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    Raider 10,Commando 800, 4 Snow Plows 2 42" Blowers,2 Tub carts, Mid Mount Blade, 30" Fence Row Mower Attachment.
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  1. Enlarging your snow plow area.

    you mite try leaning the blade forward a notch or 2, this will help keep the snow on the blade. Wingrider
  2. Hey Lane they were at my place in Oct 2011. They walked right by about 8 Wheel Horse tractors in my garage, and didn't even see them. I did sell them a couple of things that day. All I can say about them being here is it was 25 minutes of mass confusion. I did get some pictures of them and me that are on my computer home page. Wingrider w
  3. Does your WH collection have a theme?

    Well out of the 20 WH tractors I own, there are only 5 that I use regularly. I kind of like tractors that don't have a lot of switches to keep running so most are 60s and 70s models. The ones I use the most are 1067, 2 Raider 10s a C120, and a C160. I also have 3 WH snow blowers, 5 snow plows, 2 WH grader blades, 6 or 7 mower decks, 2 WH tub carts, 1 rectangular cart, I even have a Bachtold Fence row cutter that mounts to the regular attach a matic. I'm also still looking everyday for more each day, I think the best part of all this is the hunt. Then bring it home to live with all its relatives in my garage.
  4. Best Lawn Sweeper

    I also have a Craftsman sweeper, have owned it for 3 or 4 years with no problems. I would recommend it highly. Wingrider
  5. Wheel Weights for Snow Plowing

    What is a HDHP tire
  6. I'm looking for the correct part number of the belt that drives the deck from the mule drive on a 0542MR01 deck. Will I have to convert the belt number, which is 108834 to another number that is current now? Thanks for any help Wingrider
  7. Brake Band Linings

    Bob. I'd be in for 2 if I'm not to late. Hope it works out. Gary B
  8. Hello all and sorry for the long post

    Welcome to Red Square, you will find a wealth of knowledge here. Good Luck Wingrider
  9. Where is this show at for sure??? Wingrider
  10. New Tractor Club

    Scot I was trying to pick you out of the crowd, but was not able to figure out which one was you, reason being I didn't see anyone with shorts on. I have never seen you with long pants on. I really think you are doing a great thing for the kids that will help them all there lives. Great job & God bless. Wingrider
  11. Traction

    Here is my question What is a CUT?????????????????? Wingrider
  12. 518-H snow thrower compatibility

    I know a guy in Westville that sells WH parts on ebay that I've been trying to get to some Saturday and check out his operation, maybe we could meet up there. If interested send me a PM. Later Wingrider
  13. 518-H snow thrower compatibility

    Welcome to Red Square from another fan from Illinois. I live about 55 miles north of you in Iroquois County. You won't be sorry you found the BEST PLACE EVER for Wheel Horse support. Wingrider
  14. C 141 Snowblower?

    I have converted that blower to fit to the attach a matic with a newer mounting bracket that will fit on a C series tractor. Also changed the pulley on the blower to the next size smaller so it will be easier to get the belt off the blower. Works great and spins the auger faster, its on a C160 and really blows. Wingrider