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  1. How much is "a little more" KC9KAS?
  2. Plan to arrive early. Thursday has become THE day to arrive 😉 Its a great show, great time and great people.
  3. Welcome aboard.
  4. Yep TIGman 35 windy and raining here near Gaylord. No worries, it will change soon. After all, this is Michigan 😁
  5. That turned out really nice Denny. Hope you get some snow to use it on. Are those Carlisle Turf Masters? I'm thinking of the same tire (23x10.5x12) for my GT 1848. What size are on the front? Mine currently has 16x6.5x8.
  6. Officially at 78.8".
  7. Good looking machine Bob. You will really like the hydro lift when your pushing a lot of wet heavy snow and it builds up in front of the blade. Hope your recovery is going well.
  8. Have a close friend that is retired tell me: A week of retirement consists of six Saturdays and one Sunday. I love every day of it. 😎
  9. That looks amazing Denny. 👍
  10. Gt14 i sent you pictures and a link in Manuals to the correct owners manual via private message. . All comments made above are correct regarding the need to position the angle iron to the front of the axle. Good luck. Dave
  11. Happy New Year guys and gals. May 2017 bring you good health and more Wheel Horse goodies. 😎
  12. So officially we are at 62" as of yesterday but received another 5.5" last night. We are 8+ inches over last year. I say officially as these measurements are taken at a weather station about 12 miles from us. We live in the snow belt which receives a lot of Lake affect snow. I'm sure that we are well over 70 inches so far this year.
  13. That's an early 60s snow plow frame. I have one on my 603. My lift link is approximately 10 and three-quarter inches at the center of the holes. Here are a couple of pictures. I don't know if it's mounted correctly as this is the way I received it when I purchased it. Sorry for the poor pictures my iPad does not have flash?
  14. Looking good Denny. It's amazing what a little elbow grease will do.
  15. I change how I store my herd every year trying to better organize things. Here how the attached garage is used today. Ive added a hose reel under my bench so I don't have to deal with dragging the hose around and rolling it up. Also added electric plugs to the bench. Third picture shows how disorganized I usually am 😉 And here's some pictures of how I move items around and store them in the barn. I have an old cart used for banquet tables that I store parts on and use when I'm doing a restoration. The loft is 16' x 4' and provides more square feet for storage.