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  1. Kohler Block Heaters, Any good Ideas?

    Here goes nothing... ---but--- straight 30 at 16 degrees is rough on the motor. Yes youve been getting away with it. Maybe think about 10w30 in winter and sae 30 in summer. Only 40 ounces to do full change. Just my .02 Tony
  2. Todays Wheel Horse Therapy Session

    Plenty of donor transaxles around here... took out 1" 4 pinnion and put in 1 1/8" 8 pinnion from an engineless, rotted sheet metal, way past worth restoring 414. Although my pile of messed up transaxles is growing and its getting to be time to look into them. Tony
  3. Todays Wheel Horse Therapy Session

    Hi / lo not stuck... if I start tractor and leave clutch out I feel and hear a grind as it shifts into either hi or low.then you shift main lever and nothing happens.... jack up rear and rotate one wheel and other goes opposite (normal) try and rotate both forwards and input hould spin in gear.... nothing happens. Its broke.... someday Ill open up out of curriosity. Tony
  4. Todays Wheel Horse Therapy Session

    Hi, axles are rotating the differential... something is broke in the hi/lo as it shifts and grinds under power . Transaxle is out and hi/lo shifter goes up and down ALOT... New (used) transaxle is in. She will be back on road soon... Tony
  5. Todays Wheel Horse Therapy Session

    Huh... its that easy. I got my renewal notice and forgot. Ill get that fixed asap. Thanks Tony
  6. Hello all... Well my 314-8 plow rig went to Russ (saltywright) and in exchange I got his Briggs Gt1800 hydro... Thanks Russ! Cool machine and I love the Briggs twin. So... that left me with no plow rig. The temps went up past 60 this week in CT and melted all the snow. This allowed me to roll the 312-8 I picked up into the shop---the trans is broke... it shifts hi/lo and the main shifter is shifting the "4" speeds... you can feel the resistance. But nothing happens with clutch out. Yes input shaft is spinning and by shifting hi/lo with clutch out you get grinding---so somethings going on. Pulled this 8 speed out of engineless carcass and im thawing it out to put in 312. I hate how these transaxles end up with water sitting outside... guess I have to cover my parts machines. Ill add pics later but seems i've clogged up the attachment section with too much "stuff". Ill get that cleaned up Happy Sunday Tony
  7. Lost my buddy yesterday

    Sorry for the loss, Cole goes with me everywhere he can. Rescued from Coweta Ga and shipped up to me in CT. Best dog I've ever had... pics ftom my roadtrip to PA this past week. Tony
  8. Happy New Year to all!!

    Hi, Well after a yogurt Mike and I drove to Norwalk... Russ wanted a 300 series with weights, chains and a plow. I wanted his bare Workhorse GT1800 (Briggs twin!!). So the swap was done and now Russ's nephew can do the snow at Russ's house the way the nephew likes (an 8 speed...). Tony
  9. Spent time today thinking of many friends both here and gone... makes you realise the important things even for a moment . Heres to health and happiness to all and may another Wheel Horse grace your presence in 2018. Sparky (Mike) and I will be seeing Saltywright (Russ) in morning to complete our first deal. Tony
  10. They exist, I'll look and post. Might take a bit. Tony
  11. Not unique, not special... But my dad's 1969 Chevrolet K20 4x4 with a 292 straight six, 4.88 gears, granny gear 4 speed with a Fisher 8' blade, belt driven hydraulics and manual (seperate) push pull cables for up/down/angle could not be stopped. Tony
  12. Christmas 2017

    Merry Christmas to All!! Lots of Good Folks and Good times here and Id like to thank everybody for the deals Ive made and help Ive got. I'd espescially like to thank Stevebo for use of his home and shop (what a shop!) for our CT meet and greets. Happy New Year Tony
  13. Look on CL there alwats on there and I like electric... it forces you to "keep up" but doesnt make you power the machine. Tony
  14. Hello all, have to do more research but just got this 38" wall / mantell clock that was made by the New Haven Clock Company somewhere before 1959 when they went bankrupt. I think it is much older and when I figure out Ill post update. I love all forms of mechanical clocks and watches and can just sit and listen to them tick away. Hopefully the attached video works of this piece. The story goes that it hung in the Chester CT National bank and the janitor was told to get rid of it. He took it home and it was on the wall of his house till he recently passed. When he took it home I have no clue. The bank was swallowed by another and I couldnt find any history So... when not with the 'Horses what gets your attention? Tony 35188.3gp
  15. Eaton 700 Transaxle

    Good Evening Gents and any Ladies, Need to find a good used Eaton 700 transaxle. This is for an older gentleman and his 516... Tony