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  1. Their are several of us using 6 blades. I personally have a 48SD with 6 blade as Sarge says and using them for 3 years. Also I have 42RD the same. To get a good thread on the shaft I don't use any of the washers and use the same blades as Sarge. I doubled blades on Kubota O turn 60in.deck.
  2. I've taken out the mulching kit on my 42recycler for over 3 years with no problem. Didn't change anything else. I thing it had 4 bolts.
  3. What is a "safe" hill angle for a kohler 8 ?

    I have a lot of hills and keep the dipstick past the fill line because of the incline.
  4. 48 inch mower deck bearings

    In Akron, Ohio there is a company Akron Wheel Bearing. They can cross reference any company's bearing and if you have the old bearing they will match it for about a third of the price. They sell all over the world.
  5. "Floppy" rear deck wheels...

    Maybe a worn out spacer I think the part no. is 102704
  6. '73 C12 no spark

    Make sure that they a good ground
  7. recycle deck

    I took my baffle out quite some time ago it still does a good job. Happy without baffle easier to clean.
  8. Looking for Low Mowing Deck Fix

    I put 7in. deck wheels on and got another half inch in height.
  9. Idler pulley question

    I would turn it over or place some washers under the pulley so the belt can ride more it the middle.
  10. Hard start 312

    Check gas cap, How does it act with the choke ie when it is dying pulling the choke help? If fuel pump test works good then check carb jet may have some crud. Electric fuel pump is always a good solution.
  11. Kohler M12 K301 fuel pump kit

    Bought several kits from this guy.
  12. fuel issue 312h

    I put in a electric fuel pump with an off and on switch. I turn the pump on for a few seconds before I turn the ignition key it fires right up and shut the pump off.
  13. Rubber wipers for snowblower

    I used the rubber from used paddle snow blowers. Your service centers trow them away.
  14. fuel pump diaphram

    Then and Now Automotive Fuel Pumps - Then and Now Automotive
  15. C101 Fuel Problem-what have I missed?

    I would try an electric fuel pump. The gas that we are using today evaporates quickly with heat.