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  1. 150 mph on a lawn mower?

    It's actually a 4-wheeled motor cycle considering the engine. If one puts a V-8 engine on Wheel Horse Suburban, is it still a lawn mower? Anyway, cool machine, but you wouldn't catch me trying to go 150 mph on it. Jim
  2. I've been trying to adapt Briggs 5hp to a Lawn Ranger and to a Commando 6 (close to your 657). The PTO pulley position can be solved and the mounting holes aren't a problem, but the bulky air intake assembly and the angle of the exhaust have given me problems. I went to an air filter from a go-cart, but haven't found an adapter for the exhaust that allows the exhaust pipe to clear the hood without cutting the hood. I've set it aside for now to work on other projects, so I'll be interested in your results. Good luck, Jim
  3. Good tractor. Looks like it's worth putting some clean-up into it. I was visiting a 93-year-old uncle up in Camp Hill in the morning, so didn't get there until 1:30. The rain was just clearing out then. Jim
  4. I went to the show Friday afternoon, after the rain. Not much going on. Ed, I saw your trailer there with the tarp over it. A few Wheel Horses scattered around. I hope it picked up on Saturday after the weather improved, but I couldn't be there Saturday. Jim
  5. Haven't been to that show in the past. Going to see it tomorrow, Friday. Time of day depends on the weather. I have to visit some relatives in that direction, or at least that's the reason I gave my wife so soon after going to the Big Show. I'll look for you there Ed. Jim
  6. Do you spray primer on your engines?

    I've used Rustoleum Rust Converter as a primer on rusty engine cowling, and it holds up fine. Just remove the oil and loose rust first. I don't know how the ivory white covers any color of primer. Might have to use two coats. Jim
  7. You can't fix Stupid

    If there is still enough of the pad left on the shoe, you might be okay if you adjust the length of the connecting rod for the brake pedal. There aren't any rivets holding the pad on like there are on car brake pads. If it burned down to the metal, get one from Bod as Eric suggested. And don't be embarrassed, we've all done it, and I've done it more than once. Jim
  8. Any Value ???

    I've had good luck with craigslist, ebay, Tractor Supply (when they have a sale), or Northern Tool. I think Northern Tool is having a holiday sale right now. Might just have to wait for the right deal. Just make sure that the mounting holes are spaced correctly. Jim
  9. Any Value ???

    Go get it before it's gone. I sold a 312-8 without a deck at the Big Show for $475. The paint was in excellent condition, and had a good seat on it. The 312 Magnum was always a dependable starter for me, with its Magneto ignition and no points to clean and adjust. If I were closer, I'd be second in line behind you to buy it. I sometimes regret selling my 312-8, but I needed the space. Good luck, Jim
  10. Any Value ???

    Depends on whether you want a 'worker' or a 'project' to turn into a collectible. My money would be on the 312H. That 12 horse Kohler is one of my favorites. It has good power, but isn't as loud a the bigger 14 - 16 hp. Which 12hp Kohler is on the 312, "K" engine, Magnum, or Command? Probably the 'K'. Reasonable price for the 312, especially with the snow blower (if you can use it). I've had enough frustration with Tecumseh engines, so I tend to avoid them. I have a 604, and I'm going to switch to a Honda. Also, the points on the Tecy are located under the flywheel, so you would have to do some digging to get to them. The Kohler points are much easier to get to.
  11. Best mower for 10 acres?

    Zero turns are faster, not because they can move any faster than a 520H, but because the blades rotate almost three times as fast. That allows the ZT mower to move faster over heavy grass. If you go with a ZT, get a 'commercial' duty one to handle 10 acres. The 'homeowner' ones won't hold up as long. Good luck, Jim
  12. Cataracts

    Glad to hear everything went so well Bob. I have the same procedure in my future, and it's good to hear abut your success. Get the other eye done, and you'll feel like a twenty-year-old. I saw you at the show, but sorry I didn't get a chance to chat with you more. Good to see you though. Jim
  13. Lawn ranger questions

    Looks like you have yourself a project, but that's half the fun of the hobby. Good luck with it. Jim
  14. Lawn ranger questions

    You would have to go to 'clam shell' fenders to make room for larger rear wheels. In that many pieces, I wouldn't pay more than $100 - $125 for it, and even then I might make him show me that the engine runs. I sold a nice running Lawn Ranger at the Show for $250. Keep looking for what you want, even if you have to drive a ways to buy it. Good Luck. Jim
  15. I took a trip to a plumbing supply store. Take the bearing along, and find a piece of PVC pipe or a fitting to match the outer diameter of the bearing. I've rebuilt three transmissions using those pieces of joint fittings. Good luck. Jim