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  1. Sad day for shed but saved a Horse

    Hey Cory, sorry to hear about your fire, I have nightmares about this kind of stuff. I'm with Dick, any idea how it started?
  2. Blades for Rhino SE6 Mower

    Changed Status to Closed
  3. Blades for Rhino SE6 Mower

    Changed Price to $30
  4. Long Island Antique Power Association Show

    Beautiful photos Don, thanks!
  5. Maximum RPM for K 341S

    In that case, I would be cautious. Your engine may actually be running at 4000 rpm, which would sound (and be) too fast. I'm no engine expert, but there is something about the way Kohler engines fire and how some tachs pick up and display those signals. Can somebody else chime in here and clarify how tachs work with Kohlers? And @mc1960, can you give us some details on your tach and how it's connected?
  6. Amazing that I've lived this long

    Sorry Buzz, I won't be following this thread, you lost me on the word "thumb" in your first post. Hope it all works out, whatever it is. 😁 We have a contractor working on our place in Virginia, cut off the tip of his thumb with a saw a couple of weeks ago. I can't bear to even think about it.
  7. Maximum RPM for K 341S

    Just to clarify... Are you actually measuring your engine's RPM with a tachometer, reading 2000, and thinking it's running too fast (in which case maybe the tach is faulty, or not hooked up properly, or something)? Or just thinking that 2000 RPM "sounds" too fast for a small engine to run?
  8. Since you asked, and I have no personal experience... There's a small group of guys on a motorcycle forum I follow every once in a while that swears by PineSol (the original unflavored formula).
  9. Newbie (Scotland )

    Well, that was quick! You're not dead yet, eh?
  10. Newbie (Scotland )

    Hi Tommy, and welcome aboard! I think I would be inclined to clean this tractor up just a bit, and start bringing it to shows right away. I'm sure it would start some conversations, and you could get some valuable insights into how it came to be in its present condition. I saw your photos of your truck in the gallery, very nice!
  11. C101 safety switches

    Just curious... What did you do to fix the problem?
  12. New shop lights

    Just to clarify, 10% of the new LED lamps are bad, and they only last a year or so in the old fixtures? That's good to know, thanks!
  13. Tobacco Road GT14

    Nice job Rob, but pardon my ignorance here... What's the reference to Tobacco Road mean?
  14. Loss

    Howie, I'm really sorry to hear about your wife. I lost my mom to pancreatic cancer many years ago, so I feel like I know a little about what you've already been through. Be strong, you'll get through this, and always remember your friends here on RedSquare are thinking of you.