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  1. I've been using NAPA batteries private labeled by Deka, and have had good luck with them. They also have a good warranty if you do have a problem. But I also have a Korean made U1 battery on my Gravely ZT that is 10 years old and still working well to start the 23hp Kawasaki. I contacted the Gravely dealer to see whether I could buy one for my WH. He checked with Gravely, to see if the Korean made battery (no brand name on it) might be available. I'm not sure how had he tried, because he wanted to sell me an Exide. Gravely said they only came on the new mowers from the factory. Shoot! But it does prove that a battery can be made better to last more than 4 to 5 years. I'm going to call Gravely myself to see if I can get a brand name.
  2. Great horse trading. The 418-A is my favorite of my herd. You'd be crazy to turn down that opportunity. Jim
  3. My local Toro / Wheel Horse dealer told me that all WH hydro transmissions used the same filter Toro # 79-5270, both Sunstrands and Eatons. He was a big WH dealer for over thirty years, and still a Toro dealer, so he knows his stuff. Jim
  4. When you grab the one axle by hand, does the other axle speed up ? If 'yes', then I think that's the way the differential is supposed to work. It is not a 'limited slip' differential on the 1276. If you can stop both axles by hand at the same time, then you have some other problem. I have a 1076, but have not taken the trans apart, so someone more experienced might correct me. Jim
  5. Is the K181 original to the Wheel Horse? If it is a replacement, it may have come off a piece of equipment with a deeper oil pan. Check the engine's full ID number and spec. number on the internet to see what equipment it came on. Some of the Kohler parts suppliers have a list of Kohler engines by spec. and equipment. When you drain the oil, If you get 1 1/2 quarts out of it , then a larger oil pan seems like the only logical answer. Jim
  6. I tried putting an 8hp Briggs I-cylinder (flat head) on my Commando 6 (similar frame and hood), and the crank shaft PTO was an inch higher than the 6hp Tecumseh that I took off. So I decided it was too much trouble to modify the belt guard. Also, the air filter and muffler housing on newer Briggs are large and wouldn't fit under the hood. So I found an OHV Briggs 6hp, and I'm trying to fit that in. The PTO lines up okay, but space for the air filter and muffler is a challenge. I found a supplier of 'Go Cart' accessories who makes adapters for the air filter, and solved that problem. But the muffler comes off at an odd angle, and I going to have some welding done to get a muffler to clear the hood. I'm also working to adapt a Honda OHV 6hp to a Lawn Ranger. It's mostly trial and error. That's part of the challenge that makes this hobby fun. Good luck. Jiim
  7. Hood won't close over it due height & width of anything bigger than 8hp, and belt guard won't work without major mods. because crank shaft is higher. Jim
  8. Seems like it would be hard on the front axle and front wheel spindles. And it's a lot of lateral pressure on wheel bearings that are designed to take vertical forces, especially considering the weight of twin engines and hydraulic transmissions.
  9. The horses did a better job than I sometimes do with my car. What is that contraption on the back that they're using for an outboard ?
  10. Sorry to hear about your loss. Good friends are valuable and not easily replaced. That's very good advice about being careful around your workshop. Caution with power tools, flammables, and other hazards need to be kept in mind while we enjoy our hobby. God be with your friend. Jim
  11. I found that some degreasers (Purple Power ?) will stain the WH paint and leave streaks. I'd suggest trying first it on a hidden part of the body paint. Jim
  12. Hey Ed. I know what you mean about the packed snow. I had 9 inches of packed sleet over here with a little freezing rain to hold it together. I really wanted to try my new tall chute snow thrower on my 418A, but the packed sleet kept jamming the chute. Maybe next year when the snow is fluffier. I ended up getting out my old Craftsman 30" walk behind snowblower. It was slow going, but it got it done because it is a 2-stage, and cleared the icy mess out of the chute faster. I'm glad I didn't get rid of it when I got the WH blower. Then I cleaned up with the WH plow on my old 1076. Right tool for the right job. But I'd prefer 18" of light snow over 9" of packed sleet any day. Jim
  13. Go get it. Seems like a very fair price. Comparable 857's are asking $700 to $900 here. Start it and run it. If it runs as good as it looks, I'd buy it. Jim
  14. A Man Cave is not complete without a refrig for the beer, and heat for those cold winter days. Nice. Jim
  15. I chatted with you last Friday at the Lebanon show about your 1276. It deserves the set of chrome caps. Jim