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    Thanks Bob
  2. Axle movement question

    Interesting the bronze bush could work I hand quite a bit of up down play put new seal in and has had heavy use six months no leak as yet. Dan
  3. Hi All 8-speed uni-drive Is it possible to replace the input and brake shaft seals without parting the box and Yes I know I should know this by now. Thanks for your replies Dan desperate. :ROTF:

    Hi Horsemen Any idea if there should be washers under the four diff bolts on a old C series box I have just boxed up and then thought oops should there have been, as it just had the locking nuts and looked as if it had never been down before I only have numbers on the box so unable to identify it's 1 1/8 axle Thanks for any reply Dan
  5. sorry just noticed it's an h :woohoo:
  6. Hi What is this brake-neutral thing, nothing like that on my 1978 416-8 :woohoo:
  7. Tie Rods

  8. Bearing #1533

    I reckon it would be worth a go as you said no great speed involved and plenty of lube if anyone had the time and equipment to do it and then give it a good test we could be saved. Dan :thumbs:
  9. axle go or not

    My Thanks for your replies. Trouble is this was going to be a worker and the rough bit is where the needle bearing fits have fine emery clothed it just wondered if anyone has ever had this and it stood up after some time. desperate Dan. :thumbs:
  10. 520H axle moves in/ out

    Steve is right been there but as he said it is not strait through unless hydro is different to 8 speed. Dan
  11. axle go or not

    You always give me hope Steve :thumbs:
  12. My Thanks to (stevasaurus) on the great video on trans rebuild. This should have been under trans split but it has got a bit long. Well got most of my parts to start rebuild but would like your opinion on the axle if I scrape over with a small driver you can feel it just in that spot if I put the new bearing on and turn it seems smooth is it a go or not' only it would be hard to find a 1 "1/8 axle in UK as Bob has not got one. Dan :wh:
  13. 8 speed again

    Thanks for the offer dgjks6 whereabouts are you US or UK Bob is sending me 8 pinions and I have ordered a new 2nd 3rd gear not sure if I require more the axle shaft has a bit of a bad spot but its slight so hope it will be OK. DAN
  14. 8 speed again

    Thanks Mike On a downer now not sure what to do never thought about the pinion ends others could be bad and as you say inside housing could be worn. Dan
  15. 8 speed again

    Hi Richard thanks for hanging in there, its a shame as I thought the diff was good and up till now have spent almost