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    1957 rj35 x2
    1958 RJ58 x3
    1960 400x2
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    1962 702
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    1964 604
    1964 854
    1967 L107 lawn ranger
    1967 L157 lawn ranger
    1967 867
    1974 B80 4 speed
    1974 c160 8 speed
    1977 c120 8 speed
    1979 c141 8 speed
    c105 8 speed
    c175 auto
    also a couple of off brands
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  1. Wheel Horse parts Auction

    Yes I did see it steve, not sure I will be able to make it. Going to try though.
  2. NOS Schnacke recoil starter

    pm me please
  3. 1968 lawn ranger

    Changed Status to Closed
  4. 1959 RJ58

    Up for sale is a 1959 wheel horse rj58. Tractor starts and runs good, transmission works good and is quiet, not so common on a rj anymore. This tractor is complete and has an original belt guard that has been slightly modified and includes a reproduction heat shield. Perfect restoration project, don't have to go searching for missing pieces. Hood has been welded on top but not cut anywhere. Only thing it really could use is a set of front rims, 1 has rotted our due to being filled with chloride. Asking $750 located in South Haven,Mi
  5. kohler magnum 8

    For sale Kohler 8 Magnum. This engine starts and runs excellent. Has electric start too but haven't tried it. Asking $150. Located in South Haven,Mi
  6. 1968 lawn ranger

    Up for sale is a very nice original 1968 wheel horse lawn ranger. Runs and drives great, has new carburetor and a newer battery. Deck is in very nice condition too. Perfect for a kid being in nice original shape and with electric start. Asking 450 with no seat or 600 with the mint seat on it. Located in South Haven,Mi
  7. NOS Schnacke recoil starter

    For sale are NOS repainted Schnackes Recoil for 4hp kohler k90 and k91. Recoils were NOS when I received them. Due to sitting in a warehouse for many years they had some minor rust pitting in spots and sticky cables. Recoil cover, and screen were sandblasted and painted with base clear coat paint and mechanism taken apart, cleaned and oiled. There may be some minor pitting in the cover but nothing major. The correct length crankshaft nut for the k91 is included. However, this nut was a larger thread and has a thread insert loctited in place to make it 7/16-20 thread like the kohlers used. Also includes new mounting screws for the shroud This screen is slightly different style then typically seen, but is a direct bolt up to a k91. $130 plus $8 shipping
  8. NOS Schnacke recoil

    Lowering price to $130...
  9. NOS Schnacke recoil

    This will not fit a 704, just the 4 horse kohlers. Sorry.
  10. NOS Schnacke recoil

    Still have a couple left...
  11. NOS Schnacke recoil

    Tim, I sent you a pm on here with my address.
  12. NOS Schnacke recoil

    NOS Schnacke recoils for sale. Taken apart cleaned, oiled and cover and screen sandblasted and repainted with base/clear coat paint. A couple of these do have some minor rust pitting in the cover from sitting for years but nothing major. Includes the correct length nut and screws to install on kohler k91. This screen is a different style then usually seen on a RJ but bolts right up to a k91. $150 each plus shipping. I can ship for $7-10 depending on distance.available 8 available.
  13. Slot Hitches

    Yes, they will all fit the 701
  14. Rear Rockshaft

    Under seat rockshaft off c series. Used to use rear lift hitch or tiller. Complete except for lift chain which depends in which attachment you use. Asking $100 obo plus shipping costs
  15. 42" snow blower

    42" snowblower for sale. Been my personal blower last 3 years, installed new chain and sprockets 2 seasons ago. Only selling because I got a newer 1. Ready to use this winter. $250 obo. Located in South Haven,Mi.