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  1. Blades Stop - WH 210-5

    In my WH the seat safety switch seems to turn off the entire mower. I was looking at the PTO switch and things seem to be tight. I was going to replace the PTO switch itself, but can't really seem to see how to take it apart. Do the wires just plug into the back of the switch and where would I get a new PTO switch? Thanks for the help.
  2. My uncle gave me my first WH 210-5 and for the past three weeks it has worked great. Now today all of a sudden after mowing for 15 mins the blades just shut off. I check the PTO switch and it was in the on position. I turned it off and then back on and it worked for another 5 mins. I am not the best with this kind of stuff, but any suggestions would be great.