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  1. Zero Turns...

    scag turf tiger only way to go
  2. dont put any faith in the tractors gauge it common for them to be inaccurate
  3. mayb the frame work for a bagger :thumbs2:
  4. toro whorse 520h

    i had a c141 that was doing that and it was the head bolts were loose i noticed some oil on the jug and thought the gasket was blown.
  5. Need info on manual PTO pin

    i have pins from tractor supply in all mine no problems
  6. Starter motor ??

    probly age caused it you can replace the gear for about 10 bucks
  7. Why would Kohler 19Hp lose power

    clean carbs and or make adjustments on the ones you can.if your engines have good compression and good spark it has to be a fuel issue assuming you've checked your decks and pto out
  8. Hydraulic Valve

    i bought two of those kits from milicalawn about a month ago think they were bout 6 bucks
  9. Miller stick welder

    arc welding and sheetmetal dont mix unless you are a good welder.century is a decent welder i doubt that they have built anything that would match that welder you bought that was a great deal by tthe way.
  10. Turn key but nothing happens

    pto switch or ignition switch.i am assuming that you checked out the fuse first
  11. 702 Lift Hitch

    be careful if you use heat i warped a slot hitch trying to get it off.
  12. i agree with the dual idea you need floatation, ags are goion to make you dig in. the wider the tire the better for wet stuff of coarse they'll be useless in the winter i use 23/8.5/ ags with chains in the winter.
  13. Side Vs Rear Discharge

    a geate excuse for another tractor both are handy depending on the circumstances and personal preference.
  14. Magnum 12 surging

    check the gov setting it may be a little sensitive if not that id guess dirt in the carb.
  15. Bought a Horse tonight! 1984 WorkHorse 1800

    the equivalent for that wheelhorse would be any of the big twin hydros c175 416 518 520 probly a few im missing