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  1. Hi stevebo, Its not from harbor freight... but it might as well be. I think im simply going to fill with kerosene... it works, is mild smelling and not hard on hands. Plus its easy to get rid of with waste oil etc... when time comes. Tony
  2. That TSC solvent looks like it may do the trick... $42 for 5 gals... double the price of kero / diesel but I bet does a better job.
  3. Hmmmm.... will have to see what that goes for.
  4. Commercial cleaners are expensive and the water based ones freeze... im not sure if the solvent based ones freeze but they are nasty on hands and lungs. Kerosene / Diesel is what I think I will end up with. That and a set of elbow high rubber gloves.
  5. Hello all, After nearly 35 years of using buckets and what not-- I invested... I finally picked up a parts washer. Yep its Chinese... yep the bolts only kinda line up... yep the lid closes but not squarely. BUT... it was $99 delivered to the house and is gonna be real nice to have around. So, do I fill it with Kerosene? Diesel? Simple Green---dont like idea it will freeze. Yes the wife let me bolt together in front of TV. Tony
  6. Todays pile of goodies...

    Or.... I just pay Cracer $10,000 for his . Hmmm... a Briggs Vanguard puller. Now thats an interesting thought
  7. Todays pile of goodies...

    It is the 8... and it was suppose to go to a guy that blew his up but it never materialized. Im not running a small engine shop as much as a Briggs and Stratton clinic...
  8. Todays pile of goodies...

    A blackhood or the engineless 1054....
  9. Hello all, Saw a 7kw constant / 12kw surge genset with electric start... runs only on choke. Scored it cheap with a junk parts unit... then was talking to the guy and got 2 Briggs Intek V-Twins with pushrod issues and a Vanguard horizontal . Plus a 42cc Poulan Pro saw with carb issues---with a brand new bar and spare chain. Finally a Husqvarna yard tractor that Ive already got running and sold for enough to clear my entire bill. One of the two V Twin verticals will bring my Craftsman GT back to life... A great day all in all. Tony 20180210_141107.mp4
  10. What is it????

    Good Saturday morning to all.... I was on Rt 44 in Ashford CT this morning and passed this at 50 mph. Thought it was a Senior and turned around... its not although similar (at least thats my interpratation). Could this be an early Senior minus the hood option and somebody modified it to there liking? Tony
  11. Briggs Intek V-Twin / Husqvarna service

    Amen Sarge... Amen... it sucks. On a positive note I like Briggs and this isn't a terribly hard job... the Intek V Twins run strong when cared for. Tony
  12. wheel horse gold

    50th anniversary anything uses "gold" Sparky is correct... 1996. It marked 1946--1996...
  13. Briggs Intek V-Twin / Husqvarna service

    The inteks seem to hold together in the bottom end... ---but--- the heads are an issue. Get them hot and guides walk out... and crash into retainer. Bends pushrod and walla... runs on one cylinder. I love Briggs but this is a "poopy" setup... there are redesigned heads available but the kit is around $350 for 2 heads, head gaskets, intake gaskets, valve cover gaskets and pushrods. Plus the dealer labor to swap it all...Ill bet its a $750 job. Then theres the air filter base issue which causes dirt to get sucked in and tear the rings up. You would think the engineers could figure these "easy" problems out Tony
  14. Commando 8 Glamour shots

    The Commando 8 was also my first... plain as the day is long but what a good little work tractor. One of my favorites if not my favorite Looks good with black stack... Tony
  15. Briggs Intek V-Twin / Husqvarna service

    Actually the decks are nearly spotless and dont look like they have ever "crashed" into anything... Tony