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  1. 520H wiring harness

    Thank you guys found it, Joe
  2. 520H wiring harness

    Hi Members, I am doing an engine swap in a 1988 W/H 520H replaced Onan 20hp with a B&S 18 hp twin opposed I/C. My problem is connecting the OEM main engine harness to the B/S, the B/S has a kill wire and the alternator wire go the the regulator. My problem is I don't know what wire is what in the harness and I'm unable to find a wiring schematic does anyone know the break down of the wire harness.. Any help is appreciated.. Thanks Joe
  3. Shaft Size

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone would know on a kohler K series or a B&S 18 twin opposed which both came with W/H tractor what is the diameter and the length needed for the pulley assy.
  4. Tires

    Hi, Just wondering if anyone has tried ATV tires on the rear for better traction since the lugs look so aggresive? Thanks Joe
  5. Orange Peel

    Thanks guys, I think that I will leave it that way till summer, then when it is good and hard I will attempt to follow you direction. Thanks Again
  6. Orange Peel

    Hi, I was looking for a little help, I painted my tractor with Valspar IH red one day ago, I noticed some orange peel in it. I was wondering if I could sand it down and buff it out,or leave it alone. Thanks Joe
  7. Footrest 520H

    Hi,I was wondering are the rubber footrest pads for a 520h still available or does someone make a replacement item? Thanks Joe
  8. Trans Fluid

    1988 520H, what type of fluid does it use in the hydro/trans, also how many quarts.
  9. Spray gun for Painting

    I am going to be using Valspar Tractor paint, thining with Naptha Vm&P. I have used a Siphon gun before and had great paint jobs. But It will be my first attempt with a HVLP gun.
  10. Spray gun for Painting

    Thanks Guys, I am going to buy a Habor Freight special and try it. Are their any secrets to a nice job without getting orange peel?
  11. Spray gun for Painting

    Hi, Just wondering what is the bestway to paint my WH HVLP gun or siphon gun?
  12. Counterclockwise B&S Vanguard

    Hi, I was just talking to someone who has a 16 hp B&S Vanguard engine # 305442. He informed me that this engine rotates counter clockwise, what would this application engine be for? Thanks Joe
  13. Wheel Bearings

    Hi, does any one know the # for the front wheel bearings on a 1988 520H? Thanks Joe
  14. 1988 -520H

    Yes, you answered my question. Did you use a steel or bronze bushing? Thanks Joe
  15. 1988 -520H

    Hi, I have a 520 H that the steering wheel was not center with the front wheels, I was able to center it by turning the wheel then slipping the steering shaft gear past the other gear. I see that it is worn, either the steering shaft or the lower support block. My question is has anyone ever attempted to fit a bushing into either of these parts as a repair or am I better off replaceing the parts .