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  1. Got a little problem here...K301

    It took me a while to get back at this, but I think I have it resolved finally. I replaced the high speed jet screw, points/condenser and coil after a small mishap . It runs great now. I think the new jet screw did the trick. I did not think the old one was all that bad, but it did have some slight scoring near the bottom.
  2. Got a little problem here...K301

    I spoke with a few guys that really know these motors, and they think its a carb related issue. I have had it torn apart so many times, I am about to take it to a local shop to have it cleaned and rebuilt properly. There is nothing I can see that needs attention but those guys know exactly what they're looking at.
  3. Got a little problem here...K301

    Did a little more testing last week and was still getting the same problem, but not as bad. I'm going to have a look at my head gasket and valve seats/faces next. I had the oil pan off about a year ago...everything looked alright at that point.
  4. Got a little problem here...K301

    UPDATE: I pulled the carb off, found that the float was not quite in parallel with the carb body and the float drop was a little extreme. I corrected both of those issues and adjusted the valves. The intake valve had no gap at all, so I set it to .009. The exhaust valve had way too much gap and I set it to .018. If it isn't fixed, at least it runs better. Has more power, and no misfiring. I did not have time to really put it through the ringer, but with some minor adjustment got passable results. I still want to check things out under the head, but that can wait a little longer.
  5. Got a little problem here...K301

    Still have not gotten to work on it yet, but I just got to thinking; does anyone run a fuel filter between the fuel pump and the carb? Mine is between the tank and the pump, I know these pumps can get disgusting...mine worked fine so I never gave it another thought. I like those clear filters with the paper media inside...would one of those work OK in this location?
  6. Got a little problem here...K301

    Yep, just used it on another carb a few days ago. I think this carb is good and clean, and has been rebuilt. I need to recheck the float adjustment. Did not get to it today...I got busy cutting firewood.
  7. Got a little problem here...K301

    Yes, there is black smoke when it is acting up. I'm going to put on a new condenser and check the carb float today.
  8. Got a little problem here...K301

    I don't have another carb. I had a repair manual somewhere...does anyone have any tips on adjusting these?
  9. Got a little problem here...K301

    I think it'd be the same as a Raider 12. Battery ignition, alternator charging system. It was a Raider 9...I swapped out the Tecumseh for the K301, installed a the right keyswitch and a solenoid and rewired the whole thing. Unfortunately I don't have any information on the engine. Thanks.
  10. Got a little problem here...K301

    Hopefully someone can help with this...I'm about to the point where I start grabbing at straws and spending money... My K301 runs fine until I "put a load on it." By putting a load on it, I mean driving uphill pulling a blinking heavy yard roller. When I do this, it starts to misfire and eventually coughs, sputters, backfires and sometimes stalls, sometimes barely gets over the hill and runs fine immediately. It will also clear up if I press the clutch and stop. Even on a long, gradual, uphill slope it will sputter slightly as I drive. The problem seems to get worse as the engine warms up. A few theories I have had: -Dirty points or some other electrical problem - cleaned points off with 600 grit, regapped to .020, has a new coil, plug and wire. All other wiring is new, and I guarantee it 100%. Condenser is old, but it is the second "older" one I have had on it, and had the same result. -Wrong carb adjustment? I have rebuilt and fiddled with this thing ad nauseum, thought I knew what I was doing but maybe not? It will carry on like this if I run it lean or rich or whatever... -Flooding carb - could my float be adjusted wrong and causes a "flooding situation" when going uphill? I don't have any other way to "make it work hard," except to drive it uphill with the roller in tow. -Burnt head gasket or valve - seems like loss of compression might cause it to act this way, but now I really don't know what I'm talking about. I am about to pull the carb off one more time and make certain my float is OK, then I'm going to pull the head and see what's going on under there. After that, I'm lost. It would be great if someone would tell me what they think on the electrical side. I don't suspect any of it, but am sheepish to rule it out. Let me know what you think...thanks!
  11. More speed?

    I don't think it would tear anything up if you don't go nuts. You need a smaller pulley on the transaxle, and a smaller belt. Tractor Supply has a lot of pulleys, you can probably find one that fits there. I can't say for sure just how much smaller you want to go...you can probably find some info on how to calculate ratios and such if you do a google search. Me...I'd just eyeball it and take a swing.
  12. Wheel Horse Raider 10 1969

    That's a very nice tractor you have. I can't help you much with your valve noise, but I do have one of those engines if you ever need anything from it.
  13. Raider 9

    Wow...that's precisely the answer I wanted. Never would have guessed it myself. Thanks!
  14. Raider 9

    Thanks guys. I took the carb apart and put it back together again...a small amount of dirt in the bowl, other than that I have no idea what caused the 'flooding while sitting' problem. Hasn't done it since. The seat was not loose either. The shim didn't look worn. I'm not going to worry about it at this point. Unfortunately, all the tags were ripped off so I don't have much history on this motor. I do wonder if this is a rebuilt engine...no oil burning whatsoever. One of these days I'll pull the head just to check things out and see if the piston is oversized. Can anyone with a little experience tell me how the clutch should act on these? Mine seems to grab all at once and practically throws you off the tractor. That's with the clutch rod in either hole at the pedal. Is this common, can i adjust it some other way, or is my belt worn out??
  15. Raider 9

    Quick update and some problem solving... She ran alright for a while, then started flooding and leaking fuel from the carb, which led me to recall that it did the same thing when I tested the engine last fall. So I bought new needle/seat and gaskets, installed them and it ran great. That was several days ago...this morning I walk out into my shed to grab some tools I needed at work today, and when I open the door, I smell gas. There is a trail of blistered paint on the air cleaner base where fuel had been dripping down out of the carb throat, so I'll assume the gaskets were doing their job, and the needle and seat are not. I have not yet taken it apart, but I was a little leery about the way the seat threaded into the carb body while reassembling. How tight should it be? Is there a trick to installing these? I (more or less) was only able to tighten it with my fingers, as there is no room to get a wrench or socket onto the base of the seat where it is like a hex nut. I will not be surprised to find that it rattled itself loose, and is dumping fuel and overflowing the bowl. I know it could also be some dirt caught in the seat, or an improperly adjusted/bad float, but I thought I'd ask how to do it right since I'll have it apart soon anyway.