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  1. '74 B-100 Auto

    :WRS: Thanks for the warm welcome. I've been lurking on the board for awhile and it amazes me the amount of knowledge and helpful advice that's available here. I do have one question about my horse. When it warms up, i notice some smoking coming from around the air cleaner. It's done this since i first got it running. I've replaced the air cleaner (actually, i should say i installed an air cleaner. After 20 years in a barn, the mice had pretty much destroyed the original) I tore down the carb and thoroughly cleaned it. But i still get smoke. Any suggestions? :hide:
  2. Some pics of my cosmetic restore. This is my first Wheel Horse. Found it on Craigslist. Had been in a guys barn for 20 years. Cleaned and regapped the points and she fired right up.