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  1. And this is why you need more than one Wheel Horse

    This is kind of where I am. I restored two tractors, 416-8 and a 520-H. I planned to sell the 520, but its now my mower. The 416 is so good at snow removal, I leave the cab on it and we use it for winter activities. I think the 416 will be getting some fresh paint this year and possibly 4 new tires and rear wheel weights.
  2. 520H hydro leak

    My leak was coming from a couple places. There is a red colored metal hose running below the fan that was misting out oil. I put a white liquid teflon paste on it, took care of it immediately. The other leak was coming from a black hose behind the fan that was on a swivel type adapter. That was fixed I believe by replacing the rubber o-ring with a nitrile o-ring I bought a box from Harbor Freight. I am still finding some areas I may be misting past the seals, but the leaks are gone. Just have to know I need to routinely clean the pump fans and fan so it stays cool
  3. Buying a 520 - Quick question for the experts

    1000 hours on an Onan is nothing if its cared for. They are Industrial motors. Too bad you didn't get it. If it ran onto the trailer and then it died, it probably flooded. Nothing a carb cleaning couldn't fix. Hydro lever is one bolt to tighten it so it doesn't creep down. The one sore spot on the new 520's is the fuse block. They are trouble. I prefer mine on the 1989 520. Anyway, good luck.
  4. 520H

  5. The white pops a lot better than the dull gray. I went with an off-white from Tractor Supply when they sold Valspar paint.
  6. 1989 520H 9 Pin Question

    Thank you very much Kelly that is just what I needed! :bow-blue:
  7. 1989 520H 9 Pin Question

    LOL! I know its only 9 wires, but I'd prefer not to hook something up and do damage to the test panel or something.
  8. 1989 520H 9 Pin Question

    During my restoration, I replaced the 9 pin connector with temporary connectors, until the new one arrives. I numbered each wire, but now, I can't read them. I was wondering if anyone could take a look at their pins and let me know the colors that connect together? I used the demystification guide but it only tells you colors of one side. The other has to be traced though sheaths which is proving frustrating. Man there are a lot of wires!
  9. Onan P216 v P220 520H Question

    Yes, you're right. That is exactly what I needed to know. Thanks.
  10. Onan P216 v P220 520H Question

    Does anyone know if these motors spin in different directions? My 416-8 turns counter clockwise looking at the flywheel. Which way does the P220G turn in a 520H looking at the flywheel?
  11. 520H Oil Pressure Light Blinks

    Mine just started flashing this summer. I checked the oil level and such, I think it is likely something similar. It doesn't do it all the time, but most of the time. Its likely the control panel, the pressure switches usually last. I'll try cleaning it up and see what happens.
  12. Wheel weights only in winter?

    I've taken mine off in the springtime, only to put them back on when I've needed to pull a plug aerator. So, they just stay on now. :thumbs:
  13. It should be interesting!

    I am so jealous. Just waiting....
  14. First snow videos

    Nice tractor, pushing snow is a lot of fun. :ychain:
  15. 416-8

    Reminds me of my 416-8 restoration. Nice work. I too wound up buying a 520-H but with 48" deck and 799 hours. Currently in restoration phase, just starting to reassemble.