New Balance, but other brands also offer it. Also, I tie the laces a little less tight . , but I hope it's helpful. Back on topic. Nice 312H. The hydros are great for mowing, especially in tight spaces. I have a dozen WHs, but I find that I usually go my Hydros for work in the yard, unless I'm towing something heavy. Jim