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  1. Got a "new" C120 Wheelhorse

    sorry I looked and didn't see the latch lever for the pan to flip. I'm use to the Auto not the 8 speed, when I looked closer I see the latch on the left side on the frame rail side panel. I have a 73 12-8 speed that's been on the back burner for way to many years, but it don't look god to get to any time soon, some day though, good luck and by the way it is a nice looking tractor eric j
  2. Got a "new" C120 Wheelhorse

    the flip seat, not flip fender pan tells me it should be a 76 or 77, 75 and older had the flip pan, but who knows what PO might have changed or modified, someone might have even mounted a cool hood ornament on it or swapped hoods, not that I have ever done such a thing eric j
  3. 312-8 Pulley Wheel Question

    I did something similar to a 89 416-8 I have, but did it the simple way, sorta. I did an engine transplant with an 18 hp onan from a 518-H. I simply used the Hydro engine pulley which is a lot larger. had a tough time to figure out what size belt to use, but once done it worked pretty good. I don't notice much difference in low range and only slight difference in high first. in high second a slight difference which is what I was looking for, when I'm mowing, you know 2nd to slow and 3rd to fast. Well 2 is just about right now, the big difference was in 3rd high. It is a lot faster by several MPH. Do't have a GPS to measure, but you better hold on lol eric j
  4. an easier and simple way is to remove one of the bolts on top of the trans that hold the gas tank bracket on eric j
  5. Wheel Horse Transportation

    from where to where ??? maybe somebody is traveling that way eric j
  6. Just Black Hoods and 5xi Now!

    who's counting I m trying not to lol eric j
  7. 520h

    I don't have the problem with pull on the 2 stage blower so that makes the difference, and I'm sure the hill and stones makes a difference too. Lifting the that hulking 2 stage blower takes weight off the back tires, that is why I do run chains on my blower tractors. if we get some snow this year I might get to try the single stage blower more. I do remember running a single stage blower on my C120's and having the problem of the blower pulling in on the side of the snow. eric j
  8. Kohler KT17 one cylinder

    I think I heard that not all Harley coils fire both at the same time, could this be possibly your problem ? just asking since you are having problem eric j
  9. 520h

    I respectfully disagree with you Ed on the tires on a snowblower, I don't have a problem with turf tires on my snowblower tractors, but I do on plow tractors. if you angle a plow on a tractor it will push the front end in heavy wet snow. if the blower pushes you just lift the blower a little and put weight on the front end and the tractor will turn where you want it. Not saying that other tires wouldn't be a nice plus and help some, every little bit helps right ? but not totally necessary good luck eric j
  10. 520h

    don't sound like a bad deal, I personally don't think you will go wrong at the price if you are capable of doing some of the repairs your self that need done. at that price you are almost buying the attachments and getting a free tractor. there has been several 2 stage blowers listed in my area in the $ 650.00 range and they have disappeared, so either they were sold or the add was pulled, this is just my opion and you know what they say about them they are like a body part that everybody has eric j
  11. 520h

    sorry I missed that, like Achto said above check for heat distortion and discoloration in the 9 pin and the fuse block. I probably wouldn't unplug the 9 pin till after I made it mine and I was ready and prepared for the consequence if it didn't go well eric j
  12. 520h

    wiring around the 9 pin and fuse block, if you have a compression tester check both cylinders. If you don't have one CAREFULLY check the exhaust with it running to make sure both cylinders are getting hot. I usually feel the the pipes coming off the exhaust ports. the 520 and 2 stage blower is a monster when it comes to throwing snow, don't think I would get rid of mine for love nor money good luck , we like pictures eric j
  13. that's one of the beauty of wheel horse tractors, the decks come out from under the tractors so easy , if you can find a recyler deck you can swap it out for leaf duty and use the SD deck for regular mowing's good luck on what ever you decide to do eric j
  14. I refuse to answer that on the grounds that I might incriminate myself eric j
  15. did you buy blades for a rear discharge deck you might have got them mixed up eric j