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  1. Seafoam. Your thoughts

    Berryman's ? I picked up an Onan P220 that had not run in 9 years. The carb was completely caked with tar and corrosion. I took apart, removed the welsh plug, and soaked it in Berryman's cleaner for a few hours. Then sprayed carb cleaner and air pressure through all of the passages. Put it back on the engine, primed it, and it started right up. That's going to be my process on old carbs from now on. Sometimes, carb cleaner isn't enough. Jim
  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TERRY. And thanks for adding to the enjoyment of our hobby. Jim
  3. A Sobering Day

    Sorry to hear about your son's problems. If he's like his dad, I'm sure he's one of the 'good guys'. I'll say a prayer for him. I'm out in Indiana right now visiting my son and his family. Children and grandchildren are a true blessing. Jim
  4. C-175 dies when pto engaged

    If you engage the PTO without sitting on the seat, or otherwise closing the seat safety switch, it will kill the engine. Make sure the seat safety switch is good. They're cheap and easy to replace. Good luck. Jim
  5. Front tires

    Friedrich Tire, Miller Tire, or ebay. Miller's are very heavy duty, maybe overkill. Friedrich seems less expensive, but not as big a selection. Ebay is hit-or-miss; lots of Chinese made tires. Jim
  6. So...Who got this deal???

    I've had people say they will come on a certain day, and then never show because they changed their mind. So I'm always fair, and tell people that the first one to show up with cash is the buyer. I figure it's best to be honest rather than just not respond to callers. I also try to get their phone numbers. I live in a remote location, so no shows are common. Jim
  7. replacement engine

    Kawasaki or Kohler Command. Jim
  8. 1. Mortgage interest is still tax deductible, car loan interest is not. 2. You will loose more than your $3000 in depreciation on a new car when you drive it off the lot. 3. Some dealers offer promotional finance rates on used cars. I bought a 2 year old Toyota Highlander (already depreciated) from a Toyota dealer for 1.9% interest. Good luck
  9. Snowblower on a 310?

    I'd transfer the 14hp as well, or better yet, replace the steering and spindles on 314, and put the snow thrower on it. The 14 hp will do a better job throwing heavy snow. Good luck. Jim
  10. 520H Onan Air Filter Connections ???

    Thanks Garry for the valuable info. Once you gave me the description and item number, I was able to find a couple of threads here that describe it as a very common problem, and not a critical component. The nipple is broke off of the sensor. I found one on ebay for $80, which means that I'm going to use the same solution that many have used. I'm going to plug the tube, and ignore it. I check the air filter annually anyway. Thanks, Jim
  11. 520H Onan Air Filter Connections ???

    The vacuum gauge is connected to a larger diameter line that comes off of the Intake manifold. That is connected. This is smaller 1/8" I.D. tubing. Daveoman1966, if you see the small stainless steel fitting just to the right of the carburetor throat in your picture, please look underneath the housing to see where that tube goes.
  12. I have a 520H with an Onan engine that was in parts when I received it. I did a partial overhaul, and have it running now. Final step is the air filter assembly. There are 3 tubes going into the bottom of the air filter housing: the large one from the flywheel shroud, the medium size one from the breather, and a small one connected to a stainless steel nipple on the bottom of the housing. I can't figure out where that small tube is supposed to go. Any help would be appreciated. Jim
  13. Just brought this home need help

    The second one is a 1960 Suburban, probably a 400, maybe a 550 (battery start). Can't tell from the pictures. Not the original engine.
  14. Just brought this home need help

    Looks like it's an Rj-58 that has been restored. Nice tractor. Owner's Manuals are available on this forum. Welcome to the club. That little guy will be driving it all around your yard in another couple of years. Good to have another Pennsylvanian on the Forum. You're located near my old fishing grounds up on the Delaware River. Jim
  15. Chippin In

    If you had slipped them a few bills, they might have taken down the whole trees for you, since they already went that far up. I did that once with the tree butchers that contract with the electric company. They must be pretty tall trucks that they're making room for.