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  1. engine swap!

    Thanks Kelly that answers my question. I am located in Pa.,50 miles northwest of Pittsburgh.
  2. engine swap!

    Need to put another K series in my 79 C121 but all the different bases on the engines confuse me. My engine has no flange and I can't find one like it so how do the others mount?? Thanks :thumbs2:
  3. Crankshaft ID

    Is there a site that you can enter you engine numbers and it will tell you what size crank you have and etc.?? Thanks
  4. crank swap

    Does anyone know if you can swap cranks from a 301as [12hp] into a 14hp? Thanks for your help. :thumbs2:
  5. 79 301AS

    Yes I cleaned everything spotless!
  6. 79 301AS

    A couple weeks ago I finally found I had a burnt exhaust valve, so I replaced it and relapped the intake valve and the old horse ran great till now. The problem I have now is oil smoke coming from the valve cover and out the dipstick tube if I pull the stick out. Ran great ,now this?? Thanks
  7. 79 301AS

    Thanks, got the valve and have it lapped already,going to pull the intake valve and clean it up. :woohoo:
  8. 79 301AS

    FINALLY found the problem,the outer lip on the exhaust valve is burnt off letting the valve go deeper in the hole. How do I know what valve to buy since this one is destroyed? Thanks :woohoo:
  9. 79 301AS

    Still messing with my 1979 C121 to get it to run under load correctly [ earlier thread] and now I'm into the valves and the intake is set correctly but the exhaust has no gap at the tappet to valve. I have not taken the head off yet. Is it possible the tappet unajusted itself or should I be looking for something else? Thanks.
  10. 1979 301AQS

    Going to check muffler this weekend!
  11. 1979 301AQS

    I guess I should have not have used the word shredded for the belts failure. The belts have a mold mark on them and after awhile they seperate and come apart at this mark. All the pulleys are fine and are spinning free.
  12. 1979 301AQS

    OK guys another update. Made a jumper from the batt to the coil and it made no difference. NOW some good news! Been wracking the old brain to remember when all this started,like I said I plowed snow all winter with no problems and cut the grass a couple times in the spring. Then I shredded the belt from the PTO to the deck so I went to my local TSC store and got me one of those Huskee blue belts,because I go through at least 3 Dayco belts a summer and figured I solved the belt problem. So today just for giggles I got another Dayco belt and put it on,started the tractor and engaged the PTO and started to cut grass in 2nd gear and cut for about 10 minutes and it started to bog down so I shifted to 1st gear and it cut great till I finished the yard. Not cured but a step in the right direction. I was troubleshooting the wiring like SOI said and I found I also had a fried post on the ignition switch and the plug is melted around the green wire. Still got the barking from the muffler which sounds like a motorcycle with straight pipes when they downshift. So now I know I need a rectifier and plug and an ignition switch and plug! Still need to figure out why I can't cut in 2nd gear without bogging the engine down. THANKS for all the help so far! :woohoo:
  13. 1979 301AQS

    I'll try that tonight when I get home from work! Rmaynard,It bogs down to stop running with the pto engaged,If I turn the key off it just shuts down!
  14. 1979 301AQS

    I backed off the trunion and checked the pulley and nothing changed. I am totally confused because when I engage the clutch the motor starts to bog,but I can pull my Swisher pull behind and the motor doesn't miss a beat. Just got done mowing 2 acres of grass with the Swisher and The WH did fine,but every time I tried to engage the deck the rpms started to drop!! :woohoo:
  15. 1979 301AQS

    Spins free when not engaged!