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  1. 1968 Kohler 8 hp muffler

    I'll definitely be careful when I do remove it. I've heard horror stories.
  2. 1968 Kohler 8 hp muffler

    I would like to replace the muffler on my 1968 Kohler 8 hp engine. It is about 3/4" water pipe. Then, the muffler itself is about a five inch diameter. I am guessing that it is the original muffler. Any suggestions on a replacement? I would like to have it as quiet as possible. The old one is really rusty. I going to have to get some penetrating oil and a couple of pipe wrenches to get it off. Thank you. P.S. I really like the Christmas lights at the top of the page!! 🌲 🎅
  3. Replacing an 856's engine; fishing for advice

    Oh, okay. If it were American made, I'd get one.
  4. Delco remy voltage regulator

    I cleaned up the connections on the voltage regulator, and the battery cables. The problem is fixed. I thought it was going to be something more serious. I tend to over think things.
  5. Replacing an 856's engine; fishing for advice

    Who makes the clone engine that you guys are talking about? Sounds like everyone is happy with it.
  6. Delco remy voltage regulator

    I also have a Commando 8 , it's a 1968. I used it two days ago. I parked it in the shed after using it. Today, I went to start it, and nothing happened. The head and taillights worked. The horn did not. I charged up the battery. Then, it turned over. And the horn worked. But, there was a large spark that came from the voltage regulator, as I turned the ignition key. What would cause this? Should I replace the regulator? Also, electronics are my weak point. Is there any books, or a website that would cover the basics? Thank you.
  7. 3 speed unidrive no 3rd gear

    I am in the process of rebuilding my unidrive three speed transmission. If all you need is the gear, that would be cheap. I need to replace the roller bearings, second/high gear and the seals. It's not going to be cheap. But, in my opinion, it'll be worth it.
  8. Definitely! In all the years I've used it, I never had a problem. I should have had one in there to begin with.
  9. I picked up my new bushing at the machine shop today. It was only fifteen dollars! It looks too nice to use. I'm back in business!
  10. I found that there is a Toro dealer in town. They were not able to get the spacer. My next stop, was one of the machine shops. He said he could make one. It will be ready on Monday. I'm pretty happy with that.
  11. The model number is STR 324. The serial number is 267346. The closest Toro dealer is forty five minutes away. I'll give them a call. I'll also give Ace a try. Thank you.
  12. I'll get the model and serial number in the morning. I am going to bed. These bushings are where the snowblower attaches to the front of the tractor. I have a Commando 8.
  13. I lost one of the bushing/spacer tonight while using my tractor. The nut came loose from the bolt. I found the nut. I am guessing, that the spacer got shot out of the blower. My dad stopped by with his metal detector. No luck. If I had a lathe, I would make my own. Is this part available? There is a Motion Industries a couple of miles from my home. I will try them after work tomorrow. Thank you.
  14. Best picture/moments 2016

    Hey RETIRED WRENCHER, You have a very nice 607! I am in the process of rebuilding mine. I hope that mine turns out as nice as yours. where did you find the rear tires? I am guessing, that they are not the originals. Here is my 607 the day I picked it up. It is now in pieces. I do have some of it painted.
  15. Hello everyone. It's been a looooong time since I've been on here. Not much going on here. I've been doing some repairs to the commando 8's snow blower. Just minor stuff. My 607's transmission is still in pieces. I would like to get it back together. I was just looking at my post from May 6 2015. There were a couple of names mentioned about getting parts from. I do need the second/high gear (If I remember correctly) and the seals and bearings for the axle shaft output for that transmission. How do I get these numbers, so I can go to Motion Industries? Or, if there is someone here with the parts, that is an option as well.