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  1. Saw My old 210H on CL

    buy it back!
  2. looks like a deck for a vertical shaft set up and converted to horizontal shaft engine. I did that on a couple decks.
  3. Opinions wanted

    get the 520 with the 2 stage thrower. snow is the enemy
  4. Opinions wanted

    What are your needs? mowing only? how many acres? want to plow snow? or blow it? do want to turn over and cultivate a garden? these questions and many more will determine what to look for. also these are "old" machines. tinkering is part of the fun.
  5. C161 plowing, first timer

    welcome aboard! I grew up in Cheshire, CT look to add wheel weights to the front at the very least. keeps the fronts from skidding to the sides. others will suggest a single bicycle like chain on each wheel others like tri rib tires etc etc
  6. Winter Battle, getting ready, advice / tires

    I'm using the rubber tire chain on both the 520 thrower and the 416 blade rear tires. running front wheel weights on the plow rig made all the difference!
  7. Bring on the leaves!!!

    and Made in the "Whale of a state": Connecticut!
  8. Ready for Fall

    lets see it in action!!
  9. 520H help for a rookie

    E01 indicates 1988 the first year for the 520. there was also a 520-HC of the same year that was the commercial version any pictures of the whole tractor? if know about Onan, you know to clean the cool fins of all the grass on the rear cylinder. also on the later Onans there was a rubber oil filter seal to help seal the engine tin and promote better cooling. they are only a few dollars but well worth it.
  10. Happy Birthday Van!

    Happy Birthday Van We missed you at the last Big Show!
  11. Note the Turkey Hill sign in the background....
  12. Time to paint

    like everyone has said, prep, pre, prep is the key! also depends on the end result that you want. do you want a show queen or a worker? numbers matching or is NOM (not original motor)? ok. wait.... sorry... was thinking about our muscle car brethren but it is the same. " Oh, that washer is a hair thicker than what came from the factory" ha ha! spray bomb or automotive paint? lots of info on this site and looks of help!
  13. Time to paint

    Mike, There numerous old posts that you can search through on this website,. All the restoration opinions on the best penetrating oil, rust removal, prep for paint and to final paint or powder coat etc etc
  14. Rusted 416-8

    if you could get that 416 for $125..and get the 310 for $125 for the tranny and some of the sheet metal for the much sought after 16 Hp Kohler. even with it being a Magnum instead of a K series.