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    since I posted above I went to Michigan in July of 17 and brought a trailer load back, 5 for other people and 2 for myself. The trip main reason was a 520-H with loader from @smoreau Me and my copilot Garret left my house at midnight Friday and drove for over 1300 miles and 27 1/2 hrs returning at 4 am Sunday morning. It was well worth the trip eric j
  2. 512D arrived today..

    it has the bracket for the front mount weights, and I believe the front wheels maybe on backwards, over here in the US the valve stems go on the inside, but a European model could be different eric j
  3. I think some of the older decks only had one roller eric j
  4. Robbie’s 2018 show pictures

    the C195 and the loader where mine, great pictures, I'm too busy at my vendor stand to get to see much of the show eric j
  5. snow equipment Buzz, anything to do with snow including snow mobiles, snowblowers, snow throwers and walk behind snow blowers I do believe. Hopefully I'll be able to bring my Trailblazer 7's including the one with the mower deck. eric j
  6. 1996 520

    an onan will fire the coil when the switch is turned off or on, it fires with an interruption to the 12 volts. if the motor wasn't running correct and dumping raw gas into the muffler when you turn the switch off and on causing the coil to fire it will back fire. I've had this happen to me, generally only after running tractor and restarting right away. Did you get it figured out yet, good luck eric j
  7. Can we discuss the C-171 again?

    the tractor was repainted that's why the marks around the decal. the steering wheel has been modified from what I see IN the picture. the hood is a C series becuase of the hood latch. This is not a black hood, also tell tale by the hole in the hood. eric j
  8. 2018 Show Dates?

    new web site www.wheelhorseclub.com eric j
  9. Has anyone heard from Mark Klinger?

    I remember talking to a guy with a low hr 420LSE, never knew his name that I could remember, lousy with remembering names any how, Seamed like a real nice guy. I also know Charlie Culley and most of the orginial board members. As far as I know he was never on the board of the WHCC show. I could be wrong, I will ask Charlie when I talk to him, if I remember and see what he has to say. eric j
  10. 227-5 cutting grass in the orchard

    did you measure the deck width, looks to me more like a 42" rear discharge deck, but I've been known to be wrong before on occasion eric j
  11. check and make sure you didn't knock the high low range shifter in neutral, don't ask me how I know this eric j
  12. why not combine the good motor and good trans on one and then you can put all of the best sheet metal on the good tractor eric j
  13. eric and shallowwatersailor eric j
  14. Another one

    looks good, nice pick up eric j
  15. C120 slippin'

    I only use wheel horses for everything, if I had a great big yard I might be forced to look at a Z turn or a sub compact tractor, but as it is I have just slightly less then 1/2 acre. my 60" deck is over kill for my yard lol eric j