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  1. 1991 520

    170hrs.perfect original
  2. 48"deck

    Changed Status to Closed
  3. 48"deck

    looking for a decent 48"deck that would probably have to be shipped
  4. have any xtra 48" decks

  5. any deck pics of the 42"

    1. richmondred01


      It’s a 36. I made a mistake. I’m looking for a 42”4ADDAE58-38C6-41A7-963D-477743765379.jpeg.b0421c732cb7832803b952ab3eb9252d.jpeg

  6. 416 hydro

    1996 400+hrs.new rear tires 42"deck 42"blower serviced like new seat is being recovered also comes with a 48" snow blade
  7. steering shaft

    put another steering on today never thought about the screw thanks
  8. steering shaft

    why would the steering shaft pull out when i pulled on the whee? thanksl
  9. 416 hydro-reduced

    Changed Status to Closed
  10. steering clicking-416

    took it apart two teeth broke off
  11. 416 hydro-reduced

    1995 385hrs.42"deck serviced everything works snowblower available
  12. steering clicking-416

    mine either
  13. steering clicking-416

    when i turn the steering all the way to the left i get this loud clicking.it will keep doing it as long as i keep turning it. thanks
  14. 520 blade

    Changed Status to Closed
  15. 418 power collection system

    check page 10 for sale i posted.don't know if that's what you need.