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  1. the model number is 103708 and the serial number is 920470
  2. I just acquired a wheel horse and i can't tell what it is from the body style but it has a model number and serial number. where can i go to find out what i have?
  3. work horse

    Nice looking 700 thanks for the pic. :thumbs:
  4. Wheel Horse Identification

    they are going to want pic. :thumbs:
  5. 551

    Would anyone here at RedSquare have any close up or detail pic. of the engine area of a 551? What I'am looking for is the routing of the gas line,choke,throttle cable,wiring of the ingnition switch to the selenoid,starter and some other small details. Making a tractor out of box full of parts is getting to be a headache.Thanks in advance for the help. :thumbs:
  6. cub cadet gone

    I also have a b100 have had it for close 20 years it has been a good worker. good luck with yours :thumbs:
  7. I have a 551 that I need a full set of decals for can you help me out? and the cost thanks Greg
  8. work horse

    I have a work horse 700 not the original motor plus other modifcations
  9. Tractor Help...

    i have had the similar problem. you need to try cleaning ALL terminals and contacts then make sure connections are tight. good luck
  10. 551

    I am restoring a 551 with a 5.5 hp tecumseh the tractor and motor were in boxes when i found it. Now I am having trouble finding some of the smaller parts such as the rod that goes from the governor to the carburetor and the rod that goes from the shroud to the governor. I am looking to make these pieces but am having trouble finding the dimensions. Would anyone have a diagram that would be useful?