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  1. lLooking for haulin help

    you have mail.
  2. GT14 ing. switch

    Thanks Terry for catching the ignition switch wiring I indicated incorrectly for the GT14 Kohler K321 solid state / breakerless application. I've just been working on too many B&S vert shafts that need the ground wire to shut the engine down. This can happen when you pull out of context. My bad. Bob, hope you haven't let the smoke out of your GT14 yet. Eddie
  3. GT14 ing. switch

    Bob T. you are correct with the wire designations. The 'I' ignition or 'M' magneto is ground to shut down engine. The 'L' lighter, accessory, lights or 'A' accessory (same ckt). Eddie
  4. 312Hydro says hello

    :thumbs: Good to have you here. Eddie
  5. My new (used) 1988 414-8

    Dan, I think you really got TOOK on this deal. With the uncertainty of it starting every time I would be afraid to get close to it. Even if it starts you could be stranded in GOD ONLY KNOWS where. I understand why you are limiting you driving to only your own yard. I feel sorry for you so I am willing to take it off your hands, and give you a few dollars for your trouble of going to pick it up. Please feel free to remove any new gasoline you may have added. Remember, your family my stop shaking their head at you, after all, that should be worth a lot. Now, let me know where I can pick up my new, ERR-I-Mean, old tractor. I wouldn't do this for just anyone but since you live close to me I feel it's my obligation to help you out. You should feel much better knowing someone is watching out for your interests. Now, don't hesitate, tell me where I can make the pick-up. And don't let anyone HOO-DOO you out of it until I get there. Eddie
  6. Howdy from NC

    Hello and . I'm sure you will enjoy it here. Eddie
  7. 6 B-days Today!

    Like the guys above said: QUESTION -- How do I tell which one is which? __^__^__^__^__^__^ I just want to know which one of you brought the balloon.......^........... Eddie
  8. I got a job!

    :thumbs: Congratulations Rolf. Wishing you luck. Puts a smile on your face I'm sure. Sounds like a great opportunity to get back into IT. Hope your new job is close to your home what with the direction the price of gas is going. I turn 70 in a few weeks and haven't had any luck finding a job lately either. One could say I'm not trying real hard but you can only accept so many rejections. Eddie
  9. New Wheel Horse Last Night

    Hello MID-TN-857 (856) The hydrostatic transmissions have a "tow valve" that should be slightly opened to allow for pushing or low speed towing. This same feature is on riding lawn tractors. Hind sight shows that you should have loaded the tractor then removed the battery. I learned this with a Cub Cadet hydro - lesson learned. My GT14 hydro has a release valve under the seat. Your release should be on the top side of the transmission, possibly under the seat. I'm sure you will find it. Jim, if your new tractor looks as good as your 857 (856), you picked up a winner. Eddie
  10. geothermal

    WOW !! - this may be difficult to explain but I'm gonna give it a try. My last home was very similar to my current home and I'm 'treating' them both the same. My current home is 2300 sq.ft. I have a heat pump. Four BR's two baths, Liv.rm., Lg. fam.rm. open kit/dining and utility (mud) rm. There is only myself and my wife living here with occasional grand kids and great grand kids visiting. The first thing I do is install a programable thermostat. I sorta use the override feature on the thermostat as secondary temp control. Turn the (winter) temp down to around 55deg. near bedtime and bring back up to around 67deg at wake up time. If this seems a little cool - it is. So I keep an oil filled 120vac heater in my bedroom set at 64deg (good sleeping temp). To cheat a little on the coldest of nights I also have a mattress pad heater, used very little. In the family room I use a second small 120vac heater and keep it set at 64deg. This supplements the family room and hall way where the main thermostat is located. I keep the vents closed in the unused bedrooms, WIC/dressing area and mud room. I know all of this sounds like a mixture of temperatures but that is exactly what it is. I only heat my main living areas to 67-69deg and with closed vents and reduced night time temps it works for me. Also if I leave home for most or all of a day I will override my thermostat down to 55deg and return temp up when returning home. I have changed almost all of my lighting to flourescent and believe this helps a little. After a while you you get used to the "get brighter later" bulbs. I have added a water heater timer and it is turned on only 3 one hour intervals per day My electric bill per month is less than any of my families that live near me. Summer time is controlled by two things, the programmable thermostat and vents and doors closed. Thanks for your time to read this. I hope it starts a thought process that you may adapt for your situation. I know this is a little long winded but the idea is here - I hope! I'm sure there are small changes that can be supplemented with a small programmable 120vac heater in the right location. Oh, and did I mention, doors should remain closed on some parts of the house. Remember, Spring and Fall temps are like a freebie. Sorry, I don't know anything about geothermal control. Eddie
  11. Carb on Craftsman Tractor

    Thanks guys. A shot of carb cleaner here and a shot there followed be a slight adjustment and I'm back in business. Fresh gas and new plugs didn't hurt. Eddie
  12. My name is Scot

    Scot Nice looking tractor. Eddie
  13. h60 carb issues

    TABCAT A few months ago I had to replace the carb on my HH60 Tecumseh engine. Research showed that the bolt up was the same for all H60 and HH60's. One thing you must watch for is the choke lever arrangement. That seemed to be the biggest issue I found during my search. Eventually I bought an OREGON #50-646 carb that fit to a 'T' but I had to put an ever so slight bend on the end of the choke lever to clear the air filter. The carb works great and only had to tweek the jets about 1/8 turn for a great idle. If I remember corectly it cost around $50 bucks plus shipping. I would have no trouble switching over to an aftermarket carb if it's for a worker machine. Original equipment doesn't help me with my needs, serviceability does. Once again, welcome to Eddie
  14. I just got my 1st horse, a 604. Now What ?

    :thumbs: Great to have you here. You'll enjoy it. Eddie
  15. Carb on Craftsman Tractor

    Too many years since I had a carb apart (1950's). Mostly just to clean the float bowl out and adjust the float. Now my question is, can a carb be taken apart, cleaned and reassembled without destroying the gaskets? (reuse gaskets) The engine on my Craftsman Lawn Tractor (1999 year) is surging at less than half throttle and won't run at all unless the choke is pulled out about half way. I recently cleaned the fuel tank and put a new filter and fuel lines on it. I have just replaced the complete carb on most other machines up until now. I kinda want to give this one a cleaning and see if it works prior to an expensive replacement. I figure a new carb for this old hack would probably cost more than it's worth. I know some would advise to replace the old girl (the whole mower) but this machine is a part of my "FLEET". Besides, the GT14 would seem lost without this stable mate. If I try and fail I may be 'pushing' a lawn mower this season. Eddie