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  1. Happy Birthday Terry eric j
  2. wheel horse used similar tires size of 22x7.50x8 on a lot of the cheaper tractors, mostly ones with the 1" rear axles. 310-8, 312-8, B100's, SB421, SK486 and I'm sure I'm missing a few others. looks good all the same eric j
  3. you need a wheel horse with a front end loader on it. I got mine a year ago and don't know how I ever lived with out it. I don't even come close to using it everyday let alone every week, but when I do it's nice to know it's there and it helps save this old back of mine eric j
  4. Front End Friday

    hey I know him and the trailers and truck in the background look very familiar, now if I could just remember from where That was taken several years ago at the Dover old Tyme days. Looking good Jay, @roadapples eric j
  5. Weekend Haul

    love that onan. if you ever want to sell it put me on the list, very nice conversation piece.... eric j
  6. Tire fit

    depends on the brand of tires to some extent. a fairly big variance of size between brands. Carlisle's run normal size, but deestone's tend to run small. do a search on here for tire sizing and plenty should pop up. good luck eric j
  7. Wheel Weights

    might need shorter bolts, the 10.50x12 should be on a 81/2" rim the 9.50x12 could and probably be on a 71/2" rim so the mounting bolts would be long, could still work though you'll have to check and see eric j
  8. are you renting a Hellcat and go look up those outlaw street racers on okc lol eric j
  9. New Member, Retiring my C-195

    I have a nice C195 that I don't really want to sell, I guess that's key, but I don't think I would take much less then $ 2000.00 for it. Of course I haven't been able to sell it for that price. A C195 with three point hitch and PTO is worth a pretty penny around my parts. A 3 pt tiller is fairly rare around here also. The bagger's around here go for somewhere around $ 350.00 by themselves. When I buy something I want it as cheap as I can get it but when I sell it I want a decent price for it. You say you are going to sell it for the best offer, on here in the classified adds you can't auction something off. So you have to set the price high and then take the closest price to your desired price. If you sell it to someone on here you know it will go to a good home with somebody taking good care of it and babying it. good luck eric j
  10. 520h rubber hood hold downs and seat shock

    problem is the bolts aren't 2", they are 1 7/8" or something dumb like that. eric j
  11. I have a 12x20 shed about half insulated, the walls and the ceiling, I have an old mobile home trailer furnace in the corner. I leave the thermostat set as low as I can when not out there, helps keep down on condensation, and warms up fast when i need it to. eric j
  12. 953 on Harrisburg craigslist BRF???

    tractor not listed anymore, did anybody on here get it. he got mad at me too and won't talk to me anymore either eric j
  13. What would you buy to keep forever?

    as far as little kids driving, I like a long stick hydro, which would be any of them up to about 1980 when they went to the eaton trans, but even then the stick is between your legs and with in easy reach of little arms. With the hydro's the little legs don't have to reach the petals to control the motion of the tractor, just pull back on the stick. All of my kids learned on a C120 AUTO as far as a keeper for life, that's a tough one not sure a could choose just one eric j
  14. I don't know what the heck I was looking at, but they are there I'm sorry eric j
  15. the baffles are missing in the deck essentially turning it into a rear discharge,if you can run it and drive it and make sure it is firing on BOTH cylinders I would step out on a limb and say it could be worth it, not that I would pay it though. but parts could make it worth it. I would be into it for between $ 300.00 and $ 400.00 IF IT RAN . but I would probably part it out if I bought it. it is rough to say the least. If this is your first 520 I would probably walk away like everybody is saying. If you decide you want to go through with it you need to check and make sure it is firing on both cylinders. A quick way to check is to carefully feel the exhaust pipes under the heat shields to make sure both are getting hot. a compression test is best. an onan will run on one cylinder and still sound pretty good some people don't even know it is running on one cylinder. also get the hydro good and warm and see if it slows down. eric j