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  1. Mini Wheel-Horse meets mini real horse.

    Nice photo op with the 3 Horses! Is that off of 9W or right in west Point? Just curious
  2. 1987 Wheel Horse 312-8

    Changed Status to Closed
  3. 1987 Wheel Horse 312-8

    Tractor is sold, thanks for looking!
  4. Listing for friend. 1987 Wheel Horse 312-8. 12hp Kohler engine with only approx 760hrs. 8-speed transmission. 36" mowing deck with 2 blades. New battery, filter, plug, greased. Starts and runs perfect, no oil leaks. No major rust & in great shape for 30yrs old. PM me for contact info of seller.
  5. Thumb screws for hood 1345, 1346

    Nice indeed! Could use a set for my Ranger.
  6. L 107

    Nice! Good luck and keep us posted on your progress.
  7. Some Drawings

    Thanks Terry!. Saved for future fabrication.
  8. Anyone Own A Kubota BX2200 4x4 Tractor?

    Look here for manuals: http://www.kubotabooks.com/AutoIndex/ I saw the WSM for the B2400 & LA351 loader on there. Good luck with it. I'm sure he will like it. I have the L2550 w/ loader and love it. Had an old B6000 before that.
  9. Picked up a Snow Blade

    Terry, That bracket (quick-tach?) you posted in your first post, second picture. Does that mount to the back of the tractor to hold the rear of blade? I have one that my father had and figured it was from a WH due to color, but wasn't sure since he never had any other WH than the Ranger that I have now. I doubt I can use on the Ranger, but wanted to clarify & maybe offer it on here if someone can use it. I will get some pics this weekend to post in new thread so fellow members can verify.
  10. Lawn Ranger L-156 mowing

    Looks good & sounds good!
  11. Looks great! I see your in N. Jersey. Anywhere near Sussex? I'm across the border near Port Jervis, NY.
  12. Thanks for the pictures and videos! Sorry I missed it.
  13. We're camping up in Oakland Valley that weekend. Maybe get to see it. Any particulars as far as time. I know Montgomery is having their Gen. Montgomery Day on 9/10. Wouldn't happen to be that day would it?
  14. Nice work! Makes me want to pull mine out of the shed & get back working on it. Maybe wintertime!
  15. I'm Back

    Glad to see you here Terry. I've been lurking on here since I got the Lawn Ranger. I figured you would end up back here since you got the WH the other day.