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  1. Another 420 in the garage

    Are you sure old #50 is worn out? Nice set of twins!!!
  2. After 5 Years Sitting.

    Real nice job.....beautiful tractor
  3. Classic mower?

    Way cool mowers. Looked up under hot rod push mower on youtube and the guy built it out of a grill lid. Think the other one was an original mower, albeit enhanced quite a bit.
  4. Spring tune-up

    NICE!! Do you use it as a worker, or is it a ferlookingat tractor?
  5. Sometimes you can't so no

    Nice score!!!! Good thing you had your trailer for just such horse jumping instances.....Ha Ha
  6. Looks like she had a great time, that tractor ain't yours anymore!!!
  7. My 1277

    Nice save on a straight looking horse, cool Ford also!!!!!
  8. New Member :)

    Welcome! Great to see a C-120 doing its thing. Can't wait to see a pic of the b-100
  9. Sometimes in your WH life...

    Cool tail light! Start of a custom project?
  10. Simple repair? Hah!

    Wow, you went deep brother. Glad to hear you found the source of your steering problem.
  11. 1975 C-100 Wheel Horse

    Great choice...................you did good!!!!!!!!
  12. Lawn Ranger comparison

    Decisions, decisions.....great looking pair of mowers, good to see they still are on the job
  13. mowing and how do I aim?

    I line up the inside front tire with my 855 also, they are 36" decks, a few inch's here or there wont make a big difference as long as you have the time. But that's just me and im as blind as a bat to try and do it any other way