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  1. Another one

    looks good, nice pick up eric j
  2. C120 slippin'

    I only use wheel horses for everything, if I had a great big yard I might be forced to look at a Z turn or a sub compact tractor, but as it is I have just slightly less then 1/2 acre. my 60" deck is over kill for my yard lol eric j
  3. WH 310-8 W/ Kohler m10s Starter issue

    I have some tractors that won't start unless you back off just slightly on the key and hit " that sweet spot" in the switch, the other thing is to check all saftey switch/ My 310 wont start unless I slam the PTO lever back after sitting, not hard just turn PTO on and then off and it will crank over. Like said above check all grounds and battery connections first. good luck eric j
  4. I've also ran 48" decks with a 310-8. I've also ran my 60" deck under a 1990 416-H with the 6" front tires on it, they did rub some, but the tractor ran it, when I use my 520 with the 60" deck and try and go a little too fast through the tall thick stuff, usually only a weeks growth, it will either start to bog the motor or slip the PTO clutch and or the belt. I had a K341 16 HP kohler, and lets be honest, they don't sip gas any more then an onan. Before this blows up into a big argument over Kohler verse Onan, lets agree that most of what we say boils down to personal preference, based on first and second hand experience. It's No difference then Chevy verses Dodge verses Ford. They all made good and bad products, mostly good or they wouldn't have stayed in business as long as they did. We can argue maintenance issues or the lack there off and how forgiving a particular brand is. Each brand has it achilles heel, whether it's and onan valve seat, briggs twins valve seat or a kohler balance gears, the KT's blown rods. I have or have had at some point most of the twins that wheel horse put on their tractor, from the K532 in a D200 a KT17 in a 417-8, both of witch dad bought either new or almost new,a briggs twin opposed 16, and yes 16, 18, and 20 onans. My PERSONAL preference are the onan, but then again I'm a Dodge Man so that just goes to show what I know right eric j
  5. that means I can run an 80" deck with my 20 hp tractors eric j
  6. The Dynamic Duo

    that's what mine looked like eric j
  7. C161 right place at the right time

    valve seat wit 10 to 1 odds. everybody likes to bash on the onan's for valve seat problems, but the B & S had the same problem. I had a 78 AUTO and a 79 8 speed at the same time. The AUTO was in real nice original shape and the 8 speed need some TLC. Used the hydro in a roto-tilling contest one year at the little guys show. The hydro was so jumpy it made me made and I ended up trading both of them to bearpath for a 93 520. I didn't think the 16 hp motor had any more power then my 314, just my opinion, so I don't want any hate mail lol good luck I hope you get it running and have fun with it eric j
  8. The Dynamic Duo

    I had an old gray canvass cab that said wheel horse on the doors. it used those brackets for the front cab mount. Good luck and nice hual eric j
  9. not sure about the black hoods, but I know the 400 & 500's use a different belt guard for onan's than the single Kohler's. I would try it for sure becuase I am different then most, becuase I like the Onan's. someone said above that there might be a clearance issue with the hood that would need checked out, but by all means try it and see what happens if that is what you want to do. get an onan wiring diagram and with some help from us on here we should be able to talk you through it eric j
  10. 416-8 Skeeter Fogger

    to check the oil in an onan you must pull the stick out and wipe it of then put it back in an check it again, For what ever reason an onan will always check overfull on first pull of dipstick after running, after wiping it off and rechecking it it will show true level. As far as the smoking it could be as simple as the dipstick tube not sealing or a clogged breather. For $ 400.00 It would have been sitting on my trailer, if the deck and sheet metal was fair. and like stated above it would be worth it in parts. I buy all onan motors that I can for parts if they aren't fubar. "f..ked beyond all recognition" and then if the price is right........ You have a coil, a trigger, carb, the deck, plus the rest of the tractor to resell or do what ever with. good luck eric j
  11. the 84 C195 used a different 60" deck then the 520's used, correct me if I'm wrong but I believe that those decks where made by Areins ??? eric j

    a C series long stick hydro, C120 or even dare I say a C160 auto. My kids learned to drive tractor on a C120 AUTO. They don't need to reach the pedals and can control it pretty good eric j
  13. This weekends haul

    Ed Cole, the factory rep that is now retired but still comes to the show eric j
  14. 520H Carburetor Help Please

    double check your needle and float assembly, i try to remember to check the float assembly movement by pushing and actuating the float up and down. sometimes something jams up and you may have a stuck needle not letting gas in eric j
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