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  1. WHAT THE....How did this happen????

    We say you can NEVER have too many !!!
  2. new machine im picking up!

    We agree -- very sweet tractor HOWEVER -- since it will be a struggle for it to do an acre you'd better post in the classifieds for 1/2 of what you paid for it and get out from underneath it now before it's too late to do so !!
  3. Brinley plow question

    The biggest thing about plowing is setting the plow so it doesn't dig to deep which will stop the tractor or not dig at all causing the plow to ride up out of the ground. Either way you won't "get-er-done" if not set up properly. Properly set up the plow will just 'sing' along !!
  4. Good or bad deal????

    That bad starter switch could cause the hours to accumilate because the system is always on --
  5. future wheel horse's

    Sadly a company as big as Toro looks at the numbers that the investors are looking for and not what the consumer wants. We think they missed the boat by not looking at the past performance of the company and sit down and design a tractor from the ground up that would appeal to the TRACTOR buyer. All they knew is that sales of tractors were declining as compared to ZTR's which was greatly increasing at the time. "Research" also told them that people were buying smaller properties vs larger properties however there are still folks out there with properties big enough that would require a rugged tractor instead of whats' massed produced today. Perhaps someday it may happen where a true Wheel Horse tractor will again hit the market -- -- True, very true but try using a 40 HP farm tractor around your property -- --
  6. Good or bad deal????

    It happens where someone left the key on accumilating the hours or a defective hour meter perhaps --
  7. Chains are a ""consumable"" item -- they do wear out so just use them and enjoy !! (Kinda like the owners that painted the bottom of the trailer or put burlap in them to keep them nice). Just use them and if you desire, put a coat of paint on it but they're meant to be used ----
  8. Another Dealer selling out

    You know -- this post gave me an idea !! Obviously many of you here have Wheel Horse Tractors and of course Wheel Horse Tractor blood flowing thru your red Wheel Horse veins. And yes, many of you have multiple Wheel Horse's tucked away in your barns/garages and not only are some of those considered highly collectable/rare models some even put their tractors to work creating even much more enthusiasm for the hobby !! Now how many of you would actually like to own a significant part of Wheel Horse history that not many of you would have in your ultimate collection ?? We're thinking what if you actually owned a business/building location where many, many Wheel Horses were assembled (just like assembling those christmas presents that are every childs delight) and then sold to happy new owners !! Think of ALL the new crates (oh --- that wood smell) piled high awaiting their turn and then the BRAND NEW decks, snowblades, snowblowers, tire chains, slot/clevis hitches and more being dealer installed onto those tractors !! Can you say --- --- """bucket loader""" !!! Think of all the models that passed thru those doors not only in sales but repairs as well !! And parts, ah yes PARTS, parts as far as the eye could see awaiting to go to Wheel Horse owners to repair a broken Wheel Horse and make it well again !! Just think of the testosterone parties one could hold in their very own Wheel Horse mancave where fellow Wheel Horse owners would gather and marvel in your oppurtunity to own such a meca to Wheel Horse all the while quafing down some 10w-30 motor oil, marveling at the different shades of red ""old and new"". The possibilities are endless !!!
  9. We were just thinking that. But look what happened -- Now sales are flat for their new tractors -- (if you can call them tractors) -- --
  10. Keep a eye on that scraper -- they wear down quickly when plowing the neighborhood !!
  11. PTO CLUTCH PIN..GONE..2ND ONE ???????

    Very possible your outer bearing is going but still interesting why your pin disappears. How is your roll pin in the clevis ?? Don't forget to hand grease your inner needle bearing (with wheel bearing grease) when you rebuild your PTO !!
  12. Rear tires keep going flat...

    Interesting point. We have used tubes that are 'close' in size many times. After all, they blow up like a doughnut inside the tire and as long as the center is inflated the sides will go along for the ride so to speak. After all, your Horse only tops out at 7 MPH !!
  13. Rear tires keep going flat...

    Agree on all counts !!
  14. Would Toro ever sell Wheel Horse?

    We think it's very ""do-able"". Just needs to be cheapened up a bit. Briggs Engine, elec. PTO, Hydro-gear tranny, 42" mower, cheaper here -- cheaper there --- $2,999.00 w/mower --- would sell like hotcakes because folks are now realizing what they're buying for their $1,299. and up. Notice your ""big-box"" stores aren't inventoring no where near the amout of power equipment that they once did.
  15. Clips for Wheel Covers?

    They were available thru the dealer --