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  1. the sheriff from smoky and the bandit's tractor eric j
  2. Can we discuss the C-171 again?

    I had talked to Ed Cole several years ago about the C161 twins, He said that Wheel Horse did durability and reliability testing on Kohler's new KT17 and it failed, surprise surprise surprise. Then for shits and giggles they threw the Briggs & Sration 16 twin on and tested it. Surprise it passed so they rushed it into production. He made it sound like they had to modify the C161 single chassis with a custom hood. But looking at these pictures they already had the hood design down. He had said something about becuase it was rushed into production they went with the fiberglass hood modified to fit the older C series for 2 years till the redesigned the dash on the C xx5 series tractors.. We have to remember to talk to Ed Cole about this at the big show, that leaves me out I can't remember what I did Yesterday let alone remember to ask him a question 4 months from now eric j
  3. Gas Shut Off Valve Leak

    I've repaired them by buying one of the other style valves and swapping the guts over, gets you the new o ring and packing on the valve. good luck eric j
  4. More Bad News

    sorry to hear of your trials and tribulation and real sorry for not commenting sooner. Prayers for you and your family eric j
  5. C-175 value

    just looked and could not find it eric j
  6. I agree with the statement to store and see where you end up then sell, if wheel horses are rare where you end up might be able to get a better price eric j
  7. No response to Raider 12 purchase

    I bought a 520 back in Oct on craigslist, Originally listed it for $ 450.00 and I was the first caller, but then the phone started ringing off the hook. they texted me back and said they made a mistake and couldn't sell it to me at the listed price. I asked what the new price was and they responded with $ 650.00. I said was still interested and would come look at it in the morning. when I got there the tractor was pretty nice with only 565 hrs on it so I told the guy you raised the price on me but I still came and could he do $ 600.00. He said his wife would be pissed off but yea he would take that amount. IT wasn't right but it was too nice to nice to walk away from for another $ 150.00 eric j
  8. C-160 8 speed

    that's even got a newer deck under it, wish somebody would give me a free wheel horse, Now that I think about it I did get one for free years ago, a 73 10 hp 8 speed. good luck eric j
  9. 417-8

    @Big_Red_Fred, i have a 417-8 with electric lift option, this is my personal opinion I would take an onan anytime over a KT17, not sure if mine is running correctly or not but it just never seemed to run as good or have the power that a P216 onan has. My 417 was bought new by my dad so I will never sell it if I can help it. I didn't care for it right from the get go for some reason.. Maybe if I could get ti running better it might make me like it better. Right now it sits in the back of the shed to be a someday project. I know that this is going to draw some flack, but my opinion and a dollar bill will buy you a cup of coffee eric j
  10. wheel horse gold

    that should be a 1990, might have been bought in the fall of 89, but if you check the numbers it should be a 90. toro didn't put their name on till 90' still a good tractor though eric j
  11. Plowing Questions

    switching from a 48" plow to a 42" plow in the wet heavy stuff helps to. I'v notice that the 520 don't push the front ends as much as the single kohlers also. just my eric j
  12. MOM

    god bless your mom and your family and safe travels eric j
  13. DAD

    we watched mom go from 150 lbs down to about 75 lbs from dementia over about 4 or 5 year period. Dad did his best to take care of her for as long as he could. Eventually we or should I say are spouses had to help before it got to much for us too and we put her in a nursing home for several months. luckily from the time it got to bad for dad till her death was less then a year. Us boys felt dad tried to hang on too her too long and did not want to let her go, witch is understandable considering how long they were married. We vowed not to let this happen to him and he said he didn't want to end up in a nursing home. He had softened up some in the last year telling us which nursing home he wanted to go in if he had to. He spent his time after mom passed going to visit friends and family and as strange as it seems he visited the graves of family and some friends. His mother-in-law and her brothers and sisters. Me and my wife would try to have him over for supper at least every other week or so and we as a family always made sure he got to all family get to gatherings. He was still very independent right up till the accident. My SIL was helping him with groceries and laundry but he still made or bought his meals himself. There is so much more I could say about the man good and probably some bad, but he really tried to make a positive difference in us boys and many other people. god bless you dad and may you and mom bask in the sunshine in the good place. eric j
  14. 416H wheel horse donation

    Ed if you don't want to drive I could go get it but probably not till the weekend. kinda of busy with the arrangements for dad and work, may try and work out a deal for it f you pick it up eric j
  15. Wheel-Horse - AMC artwork

    I had about 100 models, mostly mopar's when my parents house burnt in 87. Mine were in a big cabinet that I built in 4-H handyman group. The fire burnt up the front of the boxs but didn't completely burn them up. When I took them out of the boxes most looked like they had been in a severe accident, especially the un-built ones. The heat warped the soft plastic. After the fire I went on a model buy binge and tried to replace the ones that I could. Luckily they were reproducing a lot of them at that time. Unfortunately I haven't had the time to build any, for a long time I said when I don't have anything else to do, as you all can imagine that just has never happened, maybe when I retire someday. It's gotten to the point that I rareley think about them anymore except when I walk into the basement were they are stacked on the self. I even had several of the Ertle International truck models and a Cat D8 bulldozer. eric j sorry about the messed up post when I hit the submit button nothing happened so I hit it 2 more times then checked the next page and seen what I had done.removed the extra post but could not remove the quotes totally