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  1. just so you know......Gunk makes a lead substitute , part number M5012
  2. H60 75016

    Primeline part # 7-01324 for the condenser , # 7-01024 for the points i work at an O'Reilly's part time and get this stuff same or next day $4.99 for the condenser , $6.99 for the points . if you get them from O'Reilly mention line code PRI
  3. H60 75016

    Primeline part # is 7-01612......$26.99 and any o'reilly auto parts or napa can get it for you
  4. how much do the attorneys get?
  5. H60 issues

    i too have had good luck with the Tecumseh motors and the h60 . i'd just look for one already set up for an electric starter , they made millions of them for snow blowers. switch from the 120v AC starter to the 12 volt DC one . of course you will not have a charging system, just put the battery on the charger once or twice a summer i have bought many of them at swap meets, Craigslist or yard sales.....usually under $20
  6. 1962 Wheel Horse 702

    Changed Status to Closed
  7. 1962 model 702. older restoration showing some use, but still presents well. all tires hold air . good running kohler engine. i bought it as you see it. haven't used it much so it's time to go
  8. May have a bigger problem than a stuck pulley....

    does the piston go up and down when you turn it over?
  9. Parts is Parts....O'Reilly

    i've been working part time at an O'Reilly store for almost 8 years...we get parts for customers through Primeline all the time, usually they are at our distribution center and they can be same day or overnight. O'Reilly uses the Primeline part numbers with a line code of PRI if you need a catalog i'm sure your store would be happy to get you one, or look up online as 953 said Yes, Napa carries Primline also and they use the primeline part numbers too
  10. all good advice. i have a 1941 Logan lathe model #700 that has served me well over the years. it has a 10" swing versus your 9" logan lathe is gone, but you can still get some help and parts from the founders family try this: http://www.lathe.com/toc.htm
  11. Round hood gas cap

    O'reilly has that cap...it's either part number 6023 or 6025...can't remember right now
  12. tomorrow is going to suck

    next week i go in for a cleaning, i was not looking forward to it..until now
  13. Lawn Ranger HH60 Throttle Linkage Hookup

    i just measured an original one and i came up with 4-1/8" they are easy to make from .060 tig filler rod
  14. i have a spare 3 spoke wheel from a `68 lawn ranger...was going to keep it as a spare, but may consider selling