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  1. 2018 Big Show Buy/Sell/Trade Thread HERE!!

    Have a Raider 10 that runs and shifts fine, all tires hold air, needs work or for parts. $175. Also a 414-8, haven't started it this year. Seat is torn up, two tires go flat and paint is bad. $175.
  2. Lynnville Auction

    I was just wondering if anybody here went to the Gerald Reller auction in Lynnville, Indiana and what it was like. I just saw this today so it's out of the question.
  3. Columbia, SC

    I was wondering if anybody is near Two Notch Road in Columbia South Carolina that could pick an item up at Sears and ship it to me. Willing to pay for handling and all other expenses.
  4. Snow blower parts

    Yes, still available. PM me with details.
  5. Crossing The Border

    I worked on the steed yesterday and put it back together. It will need a couple of little things, but it RUNS, and smooth at that. This is a good weekend.
  6. Crossing The Border

    I was feeling kind of bad having to "cross the PA border" and snag this deal but it was listed for about six weeks and I figured nobody else wanted it so thought I'd take a shot, glad I did. As long as both of us were happy with the deal that's what mattered. I just hate to see a Horse get put down and try to resurrect them when possible. Worked on it today and have it narrowed down, now it's time to pull the flywheel.
  7. Crossing The Border

    I saw this posted for sale knowing I didn't need another horse, stables overflowing, however after time passed and talking to the owner had to take a trip across the PA border. The mower and bagger have one light season on them and that's including the mule drive and mid attach a matic. I bought it with no spark (Tecumseh) but have been testing everything like crazy and am close to resolving that issue. I think I did okay since the package price was what baggers are bringing currently.
  8. 69' Raider 10 - HH100 Lausen. No Spark

    Thanks so much 69Raider. I read through part of his information and will have to come back to it after church, then it is time to go testing. I dug up some old Tecumseh literature last night and was amused that in one part of the article it basically said to replace with new parts to fix. Well I don't have that kind of money to waste. I plan on testing this afternoon/evening to determine the failure. Hope your progressing on your machine. Keep me informed. Mark
  9. Tecumseh Spark

    I recently bought a Raider 10 with no spark, knowing it was probably the SSI on the Tecumseh, with several accessories that were in good shape for a (what I think) good price. With that being said I downloaded the parts list on here for the engine (HH100 1151145C) and it states part number is 610748. My question is I have access to a coil (#610906) that's reasonably priced, would these interchange and do I have my part numbers correct?
  10. 3 point hitch D-200

    You are correct that there are three balls and a spring to retain the collar. You have the difficult to locate pieces and can go to the hardware store (or anywhere else) and get three ball bearings (Don't remember the size) and wire for the spring. 3 Automatic is correct in disassemble everything and clean. Should work like new.
  11. Auction

    I'm disappointed at being unable to attend the Tegner Auction today in Ohio, now am ready to hear the stories and see the PICS of everybody's haul. The auction is all I could think about today. Oh well got some things done around the house and saved money, if that's any consolation.
  12. Lucky One

    It was on the Erie CL.
  13. Lucky One

    Hoping someone here is the lucky one that picked up this deal of the week. It was $350 with a working bagger. As usual I'm a day late, literally in this case, as he sold it the day before I saw it.
  14. Vendor

    I was wondering if anybody knows the vendors contact info that was set up down from the concession stand/registration building next to the red building with the bathrooms attached. He had items on some tables and a trailer (60" deck, bagger, mufflers, etc) and had a canopy set up over part of it. I got home and it hit me that I didn't get his contact info to discuss some items he had, old timers. Anyway, if anyone has any info it would be greatly appreciated.
  15. Another 520 followed me home yesterday.

    I'm already excited for next years show. That provides some additional motivation to get the 520 restored (also will make the wife happy which never is a bad thing). Let the countdown begin.