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  1. Snow Cabs

    might be able to call the cab company and order the parts to make it fit for a reasonable price. they are pretty easy to deal with I'VE BEEN TOLD ERIC J
  2. 2017 Dover Olde Tyme Days

    Ed, your slipping, you didn't post any pictures you took today at the show eric j ps the dinner your wife took you out to must have kept you busy
  3. I guess I'm one of the WH hogs stock piling decks, granted not that many but enough to make sure I have enough to last my life time and a little bit further if one of the kids or someday grand kids want one. I think I have three saved up plus 2 that i use. there is a guy Glen Cockerham that advertise on c/l in reading Pa that he has lots of deck for sale although shipping to the west coast might be a bit pricey. good luck eric j
  4. 310-8 preferred speed for lawn cutting

    I did replace the engine drive pulley on a 416-8 that I re-powered with an 18 hp onan with the hydro pulley. I was a little difficult to find a correct belt to fit and you can smell it burning every once and awhile. 3 gear is definitely faster. the rest of the gears are close to the same. 2nd gear maybe a little faster and seems to make some difference. this is why I kinda prefer to mow with a hydro although my problem is with a hydro I go to fast and like the better quality of cut I get with a gear drive. eric j
  5. 520h "surging?"

    for about $ 20.00 you can buy the new parts above and replace them. I replace them most of the time when I get a new to me tractor. especially if it was a non runner. eric j
  6. 520h "surging?"

    have you cleaned the tank and replace the fuel shut off and fuel line. did you check for leaks around the carb and intake ? with the engine running spray carb cleaner at base of carb and along the seam of the intake. did you check to see how strong the fuel pump is, if the surging is worse on an almost empty tank could be a sign of weak pump. eric j
  7. 18 Auto Hydro Flush?

    I have a friend that use to be a dealer back in the day, he said wheel horse sent out bulletins to swap any atf trans over to motor oil if you either had problems or it you had the system open. you could put cheap motor oil in and run it the drain that out and pt the good stuff in. but in the end it is your tractor and you can do what ever you fell comfortable with. good luck eric j
  8. '89 416-8 Help

    I wouldn't sell one of mine that looked that good and more importantly ran good for $ 500.00 with attachments, maybe that's why I have so many lol eric j
  9. 520 Wheel Horse Buy or pass?

    if you don't I call dibs !!!!, i wouldn't wait till Monday, no time like the present lol eric j
  10. 520 Wheel Horse Buy or pass?

    updates ??? eric j
  11. C161 opinions

    eric j
  12. drive belt?

    no, belt guard and possibly the rear fender pan, PTO clutch assembly, and the foot rest will also make it easier eric j ps my first car was a 67 fury III, just a little land yacht
  13. The guys have brought up a lot of good points, there are a LOT of wheel horses on C/L in York, Lancaster, Harrisburg area for you to choose from and several in your price range and in higher horse power to boot. I say keep looking don't rush it, if it was meant to be it will be. good luck eric j
  14. K532

    i saw a guy ask and get $ 450.00 for just a short block that needed rebuilt. the rods are no longer available. just food for thought eric j
  15. Tiller

    remind me tomorrow I'll text you some pictures of what you are missing. there is a guy on here that is selling repops, I bought one from him last year "16" at the big show. don't know the belt number off the top of my head. eric j