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  1. engine stops

    after the new ing.switch the problem still existed.did some more research&read about the stater & trigger switch.pulled the flywheel.it was so packed with dirt you could barely see the stater.cleaned everything up & hoping this fixes the issue.it even charges better.
  2. engine stops

    the problem was the ign.switch.one pole was completely rusted
  3. connector

    looking for a 9 pin connector both ends.prefer w/ leads
  4. engine stops

    95 416-h after starting go about 100' stops starts right up has done this several times
  5. 520h rubber hood hold downs and seat shock

    call a to z tractor.used but cheap.i get my strut's from amazon.
  6. bagger parts

    bagger parts that attach to tractor
  7. No Name/C-160 Split Seat Wanted

    there is a couple on ebay but pricey
  8. 42" Deck Questions

    looking for something newer thanks
  9. 520 steering

    this was probably posted before.how do you take the play out of the steering? thanks
  10. MICE!!!!!!

    moth balls work for me
  11. clutch spring

    on a 95 314-8 do you have to remove the strut to install a clutch spring thanks
  12. snow cab

    Changed Status to Closed
  13. snow cab

    300 400 500 series
  14. snow cab

    it's all complete w/ hardware
  15. snow cab

    like new have manuals