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  1. Dirty carb or fuel pump?

    Pull the line going to the carb and crank the motor to see if the fuel is pumping out. If you got fuel make the float is set right and make sure the jet is not plugged up. Set the high speed set screw.
  2. 312-8

    Try readjusting the carb winter summer gas change
  3. Fuel Problem

    Have you thought of installing an electric fuel pump? It has solved some of the peoples problem. I put one in my tractor with a off and on switch acts as a prime. Turn if off while running it works for me.
  4. Fuel flow problem

    Glad to see you figured it out. The next time use WD40 or carb cleaner instead of starting fluid.it is too hot small engines causing internal damage. You'll be surprise how well they work especially the WD40.
  5. Newer Snowblower Flags

    Just guessing it could be homemade
  6. Good ol B80 can do everything that you put it through.
  7. wheel horse gold

    Yes, I seen that ad on CL asking $4500.
  8. NGK or Champion?

    I use Autolight 216 for most Kohlers. Sold hundreds when I had my business. I use NGK for the Asian motors
  9. Lowering a snow plow

    It could be the lift rod. I think you can adjust with a 9/16 in. wrench.
  10. D200 trans- lift problem?

    Thanks for you response. I was hoping it was simple.
  11. My good friend has a 1974 D-200 Automatic model 1-0630 .Th e trans seems to be working fine, but the problem is in the hydraulic lift it isn't working. I know on the Eaton trans there is a seperate pump for the lift. He says his 200 doesn't have one. Hope I can help him. Thanks and Happy New! to everyone
  12. B80 no start....

    With a high pitch whine hopefully it is not a connecting rod. Don't forget if you have compression, spark and fuel it should start
  13. Thanks, just what I was looking for. I'm going to Home Depot to pick a couple up. Do they come in different lengths?
  14. Is there a picture of cement anchor bolt . I would more info. Thanks
  15. Runs then dies

    Is the gas valve opened all the way? While it is running spray WD40 in the throat of the carb if it keeps running it's looking for gas. If no spark check clean and regap the points.