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  1. Happy Birthday Ed Kennell

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Ed You're a great role model for all of us 'old Horse collectors'. Stay forever young. Jim
  2. Snow blower, or plow, which to use??

    I have both a snowblower and a plow on two different WHs, and I love having both. But if I had to choose one, I'd go with the plow. I've had three snows this year (about 2-4 inches each), and the plow has done a great job. If I get a 6 or 10" of snow, I'll get out the snowblower. Also, in this windy weather we've been having, I don't like using the snowblower because I end up being coated in snow and looking like a snowman. Wish I had a snow cab. Jim
  3. How about a foot control for the motion control lever of an automatic, NOT on the throttle control ? I have a 1076 with the old stirrup style footrests. I'd like to be able to steer, operate the hydro lift for the plow, and control the speed of the tractor without requiring three hands. Anyone have success with one ? Jim
  4. It's back!

    My apologies to all Red Square members for that ebay listing. Not all of us Pennsylvanians live in a fantasy world. Jim
  5. Oil type

    My 418-A had some heavy oil in it. Maybe it was thick just because it was old and dirty. The hydro lift was slow to start, so I drained the oil (over a 24 hour period), flushed it, and replaced it with synthetic Mobile 1, 10w30. Made a big difference in cold weather. Jim
  6. k 301 will not start when warm

    Too much gas ? Carburetor adjustments ? Most of my Kohlers need just a milli-second of choke to start, even when the engine is warm. If it floods that easily, maybe it is getting too much gas. My guess would be a carb adjustment to more lean. Or maybe the fuel pump is allowing gas to gravity feed when it is warm, due to an air leak or a bad diaphragm in the pump. Let us know what the outcome is. Jim
  7. Wheel Weights or Weight Box?

    Wheel weights put the weight on the tires. A 'weight box' puts the weight on the axles as well as the tires. That puts more stress on the axle bushings and oil seals. Like Squonk said, better off with wheel weights.
  8. Merry Christmas

    I just realized who the two little kids were in the Santa pictures. Merry Christmas Ed and Nan. Jim & Ann
  9. Something to Do on Christmas Eve

    Nice pictures, and nice machines. Merry Christmas. Jim
  10. Lawn ranger coming along

    Sorry. The steering wheel threw me. I had a 63 Ranger, and now have a 67. I think they both had steering wheels with the metal spokes, but maybe the 63 wasn't original (or my memory is failing). Very nice restoration. Jim
  11. Lawn ranger coming along

    Good move to switch to a Kohler in place of the Tecy. I'm about to give up on the Tecumseh on my Ranger. Looks like you made a few other other changes (rear rims, seat, fenders, steering wheel ?). What year was it originally? Nice work. Jim
  12. Need Help...WH 418 Front Wheel Wanted ?

    Also, check the axle length on your 418. I tried to put a rim from a 417-8 on my 418A (same tire size) , and found out the axle length is about an inch shorter. Good luck. Jim
  13. Windshield Washer Sale

    I'm headed there tomorrow. Thanks for the heads-up. Jim

    Looks like a marketing tactic, to get new dealers to show a new WH model, and to keep it as a demonstrator rather than sell their only model in stock. May have been sold to the dealer at cost, or loaned free as an incentive with the understanding that it would not be sold. I sometimes used that approach in my marketing (medical equipment) to get dealers to better promote my product. Anyway, very rare item, but who knows what the value might be??? Based on the shape, I'd guess it came on a B or C model from the 70's. Jim
  15. Good bye to an old friend

    Sympathy. Been there twenty years ago with our 13 year old Golden Retriever, and we still think of her frequently. Dogs are a gift from God. Jim