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  1. JD 314 auto hydrostatic with front hydro ports

    JD 314 that only mowed its whole life. Got off original owner.... deck is rough. Mouse nest under shroud, turns over with conpression. Just needs some TLC from a J.D. guy I dont have any desire to work on. Id consider a trade for a decent Wheel Horse with a HORIZONTAL SHAFT engine from 60's on up. Let me know what you have. Ill be at Stevebos Saturday and can bring there---but you guys have to promise not to burn it to ground anfmd hang me.... lol Tony
  2. Lombardini 530 Diesel help

    This tractor is tired and rusty and rattly and when the diesel shakes it its cool. Tractor only sees duty at shows and meet and greets etc... I just want to show the diesel some love to keep it going as an oddity... if it ever broke or blew up that would be the end of it. Tony
  3. Lombardini 530 Diesel help

    Hello everyone, Just by luck Sparky sold me an old tuckered out "rat rod" GT1100 that somebody from the forum sold him at the show in 2015. It had an old kinda tired Lombardini 7 hp DIESEL stuffed into it and its just cool ans fun to drive... no other way to describe it. But... the Lombardini needs some love and parts. Does anybody know anybody that works on these? I know Kohler bought Lombardini... but they want nothing to do with it. Lombardini in Italy will help but big bucks and long waits for anything. Thanks Tony 20171006_075627.mp4
  4. Is there an electrical guru in the house?

    Hi, I received 2 of this exact relay... both in sealed packages. No schematic anywhere... wanted to think it would be universal wiring. Guess Ill contact company and see if they will tell me... or... I found a dorman relay with 4 posts and a schematic. Siggghh why isnt anything easy. Tony
  5. Is there an electrical guru in the house?

    Thanks for info, I did notice several wiring diagrams that had 85, 86, 87 on them... but wouldnt you know there no numbers or anything on the relay😣
  6. Is there an electrical guru in the house?

    Well, I wouldnt say "cobled"... boats original plug rotted and wiring ends replaced with high quality sealed 1/4 female terminals . So... does anybody know pinout for "standard molex connector"
  7. Hello All, Im posting this here because its electrical... no its not related to W.H. so if mods move or kill it I understand... Long story short my best friend passed, his family gave me his boat. Went to get it running and no crank... Found this relay being used as starter assist --the voltage drops too much in 25' boat harness and starter solenoid wont kick in. So these relays are put in so when you turn key they activate and have a heavy guage wire that throws plenty of juice to starter solenoid. I got a replacement but the 4 terminals arent labled... I think its generic to all 4 post relays. But does anybody know for sure? The stupid relay is NLA and hard to find. I have 10 ga +12 volts, Ground, key switch power in to activate and finally the heavy wire going to starter... just dont know where each belongs. Thanks Tony
  8. Dont change oil (???!!!!!???) Read on

    Well.... at 3600 rpm my truck is going ~110 mph. 10,000 divided by 110 equals ~90 hours. Average guy uses push mower 2 hrs a week and maybe 16 weeks a year so IF the mower has synthetic your looking at a 3 yr change interval. Now factor in that mower runs hot, works hard, has small oil capacity and maybe changing oil every 2 years is ok again IF its synthetic. Pour in regular dino oil and im back to thinking once a year for ~$5 isnt a bad deal. Or maybe im all wrong in my thinking and should run mower for 5 yrs and toss in dump. 😕
  9. Hello All, the short story... this tractor was owned by an older gentleman that bought it new. He has passed on... before he died he ended up nearly blind and accidently stuffed the tractor into something and smashed the hood / valve cover. He had a friend weld up the valve cove instead of buying a new one (???). It ha been sitting for awhile and the mice had there way with it... I took it home and cleaned enough of the mice out to see if it ran... it started right up on the fuel that was in it... sounds good... needs to be cleaned, kill wire is chewed... rest of electrical looks ok. Deck is very nice and sounds good (electric PTO) . It just needs to be cleaned front to back and top to bottom... hood is smashed like I said---but I had an idea and it is in the pics below (Craftsman steel hood---fits really well lol)---I'll include it with the tractor. Has a 6 speed shuttle shift transmission... went through all the gears and drove well. I believe this was made by Toro as it has so many eerily similar parts to our Wheel Horses. Its for sale here for $250... if nobody wants it I'm going to part it out---the deck is very nice and will bring the $250 by itself. Tony
  10. This subject has been covered before and it may of even been me bringing up. But check this out... maybe its ok but it makes me cringe. Im a Briggs fan and a Sears fan and this is what they come up with to push sales? Sigggggghhhhhh
  11. New M.O.A.B in my arsenal.....

    Hello All, Its here! Needs paint, wax, routine maintenance and some love.. While being perfectly serviceable it is a bit rougher than I thought / hoped... but isnt that always the way. Tony
  12. New M.O.A.B in my arsenal.....

    Yep, slider on back... boat is full composite and only 2 pieces. Top was cast and bottom then "glued" together. Ive been told its the best hull design ever made by Bayliner. Its also my 4rth Bayliner flybridge... a '78 Saratoga 25', an '84 Cierra 26', an '86 Contessa 29' and this '93 Cierra 31'. I happen to love the Bayliners... and dont much care what the Searay guys think. Lol Tony
  13. New M.O.A.B in my arsenal.....

    I only drink 7-8 gals too Per engine.
  14. New M.O.A.B in my arsenal.....

    Boat supposidely will go 44 mph glat out burning 30--35 gallons per hour... Back down to 20 mph on plane and your ---sipping--- gas at 15--20 gallons per hour . As they say... Break Out Another Thousand!!! Tony
  15. Mother Of All Boats!! That is... 1971 Nova SS---Gone... 1968 Firebird Sprint--Gone... 2009 29' Dutchmen camper--Gone... 1986 Bayliner Contessa 2850 Command Bridge---Gone... INCOMING.... 1993 Bayliner Cierra Command Bridge 3058 with twin 350 Chevy's into Mercruiser Alpha 1 Gen 2's.. My wife and I have wanted something like this for along time... got a very very good deal on it. It left Okahumpka Florida yesterday---slated to be in Waterford CT Thursday morning.. Can't wait---don't regret getting rid of any of the above.... Gotta admit the boat hauler guy looks goofy in the pic! LOL!!!