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  1. I'm #6. next to Mr and Mrs AMC!
  2. 520H fuel line replacement

    I think it’s 54 inches? always get longer than you need i just tape the old to the new and pull it through. Might have to thread it through in a couple spots but does work
  3. D-250 listed as 165B on Harrisburg CL with 4 foot snow blower for $1500. Hiding in the weeds. One picture 🙂
  4. Tach o matic issues with C-85 mower deck

    Have hit anything with the deck?
  5. Shop/Shed cleaning

    Lots of those lug bolts left over from changing to bolts and lug nuts fyi: I picked up a cigar box of GM lug nuts(over 100) for $2 at the Spring Carlisle car show. A couple left lug nuts, most are 1/2 fine thread but about 20 were 7/16 fine thread! They fit our beloved WH and my 67 Camaro!😁
  6. I usually don’t chime in but I wholeheartedly agree. More and more it seems, Memorial Day is known as the start of Summer and sales. Someone down the street was setting off fireworks. Really pissed me off. I remember losing fellow soldiers in multiple conflicts and peace time training. Just my thoughts.
  7. Gas stabilizer.

    Just using ethanol free gas for all my small engines and my 67 Camaro. About a dollar over the premium gas but worth it. It’s like 1970 again. 42 cents was the lowest I remember (only had full service back then in CT. ) Pure gas. Org website used to show all the ethanol free gas stations. Others have used marine or aviation fuel
  8. Hi from France

  9. Newbie

    I vote the 2nd photo for calendar!
  10. I liked New Wave B-52’s New Order oh, new wave washer!! i did my Work Horse 18 hp Briggs and didn’t have that washer and it rattled like a “chock full of nuts” coffee can but the 90 416 didn’t rattle when I replaced the idler? i only use WH parts/belts. strange.
  11. GRN Lark

  12. and us retired/Ex military folks who did any demolitions calculations will remember P=Plenty (of demo!)
  13. Happy Birthday Don!

    thanks for all the birthday wishes. looking forward to the big show in June