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    Garden tractors, old implements, hit-n-miss, antique tractors, etc.<br><br>Tractor shows, swap meets, threshing, etc.
  1. Battery placement...

    I'd build a metal weight box to fit that specific space. Then fill the box with molten lead. Lotsa weight up front.
  2. Lost email

    I believe someone from RS had sent me something in email a few days ago. I accidentally deleted a bunch of email. If you recently sent me something, and I didn't respond, resend it and I'll get back to you right away. Thanks!
  3. GT14 question

    :party: I'm afraid I'm gonna hafta call for pics of these pulleys. B)
  4. Sweet! I hope my 1054 project turns out that nice! B)
  5. Juggler

    Pic is a few years old... Juggler on his 854 with rear cultivator.
  6. Wheels for 953

    What wheels were they? The 16" wheels?
  7. 1964 Wheel Horse Model # 704

    That will push some snow too! I pushed with a 854, similar setup for along time. Looks like you may have a little blade than mine though. Feet look different.
  8. Christmas Horse's

    Your brother has a Rugg. (I just know how to spell it, but I wouldn't know one if I tripped over it!) :thumbs:
  9. My GT14 is so fine

    Good lookin' GT! I like those arm rests too! Wish mine had them.
  10. Here's a link to get you going... electrolysis on edit: I get my Arm & Hammer Washing Soda at Meijer.
  11. what do ya think so far?

    Neat tractor! :notworthy:
  12. New to me 953

    Lookin' good! What's the serial number?
  13. new horse to my stable

    Congrats! That's a favorite of mine!
  14. Wheel Horse 953

    Here's another pic of that pulley. It's mounted on a rod that goes all the way thru to the hole on the other side, and has a nut on the outside. You can "just" see the rod in this pic. I'd never seen one before (until I saw the above "labeled" pic), I was gonna take it off and discard it, thinking it was something a previous owner had added. Guess I'll leave it alone now. Here's a pic from the other side, you can just make out the rod behind the grill. click to enlarge If you need more pics let me know, the 1054 is in storage a few miles from here.