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  1. Raider 10 wont start

    Hello everyone. I have a thread over in the electrical section for this same thing. I am hoping maybe you guys can help me out. I believe i have narrowed down my problem to either the solid state ignition or the magneto. I get spark for a couple of seconds, and then there is no more spark. What would cause this? Here are some pictures of my flywheel, and what i think is my ignition. Can you tell me what the box is that is attached to the spark plug wire? Is that the solid state ignition? Is there a key way on the flywheel that could have broke? Thank you for all your help!
  2. Raider 10 wont start

    I went out today and took the cover off of the flywheel. I took the big nut off of the flywheel and it looks like i need a puller to get the flywheel off. I have a couple of questions. 1. Do i need a puller for the flywheel. 2. Do i need to take the flywheel off, is the magneto behind the flywheel? 3. What is the box that is attached to the spark plug wire, and could it be my problem? I have attached some pictures here of what i am talking about. I have never worked on a tractor before, so i apologize if my questions are really stupid!
  3. Raider 10 wont start

    Ok so now i am baffled and aggrevated. I pull the fuel line off of the carb that is coming off of the fuel pump.I hit the key and the fuel pump is pumping fuel into my jug. So the fuel pump is working and getting fuel. So i decide to hold the spark plug wire again and see if it will shock me. I get nothing. I drain the battery trying to get it to shock me. I get the battery on the charger and pull the spark plug. I get spark for a second. Then nothing. I switch spark plugs, nothing. My spark is coming and going as it pleases. So i am back to wondering if i need a magneto? What all is involvled with getting to the magneto and changing it?
  4. Raider 10 wont start

    Thanks for the input guys! I took that picture last week. And yes that is how it was routed. I noticed the other day, the fuel filter was on backwards. So both of you have good eyes! Now i put that new filter on last year, and ironically it ran fine up until it wouldnt start recently when i thought i had electrical problems. The other day i turned the filter around the proper way. It did not start. Now i plan on doing 2 things. I plan on unhooking the line coming out of the fuel pump and going into the carb. I am going to see if it is pumping fuel out when i crank the engine. I also plan on trying the trick of running the engine off of a bottle of fuel like was mentioned earlier. I dont find much time to go out and work in the cold garage. But i think i will go out in the morning- afternoon. I thank you guys again for all your help!!! :bow-blue:
  5. Raider 10 wont start

    Well i went out and played with it. I was able to get the spark plug wire to shock me at 1 point. I was also able to get it to back fire and almost start. I filled up the gas tank full with brand new fuel, and it would appear the fuel is not making its way down to the fuel pump. I have a gravity line in place. Gravity pulls the fuel down to the fuel filter, and the fuel filter goes right on to the fuel pump. I had the fuel pump rebuilt last year. I dont see the fuel pouring into the fuel filter. There is a little bit of fuel in it, but its not full.
  6. Raider 10 wont start

    LOL!!!!! well i guess i have done that test and didnt even know it. When i was checking spark the other day, i held the plug wire and it zapped me a little. It was a nice little tingling sensation! :eek:
  7. Raider 10 wont start

    Yes i bought a brand new plug a week ago. This just puzzles me why it wont start or backfire or something.
  8. Raider 10 wont start

    Ok thank you Rooster! I will have to find someone to test my mag.
  9. Raider 10 wont start

    I have not torn into the engine yet. I have not had alot of time to mess with it. And its cold and now the snow has fallen lol. If my magneto is bad, how much are we talking to get a different one or have this 1 rebuilt? Are there any deals on them?
  10. Raider 10 wont start

    Thanks guys for the help! The tractor was running about a month ago. I have been working on it since. I got it fired up and running about a month ago. i drove it around the block, and waved to all of my neighbors! I realized that the accessory plug was touching the starter cable on the ignition switch. So i proceeded to undo the starter hot cable and the power hot cable on the ignition switch. While i was doing this, i accidentally touched the starter hot wire and the power hot wire together. It sparked a couple of times. i had the battery hooked up. That is why i thought i had a bad ignition switch. But my ignition switch was fine. The starter was also fine, it gets a dead spot every now and then. I tap it a couple times, and its fine. So I am not sure what happend. But after this, all i have done is try to track down the problem. I was going around in circles trying to fix multiple problems, that actaully never existed. It ran good before i arcked the starter hot wire and the battery hot wire. That is the only thing i can think of that would have hurt anything.
  11. Raider 10 wont start

    I thank you guys for the warnings. I hope i did not hurt my magneto. I did not cross any wires, the wires i fixed, all i did was just repair the wire. i did not change anything, or start splicing wires together. If i fried the magneto, would the engine still have spark? Correct if im wrong, but having the spark, does that mean the magneto is working? Can anyone help me with figureing out my wireing? I posted the pictures because i dont understand what wires Terry is talking about. When i said the wire now has power, i meant that the wire was broken, and i patched it, and now it has power, not that i hooked another wire to it.
  12. Raider 10 wont start

    Well i have tried to poor fuel directly into the head. I took the spark plug out and put fuel in there and put the plug back in. It just cranks and cranks. I have spark, and i know i have fuel, but its not igniting. It is not even back fireing or anything. Does anyone have any ideas? Thanks for everyones help!
  13. Raider 10 wont start

    Terry i am not exactly sure what you are talking about. I dont know what plug you are talking about. I have taken pictures of what i have. I also decided to buy a new sparkplug, and i have spark now. Not alot, but there is spark. But then engine still does not act like there is spark.
  14. Raider 10 wont start

    Well i repaired the 1 wire today. It is now getting power. The tractor still does not have spark, and just cranks and cranks.
  15. Raider 10 wont start

    here are some pictures of it from a couple years ago.