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  1. 3 point hitch D-200

    Thanks for all the help. It's all fixed.
  2. 3 point hitch D-200

    It's all clean there are no ball bearings in there just three holes. Are there springs as well or just ball bearings?
  3. 3 point hitch D-200

    What I need is the "guts" of the cupppler that locks the pto shaft from the mower to the tractor. As it is now it will not lock. I assume that there is a set OD springs and detent balls that lock the shaft into the tractor.

    I use my 520HC to pull the largest Cyclone Rake they make. Just keep her clean with fresh fluids and grease she will do fine. I also add wheel weights.
  5. My latest horse. A 520-HC

    Looking great. You're going to love the HC.
  6. Well, they both look great to me. I'm sure that they will clean right up. You have the makings of a fine herd there. As far as HP you may be surprised with what you can do with what you settled for. I know that my B-80 keeps me amazed at how much work it can do with just 8 hp. I guess it's all in the gearing.
  7. Plowing and my WheelHorse QUIT !

    Good fix. I've had that happen a few times. It's great when the fix is the simple things.
  8. Hydro foot pedal conversion

    I too have one of Matt's conversion kits, it's one of the best things that I have done for my horse.
  9. Fisher plow on a WH?

    Neat. Looks good. That's going to turn a few heads.
  10. best before 1980's model wheel horse

    My favorite is the B-80, think mine is a 1976. It's a great machine, nimble and powerful. I love the 8 speed transmission.
  11. 1988 520-HC question

    And less chrome...
  12. That's sweet. Who makes the hoe?
  13. Mine love's em too. I think that's because the 520HC is still making money for us. But she does get a kick out of the others in my collection.
  14. Mower deck repair

    Well now that should clean right up.
  15. 520h wont stay

    Glad to help.