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  1. GT1100 / GT2500 / C111

    Hi, I have one in average condition that ran well until the starter puked over the winter... been sitting there ever since. I'm in Central CT... I also like Briggs powered stuff like these 1100's and the GT1600s GT1800s etc... so if you have anything Briggs powered to trade or any Wheel Horse stuff you want to get rid of we might be able to make a deal... I can get you pics if your interested. Tony 860-978-9039
  2. Happy Birthday, SALTYWRIGHT!

    Happy Birthday Russ! and the GT1800 says Hi! Now that its actually "comfortable" outside she's going to start seeing some easy work... Tony
  3. 416-8 pre toro 87? 88? With Kohlee Magnum

    Have a decent running 416-8 that needs a bath and a service. Im into factory Briggs powered stuff, the Work Horse gray series, most of the 60's stuff and B's / C's 10 hp on up. So.... whatcha got that might interest me in a trade? Tony
  4. Lol... I threw Tom under the bus... sorry buddy! Tony
  5. Hello All, Had a real good weekend... picked up a 416-8 (Kohler Mag) with a completly trashed 42 sd deck and a C165-8 with a minty 48 sd deck. On way home I received a text message from Tom @stratostar250 Asking if I still had my 50th anniversary up for trade... Long story short I got the 416 cleaned up and running / changed the oil. Made a trade with him for his 1277... both tractors in similar condition. I wanted a 50 yr old weathered hydro and him a "big Kohler". Then I got the 165 running and changed the oil... stood back and said to myself "I know who needs this more than me..." sent pics to Mike @Sparky and he said he would look at in the morning. Long story short again he bought it and parked in his garage to work on when he gets back from his business trip. Heres some pics... and heres where I scratch my head. 1) check out how the exhaust is setup on the 1277.... I mean really? Next to the plow angle arm and close enough to repeatedly touch? 2) ummmm whats this add on welded / bolt on rake contraption on the bottom of the plow with all that welded on angle iron on top suppose to do besides act as a parking brake? Tony
  6. Taking a ride....come-along!

    The land in the pics was an open cow field until 1965 from what I found / was told. There is a small pond out back with a small stream thst feeds it--stream dries up and the pond shrinks in summer. It never disapears so it must be spring fed too. It was the "watering hole" for the farm. I dont have / never looked for pics of the area back then. Tony
  7. Taking a ride....come-along!

    Im not against a meet and greet... Ill start figuring out when and how. But it wont be for awhile, maybe after Stevebos extravaganza in October. A warm Saturday in November ?? Tony
  8. R. Lee Ermey 1944-2018 Thanks for Everything

    Did you get the jeep? Lol
  9. R. Lee Ermey 1944-2018 Thanks for Everything

    And thats why the color yellow makes me sad..... (patient) YOU KNOW WHAT MAKES ME SAD.... YOU DO! WHY DONT WE CHUG ON DOWN TO MAMBY PAMBY LAND AND GET YOU SOME SELF CONFIDENCE YAH JACKWAGON!!! LMFAO... its classic Tony
  10. Another big piece of Americana gone... as patriotic as they come. My thoughts and prayers go out to his family. Thanks for everything you did for the Veterans and America!
  11. 20 years and 182,000 miles

    I like them alot... Id love the following combo just for fun but dont think they ever made it... 1) the 4.3 V6 195--220 hp depending on flavor. (Yes it was offered but keep reading) 2) the tremec 6 speed out of the Camaro (5th and 6th are OD)... you could get 5 speed but----with the following in item 3--5th still makes for 3500 rpm @ 80. 6th would cut that into high 2000's 3) the 4.10 rear gears that only came in 4 cylinders WITH POSI---only available in ZR2 4x4 versions . A 2x4 , 4.10 posi, standard cab, standard bed, 5 speed V 6 would be fun as heck to drive. Tony
  12. 20 years and 182,000 miles

    Yah its one of those neglected forgotten about items. If they mounted wheel with the dish down it may fair better but will still rot im sure Tony
  13. Toro Power Plus/B&S 16hp twin head trouble

    Hi, very common and very easy fix... pm me and I can explain... or we can talk and you can send me the heads. Ill fix and send back. Tony
  14. 20 years and 182,000 miles

    1998, its from "down south" came from Dale Earnhardt Chevy... nothing special 2.2 l 120 hp 4 banger, auto, ac, 4.10 rear gears... 2x4... gets me back and forth to work nicely. Will run along at 80 turning 3500... thats about all shes got. Lol Tony
  15. Hello All, Hope Glen is on the mend! This is what your brand new never used flat as it gets compact spare will look like if you leave it under your bed and never look at it EVER... LOL. I will have to find a replacement... Tony