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  1. RJ-58 Transmission Rebuild Kit

    Yep I have them available still...just haven't posted on ebay in a little while. The kit is $180 plus shipping costs and includes all new seals, gaskets, bushings, bearings, and the shifter boot. Feel free to pm me if you have any questions or are interested.
  2. RJ transmission gaskets

    If anyone else needs them I have professionally waterjet cut gasket sets available for $16 plus $4 shipping.
  3. In need of yr n model of wh

    64 654, 604 and 704 would not have the battery tray. Correct engine would be h60 tecumseh but the kohler is a nice upgrade!
  4. Backfiring Engine when under increased load

    Just went through this exact problem on a 12 horse kohler last week. First tried spark plug, condensor, coil, and a fuel filter and it finally turned out to have a very small pinhole in the float.
  5. 5010 trans assembly help/question

    I've had this problem before. Your bolts should be 1/2" long, if not the pinch on 1 of the gears. Also sometimes I have had to add a 3rd gasket to give it a little extra room.
  6. mower deck for 1267

    I have a couple 42's in southwest, Mi. If your interested in them pm me and I'll get you some more info and pictures.
  7. 5003 gaskets

    Looks very nice John! And that seems pretty typical on it being tight. With a little run time the bushings should wear in and should make it easier.
  8. Rebuilt 4 speed trans

    Changed Status to Closed
  9. Rebuilt 4 speed trans

    Changed Status to Closed
  10. #5010 side cover bolts

    Yep...that would of been the mushroom gear. And that was my main problem with the first transmission I rebuilt. Got it together and couldn't figure out what was wrong. Pulled it apart a couple times and couldn't figure it out. Turned out to be that simple!
  11. #5010 side cover bolts

    Little late to this thread, but just saw it. I tried using the 5/16x 3/4 bolts on the first 3 piece transmission I redid and they hit on something and caused it to lock up.
  12. Nelson Muffler

    Changed Status to Closed
  13. Nelson Muffler

    This was off a 74 c160 8 speed but should fit most tractors with the larger kohler singles.
  14. Nelson Muffler

    Nelson muffler for sale. Has been beadblasted, primed and painted with rustoleum high temp paint. Asking $80 plus shipping costs. Thanks, Jake
  15. Rear wheel weights & other attachments for '73 12 automatic

    I should have a slot hitch.