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  1. Well I worked on my c-100 this afternoon, getting it ready for the season, and darned if the transmission drive pulley broke. I'll post pics later of the original pulley. Do you all have any ideas for a good source for the pulley? I don't think I necessarily need to replace the pulley with an original Wheel Horse pulley; I just need to find a pulley that will work. Or if any of you all have a pulley you want to sell, I will be interested. The OD of the pulley is 6 5/16", the shaft opening is 5/8", and the OD of the hub is 1 1/2". The width of the key is 1/8". Thanks, David
  2. 1974 C-100 8 Speed

    Hello all: Here are some pictures of my 1974 Wheel Horse C-100, 8 speed tractor. The tractor has primarily been used to mow our lawn and to pull a cart. I am wanting to use the tractor more as a garden tractor, but to do so, I need to locate a hitch and lift system, and a few implements. Given the heavy snows we have had in Oklahoma this year, I would also like a dozer blade. I know - those of you in the north and east U.S. laugh at our notion of heavy snows, but the fact remains it needs to be plowed so we can get out of our driveways. Of course, I want to do all of this without breaking the bank. Here are some pics:
  3. K241 interesting problem

    Hello all: I just found this Wheel Horse web site yesterday, and it is like I hit the jackpot. It's easy to get lost for a few hours on this web site. I've been browsing the engine forum for a couple of hours this evening, hoping to find someone else who has had an engine problem similar to that which I am having. I have a 1974 C-100 with the K241 10HP engine. Beginning last season the engine developed an interesting problem. After running for approximately 10-15 minutes, the engine would begin what I can best describe as "fluttering" and losing power. Eventually it would simply stop running. After I let the tractor set for a few minutes, I could restart the engine and it would run fine for a few minutes and then go through the same process. At first I believed the problem to be an ignition problem, so I began changing different ignition components - spark plug, spark plug wire, points, condensor, and coil. I used all Kohler components. The problem continues and has not gotten any better. So now, after reading your postings, I'm thinking that the issue may be caused by carbon build up. But I'm also wondering if the engine just may need a valve job or new valves. If time permits, I plan on pulling the head this weekend and doing a thorough cleaning. I'm not a mechanic by trade so I'd like to get the input from those of you who have way more knowledge and experience with these Kohlers than I have. Thanks for any suggestions you might have. David
  4. Hey there everyone. I am in central Oklahoma and I have a 1974 model Wheel Horse C-100. It has the 10 HP Kohler and manual transmission. I am wanting to use the tractor as a real garden tractor as I have several garden plots to plow and cultivate. As you all know the Wheel Horse tractors are heavy duty units and I believe the C-100 is no exception. In order to use the tractor in my gardens, I will need to find a hitch mechanism for my C-100 and a few Wheel Horse implements. I will also probably need to put some ag tires on the tractor. I look forward to learning more about the Wheel Horse tractors and exchanging information with you. David