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  1. 12 year old Craftsman with Briggs 6.5... original oil, original blade, original plug, original air filter. I tuned it up and gave it a cleaning and the Briggs fired up and thanked me. Lol... check this out My friend Tim Norton use to call this "over maintenance..." Tony
  2. Good morning all, Saw the 1960 movie "Sink the Bismarck" on tv... watched it then was googling and reading about the two biggest battleships of the day... the HMS Hood and the Bismarck. Hard to imagine that we as humans can build such powerful stuff and yet in one weeks time completly destroy all of it and kill 3500 men while doing it. R.I.P all involved Tony
  3. Happy Memorial Day weekend, And thanks to all--both here and gone. Picked up a Johnny bucket laat week from @snowhound. Decided today to clean the carb on my 310 and get it running... then decided the Johnny bucket should go on it... then decided the 25" atv tires that were on a GT2500 I again got from Snowhound (Ed) should go on it... then decided the 6" fronts had to go and found a set of 18" ones. Put it all together and adjusted travel on bucket so it would scrape if I wanted. Need threaded rod and nuts / bolts for the weights--off to hardware store tomorrow. Im impressed with the huge ground clearence. Im going to use it alot for moving small things around. I also think my father is going to want to use it to move some loam / mulch around. Tony
  4. Has anyone put an Onan in a Blackhood?

    What RPM are your hp ratings... thats the difference... your 19 hp is probably at 2000 rpm. Plus theres alot more gearbox and tractor weight that motor has to push. Ill put a Kohler K341 or MAG 16 one lunger against an Onan twin 20 every day of the week... and Ill get the job done while the other guy goes for a broom and dust pan to pick up the rear valve seat and rod. If he wants a twin look for a Kohler KT Ii or Mag series and run it till the cows come home. Tony
  5. Has anyone put an Onan in a Blackhood?

    By the numbers yes thats what it means... Ive run a 48 through thick grass with razor sharp blades using a 10 K series... did it like it no... would I recomend it... no. But....
  6. Oh geez, look what followed me home this time...

    Love the Patina... Love the Jokes... forgot about that book! I gotta find another copy Tony
  7. Hello All, So a little story / thoughts on this big Wheel Horse circle of life. Several years ago Steve @stevebo sells his K series single equipped 416 to a seldom seen member here on Redsquare (I forget his screen name--his real name is Lou). Things go along and something goes wrong with the 416... it gets left outside, then it ends up at my place in a tarp shed, then the mice get into it, then I move the tarp shed but not the tractor and it spends yet more time outside. Steve contacts me about my 416 trade deal I'm trying to make but we never get together on that particular tractor...I end up trading that 416 for a GT1600 and a GT2500---both needing work but being a Briggs guy I couldn't help myself. A couple weeks pass and I say "Hey I have this 416 that is full of mice.. I think it was yours" and I send pics---he confirms and says "I have a pic of my son at 2 or 3 sitting on that. So we put a deal together and I end up with his 857 and he ends up with this 416 and another one of my 416s this time with a Magnum. While at his house we discuss his custom puller / rat rod with the Wisconsin yank start... and long story short I go home with that.... The funny part is I look at it close and realize that I had given Matt @grnlark the bare sand blasted and primered 70? frame and dash tower / rear fenders with no wheels or trans or motor or hood... Steve says---yah I got it off him and built this rat / puller out of it and a Wisconsin I picked up at Zagray farms... Its just funny how these tractors seem to make small orbits right back to where they came from... See you all at the show!!! Tony
  8. Has anyone put an Onan in a Blackhood?

    That Kohler will have no issue running that deck if you keep the blades sharp... I'm with Mike---give the Kohler some good maintenance, a good tune up and keep the deck in tip top shape. The Kohler will be more then happy to keep it going for you. Remember Wheel Horse's rule of thumb... 4" of deck for each HP. Tony
  9. Todays Haul / Horse Trading Session

    Hi, I was waiting for someone to ask... it is indeed a Johnny Bucket Jr. Which is a cool little "scoop" / mini loader type setup. Tony
  10. Happy Rainy Saturday, Made run up to Munson Mass and did some horse tradin with @snowhound . Got this GT1600 and GT2500 Anniversary. The 1600 runs, the 2500 needs a bit of work. 2 more Briggs powered 'Horses in the fleet! I also LOVE THE CAMO treatment on the 1600. Thanks Ed it was a pleasure. And I got outta there before Ben came at me with a kitchen knife ! Inside joke a few of us can understand espescially @Sparky Tony
  11. Todays Barn Find / Holy Grail (for me anyways)

    Steering wheel was broke when i picked it up. Ill get it running and use vice grips on the hex steering wheel hub thats left. Then gotta get the pin out and perhaps cut hub off. Thats why no steering wheel in pics.... 1st time I touched it the thing fell off. Tony
  12. Todays Barn Find / Holy Grail (for me anyways)

    Ill be there... Ill get the 161 there too. But I also need to work on the diesel and redeem myself from last year! Tony
  13. Todays Barn Find / Holy Grail (for me anyways)

    The rear fender on this is fiberglass and thick / strong... I dont think they break nearly as easy as the later "junk" plastic ones. It is unique... the hood / fender / dash tower is completly different then the later blackhoods and I LOVE the headlight arrangement. Yes its the wimpy c style parking lamp setup but the lens makes it look tough. Tony
  14. I wrecked a flywheel... need info / one

    Thanks much!
  15. I wrecked a flywheel... need info / one

    Hello All, Had a stuck K341... knew prying on flywheel fins was dumb and guaranteed to break them. But did it anyways and broke 2 fins... today I added oil to cylinder after soaking it overnight and cleaned all sorts of mice stuff from behind flywheel (pressure washed... didnt pull flyeheel yet). Then I took block of wood and tapped (and broke) another fin but got motor rolling over. So... I didnt do any research but wonder if a 10/12/14/16 K series flywheel are all the same? Tractor and motor are going to Stevebo as a resto project with his son... (tractor was his many moons ago) . Let me know if they are interchangeable and Ill pull one off one of my blown up junks. Tony