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  1. GT-14 Steering Insert, Wanted-on-Loan

    I think the wheel and insert should be round but have distorted over time. It is hard to see in the picture but the insert is not round but it is not a perfect triangle either.
  2. GT-14 Steering Insert, Wanted-on-Loan

    Is this the insert that you are looking for? I can send it to you if you still need one.
  3. AG Tires

    Thanks for the information Audioshot. And welcome to the group.
  4. I used the flexable ruber magnets that my wife has stuck all over the refridgerator. You can trim them to fit over the areas that you want to protect and they won't lift the lettering from the tag when you remove them.
  5. lawn ranger tensioner pulley

    The pulley looks to be about 3 inch in diameter. 1/2 inch wide. And a 3/8 inch bore. The old part number was 1623. An alternative part is still available from a dealer. It is the same idler pulley used for the tractors drive belt tension or clutch. George
  6. I am finishing up a 1967 Lawn ranger. I have most of the parts back together. But I have a question about final touches on the hood. Are the Wheel Horse letters pressed into the front of a hood painted a different color or left red like the rest of the hood? If painted then what color? Would it be the same color as the wheels?
  7. Buzz do you have an address for the farm? Will there be any vendors with used parts? I am still trying to find a gas tank.
  8. Lawn Ranger fuel tank

    Thanks for the offer Terry. I'm sorry I took so long to see your reply. I may live a fair distance from you, but I often work in State Colledge. I travel for work I could be in Boston one day and in Cleveland the next. I was talking to Bill Jenkins again today and sent him a copy of the picture that Lord Hellmutt posted. I hope he can locate one for me. Thanks to all who replied. :omg:
  9. NJ meet and greet

    I was wondering abouts those dates also. But then I noticed that they were last years show. Do you know the dates for the 2009 show?
  10. Lawn Ranger fuel tank

    Thanks for the picture. I had a Tecumseh H60 engine that I put on it. The first tank that I tried had the squared corners like in the picture but the spout did not line up with the hole in the hood. I just pick up a rounded tank. It's spout lines up with the hood but the tank is too big and the hood will not close. The mounting bracket looks the same. So I just got to keep looking for a tank. Thanks for the replys.
  11. I am rebuilding an L-157. It is mostly finished except for a fuel tank. I have purchased 3 tanks already and none seam to fit. I don't know if I have the wrong tank or if I am using the wrong mounting bracket. Can someone send me a picture of the correct set up? Another question about this tractor. When the hood is in place there is only about a 1/2 inch of clearing from the grill to the air cleaner. Does this sound correct? Every time I mount the hood it scratches the air cleaner and the steering shaft. Thanks for your time.
  12. Dave Jenkins

    Yes I did. My goof. I used to work with a guy name Dave Jenkins. I have been talking to Bill about looking at parts. Now I have the time to go but lost his number.
  13. Is Dave Jenkins a member of this group? Or can someone PM me his phone number? I like to schedule a time to pick up some parts but have lost his card. :thumbs:
  14. which paint to use

    Stone_henge that tractor looks great. Yesterday I opened up a 1/2 pint can of paint that I used for my first tractor. I wanted to compare it to the paint on my new tractor. The new paint is not the same color. At the store they told me the only difference with the paint was the name change. But I can see that the color was changed also. When I did the first tractor they called Regal Red and now they call it Int. Harvester Red. If I wasn't so far along with this tractor i would start over. But I am going to finish it like it is. Maybe next winter it will get a makeover.
  15. WOW! The tractor is looking great! Will it make it to the show in June. Look forward to seeing it.