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  1. B-80 starter solenoid

    I believe the starter solenoid on my B-80 has failed as the tractor was stored for over a year. I put a known good battery and nothing, I cleaned and checked all wires and can get the engine to turn by bridging the solenoid. The solenoid looks to be one very similiar to an old mustang or ford truck. Can you advise on what I need to purchase for a replacement? Regards, Jim ....krazy_horse
  2. Help identifying model and year

    The only difference I see between yours and my 856 is the tranny. Your's looks like a very nice original. krazy_horse
  3. Western NC meet and greet

    I am interested also, sounds like a great idea!! Jim
  4. Key Way Fix

    Yes,that is a great repair and will hold for fifty more years or longer!! krazy_horse!!
  5. I Picked up another 856 tractor. The shaft on the left side of the transmission has failed and leaked 90 wt. on my drum and brake band. Any one have a part number I can use to cross reference at NAPA? I did try to search and got nowhere. Thanks, krazy_horse ...Jim
  6. tires for my 856

    Hey Guys. I need replacement front tires for an 856 ,don't need to be original style as this is a worker. What do you suggest as for as size to fit my front wheels? Thank's krazy_horse....Jim
  7. Stuck 10 horse Kohler

    Sorry, Don't know how the double post happend.
  8. Stuck 10 horse Kohler

    I have a 10 Horse Kohler that has been stored in my garage for about three years. It was stored with the plug etc. intact. About a month ago I tried to turn it over and she is stuck. I took the plug out and poured in the Marvel Mistery red oil, so far she is still stuck. What should I try for plan B? Thank's for any suggestions! Regards, Jim
  9. 1955 Rj35 Cable steer

    Boy, What a nice find! As Kelly said "Clean it up and preserve it ".
  10. 1054

    To me these tractors have very attractive grills. Yours looks like a nice one. Good find. krazy_horse
  11. is this an 856?

    She looks like my 856 which was my second and most used tractor and the 8 horse is plenty strong. krazy_horse
  12. CL quick find

    Very nice tractor. krazy_horse
  13. Great Wheel Horse 2013

    KC9KAS Thanks, The 2012 show first year and I said the same thing :" I have never seen so many Wheel Horse Tractors and parts:" We had a great time. Thanks to all who made this show happen.. Jim ..krazy_horse