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  1. Happiest kids on the block

    Having fun making memories that will last a lifetime
  2. C161

    Nice save on the rear end, that C-161 is way to nice to have oil leaking all over it. Cool hub caps too
  3. C160

    Wow, great job. looks like a serious snow moving machine
  4. Another 420 in the garage

    Are you sure old #50 is worn out? Nice set of twins!!!
  5. After 5 Years Sitting.

    Real nice job.....beautiful tractor
  6. Classic mower?

    Way cool mowers. Looked up under hot rod push mower on youtube and the guy built it out of a grill lid. Think the other one was an original mower, albeit enhanced quite a bit.
  7. Spring tune-up

    NICE!! Do you use it as a worker, or is it a ferlookingat tractor?
  8. Sometimes you can't so no

    Nice score!!!! Good thing you had your trailer for just such horse jumping instances.....Ha Ha
  9. Looks like she had a great time, that tractor ain't yours anymore!!!
  10. My 1277

    Nice save on a straight looking horse, cool Ford also!!!!!
  11. New Member :)

    Welcome! Great to see a C-120 doing its thing. Can't wait to see a pic of the b-100
  12. Sometimes in your WH life...

    Cool tail light! Start of a custom project?
  13. Simple repair? Hah!

    Wow, you went deep brother. Glad to hear you found the source of your steering problem.
  14. 1975 C-100 Wheel Horse

    Great choice...................you did good!!!!!!!!