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  1. Look on CL there alwats on there and I like electric... it forces you to "keep up" but doesnt make you power the machine. Tony
  2. Hello all, have to do more research but just got this 38" wall / mantell clock that was made by the New Haven Clock Company somewhere before 1959 when they went bankrupt. I think it is much older and when I figure out Ill post update. I love all forms of mechanical clocks and watches and can just sit and listen to them tick away. Hopefully the attached video works of this piece. The story goes that it hung in the Chester CT National bank and the janitor was told to get rid of it. He took it home and it was on the wall of his house till he recently passed. When he took it home I have no clue. The bank was swallowed by another and I couldnt find any history So... when not with the 'Horses what gets your attention? Tony 35188.3gp
  3. Eaton 700 Transaxle

    Good Evening Gents and any Ladies, Need to find a good used Eaton 700 transaxle. This is for an older gentleman and his 516... Tony
  4. Hello All, Received a call from an older gentleman that owns a 516 auto he bought new. Well it has the "cheaper" Eaton 700 and no hydro lift. Its controlled by shifter between legs. He thinks its an 88 or 89 and the pump completly quit... he brought it to a dealer and they want almost $2000 to fix it 😭 He called me looking for a trans... I dont have a 700 ---but--- I do have (2) 417 hydros with Eaton 1100s and the between your legs shifter. They are engineless parts csrcasses. How much work would it be to convert the 516 to an 1100 transaxle? Can the lift hydraulic port be blocked off or a hose put between output and return? Instead of having to pull the whole lift assembly apart. Thanks Tony
  5. Another one pulled out of crusher...

    Hello all and thanks everybody for the comments. Looked at it close...while not ultimately "fatal" it is rough. Havent decided what to do---heres the short list Coil wire cut off, complete air filter and magnum cover mia, both battery cables cut off to get battery off quick for scrap, choke cable frozen, steering wheel bent, gas tank half full of the nastiest crud and rust.... Etc... etc... may pull motor to re-power a clean C roller I have and may pull transaxle to put in very clean running 312 with completly destroyed transaxle. We will see Tony
  6. I guess its an 87 or 88 judging by no "Toro" but yet a Magnum motor... Its rough... is missing parts and some of the wires where cut off for copper scrap. I missed out on getting deck... it was already crushed. Paid $100 to scrapper... Ill get it running as it is and see if I scored a good motor... transaxle didnt have any water and shifts so im already ahead with that. Tony
  7. Magnum 10 un-regulated charging running away

    Except that in these 3 amp systems theres no regulator... there a 3 amp "un-regulated" system... I would expect them to have the potential to go to 15 or maybe 16 vdc... but this one passed 18 vdc. Tony
  8. Magnum 10 un-regulated charging running away

    "you'll need an AC light, like from a snowblower, to run anything off that AC circuit" John... I could be wrong (I'll ask Mike after he finishes his Yoplait). But I dont think lightbulbs care if there fed 12 volts ac or 12 volts dc... the Briggs tractors have an AC lighting circuit and dont use fancy bulbs as far as I know. Tony
  9. Magnum 10 un-regulated charging running away

    Well funny you say that... one headlight and one taillight are burned out. Guess I could rig it so one headlight runs off battery and other off the AC circuit? Tony
  10. Who made this... Take 2...

    Hello all, Bought this decal 3 shows ago in a red tent to the left of the main entrance... it was a one off . Loved it on my S10 pickup cap but had to peel it off and wreck it when the truck was sold. Id love to get some made up for my new truck... just wondering who made them and the size. Anybody know who? Thanks Tony
  11. Going to new "Stable"

    Loaded up my (3) B80 4 speeds... One in bed is a runner, one at front of trailer was a runner till a few months ago... needs TLC. Back one is parts carcass... Gary @Retierd Wrencher in Springfield MA. Will be proud new owner tomorrow after work... Glad to see them go to a good home where they have a chance to work on. Tony
  12. Good Evening Gents, Picked up a 314-8 from a friend that had bought it off a local dealer about a year ago. Upon looking closer with Sparky by my side theres several "wrong" parts... front spindles, steering wheel, front wheels... etc... but who cares--it runs and drives and is a worker. Heres my issue---somewhere along the line the Magnum 14 must have quit and a Magnum 10 was dropped in. This 10 only has the 3 amp un-regulated charging with the AC lighting circuit. When running with a very good battery it just keeps on charging (yah I know... its un-regulated and suppose to) except at W.O.T it will hit 18 vdc and thats when we pulled the meter. Turn on the headlights (hooked direct to battery... A.C. lighting not hooked up) and the voltage goes to "normal range" and stays there. All voltages verified with good meter... Any Ideas? Thanks Tony
  13. 1996 50th Anniversary 312-8

    Hello All, Have a good running 312 50th Anniversary... clock shows 1830. Dont know if its accurate or even still running. Tractor starts, runs and drives nice with no smoke or odd noises. Looks like it was left out in sun alot blah blah blah... Im posting in case anybody wanted a winter project to restore it for the anniversary year "big show" 06/2018... If no interest it gets a plow and keeps on working. Id entertain a trade for a similar condition tractor from 60's/ 70's or a B / C with a 10 hp or bigger. Im also a sucker for Briggs powered machines. Let me know what you've got Thanks Tony
  14. 1988 414-8

    PM sent
  15. Wheel Horse external combustion C120 (1 of ?)

    Wires burned off stator, wiring harness cooked... cables burned and now rusted. But she will live. It was only 2nd degree... Tony