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  1. Wheel horse plethora

    Sorry to hear all this Dave, and hope everything works out for you. Opening on Saturday mornings sounds like an excellent idea for you if you can make it work. I don't personally buy enough Wheel Horse stuff to make it a regular stop, but I'm hoping others here will be able to help you out. Are you going to sell your non-WH items also? And are you still going to sell on eBay?
  2. Loss of power

    Kohler K301, it's in the tags for this thread.
  3. Hey guys, One of the moderators at another forum I visit recently posted some information about a recall of 37 million Kidde fire extinguishers. I had no idea, and thought I'd pass it along. Here's a link to information on the Kidde web site: The recall includes models dating back to 1973, and it sounds like they're very serious about making this right. I have one older Kidde extinguisher, it's not totally clear whether it's on the list or not, but it's certainly worth a phone call to them to find out.
  4. C-120 upper steering shaft

    All in good fun, other Ed. My very first Wheel Horse had a custom-built half-a-spoke-no-outer-rim steering wheel, at least after I "fixed" it.
  5. You mean they don't ooze grease out the zerk when they're filled? Do you have a source for these wheels?
  6. C-120 upper steering shaft

    It sits in the seat.
  7. As long as we're on the subject...
  8. My guess is "yes", beautiful work as usual.
  9. Shiny new boiler

    I'm no expert, but what about Roth tanks (inner polyethylene shell, galvanized steel outer shell, 30-year warranty, $2 million clean-up policy)?
  10. Plug Wire

    Excellent Mike, thanks. I'll do what I can to keep Jim distracted, but YOU DID JUST SEND HIM A NOTICE THAT YOU'LL BE WORKING ON THIS. As near as I can tell he's only about 8 hours away from you, he could be at your front door by dinnertime today. So @elcamino/wheelhorse, how's the weather down there?
  11. Plug Wire

    Hey @ebinmaine, thanks for getting this thread going again, I've been curious about this recently. I'm no expert, and I've never made my own spark plug wires either, but I do have a couple of thoughts: First, there's "genuine" new Kohler spark plug wires (same part number 238057, or 238057-S) on eBay for about $35 with shipping. These are sometimes advertised as kits, and it looks like you need to put them together and crimp the ends like @squonk describes. Another option comes from Kirk Engines (, which has an 18" long plug wire that "fits virtually all single and twin-cylinder Kohler and Onan engine applications", for $12 with shipping. I've never dealt with Kirk's, but others here speak highly of them. The wire is described as "highest quality", and it looks like it's a complete assembly, no further assembly required. @squonk, you might be able to make a little extra pocket change if you were willing to make up some of these wires at the Big Show next year. If you could keep the price reasonable, I'd buy one from you, but I would want to be able to watch the assembly process, just to learn how. Just a thought.
  12. RANT (sorry) Allis Chalmers Blues

    Yes they do: Good luck with all this @pullstart, one day at a time as they say.
  13. What have you done on your WH today?

    I wondered when you were going to give the metal fenders a try. I remember the "before" pictures, this is much better. Do you get any interference with the big tires? That's a nice setting for a ride too, I think I'd be inclined to do that every day.
  14. Halloween Accident!

    He didn't hurt your tractor, did he?
  15. Lawn & Garden Tractor Magazine article

    Uh, would that be multimeter? And is that Norman from isavetractors?