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  1. the several P216 on the 88 516's that I've seen didn't have the block off plate, looked like the motor block was cast with out the possibility of adding the filter. I have several adapters that I could bolt on, but was very disappointed to see it wasn't possible. will double check again eric j
  2. the 88 516 DID NOT come with an oil filter, and from what I've seen it can not be added, my 516 that I had at the big show for sale, but now have decided to keep has a black rubber blank cover at the filter location. Not sure why it didn't have a filter, but I have seen several 516 and none have had the filter. eric j
  3. I wish my 616 looked that good, you learn something new everyday, I swear I've seen Dixons that looked just like the 616. But there is no denial about the 724Z. that is the one I would like to find eric j
  4. was it Dixie chopper ? i thought it was Dixon ztr's maybe one in the same ? around here the old wheel horse z turns look just like the dixon z turn mowers eric j
  5. check the tabs on the spindle were the tie rods mount to. when you hit something hard enough or at the right angle it usually bends the tabs. don't ask me how I know this. I was backing one of my tractors off the trailer at a show and got caught between the trailer and my big D200 and knocked the toe way out. I ended up pulling the front tire for access and using a big adjustable wrench was able to get it back semi-close. I've also replaced the spindle in the past to get them straightened out. adjustable tie rods can over come the bent tab but you should get it close and fine tune it with the adjustment. eric j
  6. have you tried like people have suggested above and tightened the trunion. If loose a lot of times they will squeal when they start to slip. It migh take several turns to get it to tighten up eric j
  7. 416, the 516 ran the 520 style hood and did not have an oil filter or hydro lift eric j
  8. I thought I've run into some good deals over the years,but that was a GREAT deal eric j
  9. go mopar. I've had several 70 Dart Swinger 340 and now have a 69 Dart GTS 383 4 speed on the back burner waiting for me to have the time and money to get to it, someday maybe if I live long enough eric j
  10. Glenn Cockerham, who comes to the wheel horse show has said he has several decks of all most all size, he has them advertised on c/l under Lancaster pa, he is in melvern . not sure if he ships or not, but it might be worth your time to give him a call. eric j
  11. also check to make sure the dip stick cap is on tight, but it sounds like a clogged or stuck ball in the breather if not the check compression or do all of the above eric j
  12. I bought a 520 last summer. the seller told me the motor was junk and I couldn't get it to crank with the jump box I had with me that day. I brought it home and pushed it off the trailer and tarped it over. Back in February I pushed it into the shed and was going to replace the motor but, decided to see what was wrong with it. Got it to crank over then decided to do a compression test. it had 120 psi on both cylinder, Okay so far then got it to fire on carb cleaner.. Cleaned the carb and fuel system and got it to run. Like you said it sounded good at first but the longer I ran it the more I heard a knock, not like a rod but a knock still the same. by chance I pulled the belt guard off and then found the real problem. All the bolts holding the bearing plate on were finger loose. tightened all the bolts and now no more knock. apparently it had run long enough it had pushed the gasket out causing it to still leak oil. I bought a new gasket but haven't had a chance to replace it yet. So it could be that easy or could be the path you are going down. Good luck eric j
  13. at $ 700.00 aint going anywhere fast, wait 2 more weeks and go to the show and see what you might find. I'll be bringing several tractors for sale, and I know a lot of other people will also be there with tractors to sell eric j
  14. not for sure, but I do believe they will, the difference is in the motor, single kohler, onan and possibly twin kohler, each one is different. the top mount on the belt guard is the diffence eric j
  15. some guy's will say that is to much for a rusty tractor, is it a Kohler or an onan,if the motor runs good it may be worth it, but I would have to have a need for it. I would feel better at $ 200.00 to $ 250.00 with no attachments. last year I bought a non-running 520 with a mower deck and snow plow. seller said motor was junk, but it had the forward swept axle and gear reduction steering. sold the mower deck and the snow plow and got the tractor for free. months later pulled it in the shed and got the motor running, had a loose bearing plate behind the pto. tightened it up and it runs good. good luck eric j