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  1. New Shop

    watch putting things along both sides of the walls on a 12 ft wide shed, you'll run out of floor space real quick to pull a vehicle in the middle, ask me how I know eric j
  2. Decals

    under the seat pan, I think on the belt guard, somebody should come along and be able to tell you more accurately eric j
  3. I'm Baaack

    thanks no one was hurt, just rudely awakened when I slammed the brakes. I was cruising seeing how it was after 2 am in the morning. I was rolling about 80 when I hit him, so it could have been a lot worse. I've been having a lot of car problems ever since, my other van had the Bendix 10 ABS brake system, which has now failed causing a real hard pedal. Then the car my son has been driving died, blew a head gasket. been working 5 ten hour days and working on the car till after 10 at night this week. Have parts on order from a junk yard to replace the ABS on my van with standard power brakes, hope to get that job done over Christmas shut down. Bought a car from my daughter's boy friends mom for her, but for us till I get other cars back up and running, bought a used van for the wife till I can rebuild her van, bought a cheap used van for parts to fix her's. The only original vehicle I have running now is my 93 Dodge Ram 2500 with the cummins engine and getting 19 to almost 21 mpg driving it back and forth to work. With the snow today I'm done driving it for now, the under side is to good of shape and rust free, to drive on these salt covered roads. Slowly but surly I will get them back up and running eric j
  4. Degreasing and Saving Paint on K181

    I some times use the old stale gas I drain out of tractors that I purchase and don't know how to get rid of, it's a bit smelly, and you don't want to get it on you or you will smell like stale gas for ever it seems, another thing to use is brake clean, auto parts stores have it on special a lot of times. eric j
  5. 520-H

    the 89 520 only ran a 3/4" spindle, the 90 and newer had the 1" spindle eric j
  6. I'm Baaack

    I got my first buck on Nov 2 in VA this year a nice 4 point, unfortunately it was about 2:15 am on I95 close to exit 31, with the front of the wife's van, 250 + miles from home. took out the radiator, trans cooler and a/c condenser. had to call my brother at 2:30 am and ask him to bring his truck and our trailer down to get me and my family. then sat in the cold car for almost 5 hours till he made it there. lucky for me I carry comp. insurance on my vehicles and they covered it. totaled the van and got more then I paid for it but not enough to replace it with a nicer van. The VA state trooper that came upon us was very nice and hauled the wife and kids up to the truck stop to get them out of the cold. I stayed behind to make sure the van didn't get towed. eric j
  7. if I hadn't just bought new 26x12x12 ag tires for my D200, I might be temped to do the same on mine, looks good eric j
  8. Gt14

    I'll have to ask Charlie when he get home eric j
  9. Gt14

    Don Kane and Charlie Culley have both converted their GT 14's over to 8 speed rear ends. Don's tractor is the one at the big show with the front end loader on it, He volunteers it every year for the club to set up and tear down the show, Because he lets other people use it it has gotten tore up causing him to modify it. I don't know for a fact but I'm quit sure he uses it a lot around his place to boot. If I remember the story right Charlie bought GT14 with a bad rear so he pulled the rear diff and axles out of the GT and inserted them into an 8 speed trans to be able to use the 15" tires eric j
  10. I have 2 tractors that dad bought, my D200 and a 417-8, I will never sell if I can at all possibly help it, I also have my 99 314-8 that I bought new. I have a 76 C120 that a friend of mine bought new at the dealership he worked for. Curvin semi-retired in 1980. He passed away 6 years ago at the age of 97. he did a lot of work my tractors when I first got into them and before I learned to work on them. I bought the C120 from his daughter after he pass so it is near and dear to me. I also couple of years back bought a one owner 73 12 AUTO that is identical to the first wheel horse dad bought and I grew up beating half to death. Dad traded it in on the 417-8. My daughter has already claimed my first wheel horse that I ever bought, a C120 AUTO eric j
  11. Finally got a 520H

    eric j
  12. Finally got a 520H

    tubes or new front tires, if you ever have to remove a tire that had slim in and see the rim you'll understand. check the battery with the engine off and running to see what your voltage is, I have some tractors that the gauge does that. One of them I replaced with another used gauge and had the same problem, but when checked with meter it shows proper voltage remove one of the gas tank support bracket bolts and this will allow air to escape I would venture to say 29 hrs on meter is not correct, sorry looks like a nice find and good luck eric j
  13. 12hp needs rebuild

    have you checked the points and timing and could the carb need some tweaking. It would be worth trying to tune it up before calling for an expensive rebuild, if it's not knocking, smoking that bad or using a lot of oil, it may not need a rebuild. As I was writing this I recalled some of the tired old Kohler's that I had in the past, when starting no matter warm or cold you had to use full choke to get it started . just something to think about, good luck eric j
  14. K301 leaking oil out of head.

    clean it off and see if returns eric j
  15. I run ag tires with no chains on all of my tractors except, my blower tractors. Like most of yous I run extra weight on the back plus 75 lb wheel weights on my blower tractors. I find I have far less tire spin on my blower tractor with the chains on, they hardly spin at all, with out the chains is a whole different story. Now when plowing snow you get a lot of wheel spin and a lot more scratches on the pavement. the other year we had a big snow and the 520 with the 2 stage blower on, was acting up and not running right, so I went and got the 520 with the single stage blower on and ag tires with out chains, it was absolutely helpless with out the chains, got made at it and parked it and got the 2 stage back out, luckily it ran ok after that and cleared a lot of snow that day. that spring I bought new 4 link chains and put on and haven't looked back. It did a good job last year in the one big snow we had except it clogged up in the wet snow at the road to much and put it away and got out the 2 stage again had hardly plugged up at all. So my recommendation would be for the blower to run chains on either ag tires or the Carlisle all trails. for a plow tractor ag tires or all trails. forgot to mention you said you have fairly flat ground so that also makes the ag tires work better on blacktop, good luck eric j