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  1. Foot rests for a 657

    There are usually some that come up on ebay, but none showing right now. They're cast iron, so you don't want to try to fabricate. If they don't come up on ebay, they are fairly common at the WH show in June. Good luck. Jim
  2. Happy Birthday Jack & Jim

    Thanks Mike. Wow, three quarters of a century. I'm older than my oldest tractor, and some of the parts need replacing.
  3. Got a "new" C120 Wheelhorse

    C-120 is one of my favorites. It's my workhorse around the yard. The plow frame might just be one made for the 'short frame' tractors. There are / were extensions made so that they could be adapted to a long frame. Good luck with it. Looks like a well maintained Horse. Jim
  4. The time has come.

    Cleveland Clinic is the best. I pray for the wisdom of the surgeons, and for your fast recovery. We'll all be thinking of you. Jim
  5. Need some advice

    I had the same thing happen to me when some degreaser got on a fender and turned the paint to a milky red. I spray painted it with some Rustoleum Clear coat, and it returned the paint to the original color. I was surprised how easy it was. Worth a try before you go any further. Let me know if it works for you. Jim
  6. Fan screen for hydro on 1276?

    Here's a picture of the screen on my 1076. It's a reproduction that I bought from Glenn Cockerham at the WH show two years ago. He had a few made. Don't know if he still has any, but his email address is hbcghc@msn.com, and he's located just outside of Philly. The screen is only there to keep grass clippings off of the cooling fins on hydro motor. It's not needed as a safety feature. You would have to try pretty hard to get your fingers into the fan. Jim
  7. Bring on the leaves!!!

    You will love your Cyclone Rake. I was lucky enough to pick up a used one at an auction last year. I contacted the company, but they didn't seem to be familiar with the Wheel Horse attaching bracket, so I had to put it on a green and yellow machine because the PO already had the bracket for it. I've learned how to adjust the deck height so that I pick up mostly dry leaves, and not too much grass. That keeps the weight under control. I have loads of trees, and it does a great job picking up and mulching in one step, all ready for the mulch pile. NO MORE RAKING. Then I cut the grass with a zero turn mower.
  8. Thinking of selling one of my tractors....

    So much depends on size of your lawn, how much plowing, hours on the machines, etc. Pictures and more info would help. If you don't have much lawn, the Craftsman is OK, as long as you store in indoors so that the deck doesn't rust away. I prefer Kohlers over Onans. If an Onan goes bad, I couldn't afford the repairs. If a Kohler 14 goes bad, I might be able to fix it myself. The hydraulics on the GT14 are nice, so based on the info so far, I'd keep the GT14 for plowing and heavy work. Good luck, Jim
  9. One of those days

    Sorry to hear about it Ed. It's sad some lousy rat can ruin the day for honest people. Hopefully he'll get his come-uppins someday. I'll look for you at the show Friday. Weather should be good for a change. Jim
  10. Steam O Rama Windsor pa

    Ed, are you setting up and selling some of the treasures you bought recently at auctions ? I'll be there for one of the days, but not sure which one yet. Jim
  11. Auction today

    Hi Ed, I'm down the shore right now, or I would be there with you. I could use some deck parts. Good luck getting some things you need. With the rain today, prices might be low. Jim
  12. 1956 Eshelman

    Neat tractor made in Baltimore, MD. It was written up in Lane & Garden Tractor magazine in July 2012. If it was closer to me, I'd go get it. Jim
  13. Start then no Start

    I had exactly the same symptoms two weeks ago. Turned out to be a bad connector on the solenoid. A little vibration or temperature change would break the connection. If I jumped the solenoid, I was bypassing the loose connector. I almost spent money on a new solenoid before I decided to check all of the terminal clips. Good luck, Jim
  14. Rainy day Horse

    Nice save, and a good winter project.
  15. Beware of C/L people

    I agree with the "NO TEXTING AVAILABLE" and "PHONE ONLY" being added to my CL ads. With three computers and two flip phones in my house, I don't have any need for a smart phone anyway. I've also seen too many scams coming through texts. And when they phone me, I always ask for their cell phone number so that I can confirm they are coming when they say they are. My time is too valuable to waste it on deadbeats. Most WH buyers are dependable and honest, and the bad ones are not worth getting your blood pressure up.