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  1. The rim is actually close to 3", but it is also the common 5-lug hole spacing that fit on the Rj-58, not for an axle that you would have on the front of an Rj Senior.
  2. I have a pair of 4.00-12 tires on 4 x 12 rims that came off of an Rj-58. I replaced them with 6" wide wheels, but wonder if the 4" rims were used on earlier models. The tires are B.F.Goodrich Silvertowns, 4.00-12, Multi-Ring, 4-ply. They were 'tri-ribs' before being worn down. Were these original to any WH model? Are they worth anything, eventhough the tires are worn? I don't want to trash them if they have some value to someone who wants something 'original'. This size tire for the rim is still available from m.e.Miller, but not with a tri-rib. Jim
  3. Best inline fuel filter?

    I have also had that problem with the pleated filters. I found that it helps to put some fuel into the filter before connecting it. It's a little messy, but it works. It wets the filter material, and 'primes' the filter. I wish the red Briggs filter were made in clear plastic. I also like to see when the filters are dirty inside. Jim
  4. The battery hold downs are much cheaper at AutoZone, PepBoys, ebay, etc.
  5. Lost in the Fog

    Nice haul Ed. I think Tecumseh engines are good, if you can get a carburetor that works well. Good luck with it all. Jim
  6. So, did everybody see...

    For that kind of money, I'm tempted to take my shower head muffler off of my Suburban 400, and sell it on ebay. Our hobby is becoming more expensive. Jim
  7. If you have to use a 'puller' to remove a hub from its axle, the hub with the star pattern is more prone to breaking under pressure. Jim
  8. Sounds like a good plan to remove the sheet metal, and not completely disassemble everything. Wheel Horse partially assembled the tractors at the factory before painting them. Probably just added the engine, wheels, and sheet metal after painting everything else as a unit. Have you ever tried to remove the spacer collar from the steering column? Can't do it without removing the paint from the column. I have power washed the frame and trans as a unit (sometimes with the engine still on, but protected), and then sanded the rough spots, and repainted from there. Jim
  9. 2018 Airville, Pa. Mud Sale

    Nice pictures Ed. Glad we finally got some nice weather for it. Looked like some decent tractors there, but didn't see any WH. WH are becoming harder and harder to find at auctions. I haven't seen one at a Mud Sale in five years. People seem to put them on CL, and ask ridiculous prices for them. Hope you had a good time, and got some Shoofly Pie or Amish donuts. Jim
  10. Oops!

    At least your anniversary isn't the same day as the WH Show. My wife's birthday is June 21st, and it's now a family joke that I go to the show every year on her birthday so I don't have to buy her dinner. I've invited her to go along to the show, and I would buy her a hot dog, but she just rolls her eyes. I try to make it up to her before or after the show. Jim
  11. Happy Birthday Squonk

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY , Mike; and many more. Jim
  12. Or did you return the burnt wood to him the next day?
  13. Glad you got it in time. I use a 50 gallon drum with holes in the side around the bottom. An even then, I won't walk away until the flames are below the rim. It also creates a better draft for a clean burn. We can't afford to piss off the neighbors by burning down their fence.
  14. trans oil

    If there is dino oil already in it, I like full synthetic (Mobile 1) 10w-30 for my two automatics. Works a little better in cold weather. No need to flush out the trans. Just drain well and put in synthetic. You might want to jack up the front of the tractor to get all of the oil to drain to the back of the trans. Jim
  15. Kohler K engine versus Magnum ?

    Yeh. I agree about the wheels. I already changed out the rears from 22.5 to 23". And I'm planning to change the fronts also as soon as the weather is warm enough to mount new tires on some 8" rims.