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  1. WH 1057 restore

    Whoa!! Someone replied to my 7 year old post! I change my hobbies every decade or so. The 1057 is still pulling all of my toys around the yard. They just won't give up. I can't remember the fix for the hot. I worked on it for a while and the problem went away. Anyway, Hi to all of the guys on RedSquare! I still drive my Wh tractors around and they work as hard as ever. If you need me , you'll be more likely to find me on RFC... (RimfireCentral.com). >22 shooting is my latest hobby.
  2. Relocating to Illinois

    I was born and raised in Lawrenceville IL. PM me if you want to talk.
  3. Newbie here.

    Sent a Private Message
  4. Newbie here.

    Welcome Neighbor.
  5. 701 hood on a 702/552

    I guess that was all that I needed then! I think I'm going to start working on a "mutt".
  6. 701 hood on a 702/552

    Will the solid front 701 hood fit on what I belive to be a 1962 tractor? I think its a 552/702 ? Yeah, I know it wouldn't be correct looking. I'm just thinking. thanks
  7. What killed my Kohler?


    OK, I'll bite. Why take it out?
  9. jacobsen chief power drive

    Sounds like the deck is too hard to turn. Do the blades turn freely ?
  10. Kohler Fuel Pump

    I guess that I am lost then. The original poster wanted a fuel pump for a K181 as do I. I think that the part number is 41-559-05 I am ready to buy this part. if it's not the right part number then it would be great to know that. http://cgi.ebay.com/NEW-Kohler-Fuel-Pump-K...=item415329b72a
  11. Kohler Fuel Pump

  12. help

    Check your PM.I have some of those parts
  13. dead laptop

    I am kind of a computer guy and unless your desktop is 'REALLY" old or you have a bunch of crap on it, then your upload speeds should not matter. a 500mhz desktop can upload faster than most internet connections are capable of.
  14. Exciting weekend planned!

    You'll like the Embassy if you have never been there. We went to the Embassy last weekend to The Philharmonic/ABBAMania.