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  1. is it true

    Thanks Tony I needed a laugh. Willy
  2. what do you consider a wheel horse

    Hey Buzz I see your point, but how do you plow snow without engaging the ground???? Willy
  3. what do you consider a wheel horse

    I see I have started something here, you guys don't know when you're getting your leg pulled do you. Willy
  4. That muffler looks awful close to the fabric or is it my eyes? anyway nice loking setup. Willy
  5. what do you consider a wheel horse

    I don't want a Wheel Horse that says Toro on it, so there. Willy
  6. what do you consider a wheel horse

    I would say anything with Toro's name on it is not a Wheel Horse. Willy
  7. Why the backfire

    My 11hp Hor. Briggs always backfires unless I idle down. Willy
  8. is it true

    I just bought a snow blower last year with one of their engines, what do I do now? Willy
  9. Raider10

    Thanks Rusty, Iv'e been gone for a few days. Willy
  10. Raider10

    Is a Raider10 a long frame or short frame? Thanks in advance. Willy
  11. Here's a news flash, it's the commies in the Govt. to blame. Willy
  12. Replacement Snowblade Wear Strip??

    I got one at Terpstras in Griffith,IN. I think it was less than $27. They can be had. Willy
  13. Parts list

    Thanks Terry, that will do the trick. Dan
  14. Parts list

    Thanks but I can't get on there. Dan
  15. Parts list

    Anybody have a parts list for a long frame dozer blade? Thanks in advance. Willy